The silverfish is a fairly small insect without wings. It feeds on products containing sugar and starch in large quantities. The silverfish most of all loves the starch, which is formed on the bindings of old books (in places of gluing), wallpaper glue and plaster. She also has a weakness for various cotton products (for example, underwear), silk and linen items. Due to the fact that the silverfish can be found in a damp environment, it is mistakenly considered to be a mokit. Most often, it is noticed in the bathroom, as it prefers to live in an environment with high humidity.

Sugar Champion: photo and description

Sugar sugarfish

Sugar silverfish size

This insect prefers to dwell in warm and fairly wet areas, its body is covered with dense scales. Can live in dry places - for example, in the corners, in which there is mold. The most dangerous time for an insect is the molting period, since its body loses its natural protection.

The pest can reach from 8 to 12 mm in length, is able to move quickly, its body has a silver color. The silverfish is nocturnal, so when you turn on the light, it always hides. An insect can eat various remnants of vegetation, they are also suitable paste, paper, mold, some algae (single-celled).

Silverfish do not bring any harm to human health at all, but they are capable of spoiling books, products, paintings. An insect at a time can lay up to 70 eggs in fairly damp places. Juveniles are almost the same as adults, growth occurs during shedding.

It is rather difficult to get rid of silverfish, for this it is necessary to keep the room dry and clean, to clean up all food and not to leave food open. Due to the fact that this night insect, it is sometimes very difficult to determine its habitat. Most often found in bathrooms, dark and damp basements, under the refrigerator and sink, as well as in other wet places.

To prevent the appearance of silverfish, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the house, this also applies to basements, to perform not only cleaning of debris and dust, but also drying. Due to the regular implementation of these preventive measures, the habitat of insects will be disrupted, who will simply move to a new "place of residence" with more suitable conditions.

How to get rid of unwanted "neighbors"?

Sugar silverfish: how to get rid of?

To get rid of sugar scales, you can use the following methods:

  • Diatomite is one of the most common and effective insect control agents. The substance crumbles in places where the silverfish was spotted before bedtime, in the morning it will be necessary to vacuum this place well.
  • No less effective is boric acid. It is often used to get rid of woodlice. All the cracks and baseboards are processed, as well as other places of accumulation of silverfish.
  • The use of insecticidal aerosols, which are based on pyrethrin. These tools help get rid of a large number of different types of insects. It is strictly prohibited to use in those places where food is stored, it is necessary to apply away from animals and small children.
  • Peel chips have a pungent odor that repels insects. However, this tool does not contribute to the destruction of scales, so it is not always effective, since some insects can go, and some remain. It is uncomfortable to keep dried chip chips always scattered in the apartment, so this method is suitable for basements.
  • You can remove silverfish from the kitchen with the help of spices, which you just need to arrange in the cabinets. A great option would be to use cinnamon, sage, laurel. These spices have a pungent smell that repels insects.
  • If the silverfish settled in the bathroom, you can get rid of it with the help of essential oils. It is enough to take not a lot of lavender or lemon citrus oil, which is diluted in water, poured into a spray bottle and sprayed in those places where the silverfish was seen. This tool is recommended for spraying cabinets or drawers, as they are always closed and the smell will last for a long time.

To prevent the silverfish from starting up in an apartment, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Control the level of humidity in the room, periodically air not only the apartment, but also things. The best way to get rid of insects is to dry the premises.
  2. In the absence of food, the silverfish will not appear in the kitchen. Therefore, all products should be stored packed, packaged in glass containers with tightly closed lids.
  3. All old clothing that is no longer worn should be kept in clean and dry plastic bags. If paper and cardboard packaging is stored in the apartment, they should be kept only in dry places.
  4. In the bathroom and in the kitchen you need to putty all the cracks and crevices, as the insect can lay eggs in them.

Regular cleaning of the apartment is the best prevention of the appearance of silverfish. Even small cracks can remove insects with a strong stream of air, such as a vacuum cleaner. If you still have a pest, adopt a few simple ways to destroy it.

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