Signs of pregnancy in a dog

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The dog is a faithful and reliable friend, an outlet after hard working days and the most cheerful member of the family. Therefore, everything that happens to a beloved pet for each good owner is important and exciting. And one of the significant periods in the dog's life is pregnancy. Today we will talk about how to understand that the bitch is waiting for the addition and determine the duration of the pregnancy.

Common signs of an "interesting position" in dogs in the early stages

How to determine pregnancy in a dog?

Pregnancy in a dog is a difficult and crucial period, on the course of which the health of her and future puppies depends. Therefore, the sooner you realize that your pet is in position, the faster you take the necessary measures: appropriate nutrition, daily routine, changes in the time and route of walks, etc. All this will help you to make the course of pregnancy a bitch easy, and the offspring will delight you with its strength and strength .

Signs of pregnancy in dogs in the early stages are not so bright, so to understand in appearance that soon there will be puppies is impossible. You will be able to see the belly that appears only almost before the very birth, somewhere around week 9. However, in the first tens of days, shrewd hosts may notice that the bitch has become:

  • to sleep more;
  • play and move less - lethargy, apathy;
  • behave differently, for example, before your cat was too active and demanded your attention, and now he likes to be alone with himself.

As for the physiological signs, then you should pay attention to the nipples of the dog. During pregnancy, about 2-3 weeks, they swell and protrude from the abdomen, and their color becomes rich pink.

It is important not to confuse!

Often the owners take the disease, relying on indirect signs, for pregnancy. That is the picture is as follows:

  • the bitch stopped eating, as usual or on the contrary gained a lot of weight;
  • behavior has changed;
  • tormented by vomiting;
  • there was vaginal discharge.

All these discoveries may indicate not a soon addition, but a disease. Therefore, to obtain reliable information, it is better to contact a specialist - a veterinarian. It is he who will tell you about the true causes of the signs, and if the bitch is still waiting for the puppies, it will help determine the duration of pregnancy in the dog.

How to determine the duration of pregnancy in dogs of different breeds?

Dogs of different breeds

This question is asked by almost every dog ​​owner, regardless of its breed. Before answering it, you need to understand that the term of carrying puppies in different breeds varies. So, if you have a large breed bitch (shepherd, Italian or Argentine mastiff, Great Dane, St. Bernard, etc.), then the pregnancy will last about 63 days.

However, it should not be forgotten that there may be early childbirth and late birth. For example, it happens that puppies are born healthy and strong at 50-55 days. Or carrying continues up to 70-72 days. One of the main reasons for such changes is the number of puppies and the individual characteristics of the bitch.

The gestational age of dogs of small breeds (Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Italian lapdog, etc.) will also be determined based on the duration of their stay in an interesting position, which is approximately 60-62 days.

Directly to know the duration of pregnancy, as well as its presence, in the following ways:

  • pregnancy test for dogs;
  • diagnostic using ultrasound.

To conduct a special pregnancy test for dogs can be in the veterinary clinic. This procedure consists in taking a blood serum analysis and checking for the presence of the necessary hormone in it, which indicates an interesting position - relaxin. When the period is 2-3 weeks, the level of the mentioned hormone increases and it can be easily identified, and at 4 weeks the results of the analysis will be 100% reliable.

Of course, the best option to determine whether a dog is pregnant and determine the period is an ultrasound scan. It will also help to find out: whether puppies are developing correctly, whether there are any anomalies or threats to the life of a bitch.

At 24-35 days the veterinarian can already see the bubbles in which the embryos are located, but to calculate the exact number of them until it turns out. But the period from 38 to 45 days will allow you to track the formation of the vital organs of the future litter. Healthy puppies should be agile and with a good heartbeat. Also during this time period it is possible to palpate offspring with the help of palpation. However, if you have no experience, then you should not do this yourself so as not to injure the dog.

During pregnancy, the dog needs your increased attention, attentive care and care. Now you know: by what signs you can guess the interesting position of the bitch, how to determine the gestation period of the dog and what you should not do yourself. And if any questions still torment you and have doubts, you should always contact a veterinarian who will give professional advice and help you and your darling.