Shelves for flowers do it yourself. wall and floor options

The comfort in the house begins with trifles: with correctly chosen curtains, harmonious interior, comfortable furniture. They help to create the right atmosphere and indoor flowers. It is very important to properly position the pots with plants. For this purpose, various shelves are used to help efficiently use the free space. Many of them can be done by hand.

How to make a shelf for flowers?

Modern designers offer many options for wall and floor shelves for flowers. Unfortunately, not all of them fit into the desired interior. Yes, and such a thing is very often not cheap. In this case, the best option is to make the shelf yourself.

Shelves for flowers do it yourself

First you need to deal with materials and tools. Most flowers require periodic spraying with water through a spray bottle. Therefore, the material must be resistant to moisture. There are several ways out of this situation. You can scroll through sheets of glass or boards, which are then coated with moisture-resistant varnish. You will also need various mounts, screws, a saw and a drill. Additionally, paint and slats can be useful. The original shelf for flowers can be made of boards and strong ropes. It is somewhat reminiscent of hanging boxes for plants. This design is very convenient to have in the window opening. With its help, flowers will receive more light. You will need a wide board, a few meters of strong rope and fixing hooks.

  1. Saw the board into several equal parts. The more of them, the higher our regiment will turn out.
  2. From the corners, retreat 2-3 cm. And mark the location of the holes for the mount. We cut or drill them so that the rope could pass through the hole.
  3. At the top of the window opening set 2 labels. The distance between them is a little less by 1 cm. Than the length of the boards. We drill holes and twist 2 anchor hooks into them.
  4. Through the holes in the boards stretch the lengths of the ropes. From the side of the bottom of the first board, we tie them into a strong knot. Do the same under each shelf. Nodes allow boards to take a stable position.
  5. We tie the ends of the ropes on each side at a distance of 10-15 cm from the shelf and tie them to the hooks in the opening.

Flower shelves floor

There are several types of floor shelves. They can be made in the form of a low stepladder or a small tiered structure. The first option is the most simple to manufacture. You will need wide and narrow slats, boards, as well as screws and a drill.

  1. Wide boards are sawn into 4 equal parts. They will act as props. The greater their length, the higher the regiment will turn out.
  2. Narrow, too, sawing into pieces. Each subsequent should be shorter than the previous one. The desired length can be measured by attaching slats in the locations of future shelves.
  3. The resulting narrow strips are screwed in the right places to the supports from 2 sides.
  4. Saw off another 1 long rail and attach it to the top of the structure, connecting the sidewalls.
  5. The wide board is also divided into equal parts. It turned out blanks for shelves. They are placed on top of narrow slats and fastened with screws. Shelf ready.

Shelves for flowers do it yourself

Wall shelf: master class

For the original wall shelf for flowers you will need a wide board, a pair of leather strips, straps and fasteners.

  1. From the board we saw off a piece of the desired size. The wider it will be, the more stable our regiment will turn out. If coarse cuts are formed, then it is worthwhile to walk on them with a large sandpaper.
  2. If necessary, cover the board stain. When it dries, we pass over the surface with a transparent or tinted waterproof varnish.
  3. Cut out 2 strips of leather. Their length depends on how far below the wall mounts the shelf will be located. The optimal size is 40-50 cm. Unused wide leather belts can be used as strips. To do this, simply cut the tip with holes.
  4. Each strip fold in half. From the edge with 2 tails, retreat 3-4 cm and drill a hole through the hole. If you do not have a tool, then you can hammer a thick nail into the right place with a hammer. Then follows with it to expand the hole.
  5. Put 2 marks on the wall with a pencil. The distance between them should be equal to the length of the board minus 5 mm. We drill 2 holes with a drill. Insert the dowel into each of them.
  6. Folded in half the strips of skin in turn, bring to the labels. Combine with the holes in the skin. With the help of a screwdriver, through the holes in the skin we drive 2 screws into the wall. Another fastening method: mark the location of the holes on the wall with a pencil, but do not drill through them. Align them with leather straps. Through the holes in the skin, hammer nails into the wall. This method is suitable if the surface is not very solid.
  7. We got 2 fixed loops of belts, the fold is located at the bottom. Take the prepared board and insert it into the resulting structure. Wall shelf for flowers ready!

Particular attention should be paid to the stability of structures. Suspended shelf should not be overloaded too much. If a lot of colors, it is better to use outdoor.

Shelves for flowers do it yourself

Shelves for flowers do it yourself

Also, flower shelves can be made from finished store blanks. Usually they are sold in building materials. Most often there can be found shelves that are used to assemble furniture. They can be made of chipboard and covered with film. Also there are blanks and glass. They need to buy corners for mounting. The simplest design resembles bars. If they are not in the store, then fixings can be made independently of strong slats.

  1. As in the previous case, it is necessary to measure 2 points on the wall. The distance between them should be less than the length of the boards. It is best to retreat from the edges of 4-5 cm.
  2. Shelf attachments are placed at the right distance. They can be attached with screws.
  3. On top of the attachment put bought board. Shelf ready.

Another option - a rack for flowers. It can be built right in the window opening. This shelf is great for growing a large number of flowers. The design is made of slats and boards. It is necessary to cut a narrow billet into 4 parts and find several bars. Sidewalls are connected with them. The first is located at the bottom. The more bars, the higher the shelf. Boards are also sawn and laid on top of the bars. Then they are nailed. The resulting rack put on the window.

There are also options for adapting the shelves of various drawers. For this use

unnecessary things. In the course are boxes from furniture or store products made from slats. They are sanded with sandpaper, painted and varnished. The resulting boxes can be placed on the floor by placing them on top of each other.

It is worth remembering that the shelves for flowers with their own hands should fit into the overall style of the interior. For a minimalist room, it is better to use glass or other simple materials. If the room is made in rustic style, then you can adapt various natural materials - branches, tree cuts. For boho interior fit bright colored shelves that can be decorated with painting.

What a shelf for flowers you would not decide to do, the main thing to consider the features of growing plants in an apartment. So the wall is more suitable for shade-loving indoor plants. If there is not enough space in your apartment, you can place additional fitolamps around them. Floor shelves are more versatile. They are quite mobile and, if desired, they can be moved closer to the window.

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