Shambala bracelet with his own hands

The new season of fashion is characterized by the presence of a large number of accessories and jewelry. They are used for clothing collections by different world-famous fashion designers. The most popular among the bracelets was the Shambala bracelet. His popularity has spread to all continents and countries.

Myself Shambala bracelet belongs to the most ancient accessories, which a thousand years ago decorated the wrists of not only women's but also men's hands. In addition, this bracelet carries a sacred meaning. You can buy it, but you can do it yourself.

Shambala bracelet weaving: what you need to know?

Shambala bracelet with his own handsShambala bracelet with his own hands

Shambhala is the invisible mystical kingdom in Tibet, which can be revealed only to people with a pure heart.Tibetan monks were the first to make Shambala bracelets. These bracelets should protect the owner, give him a feeling calmand harmony, giving confidence. Before you begin to weave a Shambala bracelet with your own hands, you need to prepare the necessary items. From the accessories you can use leather and wood, beads and stones, or metals. Each of these materials is considered optimal for creating Shambala bracelets. A variety of such materials allows you to choose the one that fits your needs and taste.

Special threads will also be needed for bracelet, and two cords. They must be of the same diameter. One cord will serve as the base, and the second will acquire the role of a decorative element.

For weaving bracelets need to pick up the beads. They can pick up a variety of colors. Beads can be selected in different sizes or use crystals.

Shambala bracelet weaving: what you need to know?Shambala bracelet weaving: what you need to know?

Myself Shambala bracelet reminds a kind of designer that gives freedom of creativity. Even the monks did not have any clear pattern of weaving this bracelet. For him, you can choose the beads of your favorite colors, stones, suitable for a horoscope or personal beliefs.

If the bracelet becomes just an ornament, pay attention to the colors that are more prevalent in the wardrobe. The most successful option that is suitable for absolutely anyone. outfit, weaving a shamballa bracelet from nacreous, black or silver beads.

For an amulet, beads of the color that protects from negative energy and other people's views should be used.

How to make a Shambala bracelet of three cords?

  • In order to create a Shambala bracelet with your own hands, you will need a waxed cord of several colors, the Moment glue, beads and scissors.
  • Take 3 pieces of cord about 50 cm long and tie them together. In this case, one cord should remain the main one, it is called lazy, you will string beads on it and tie knots.
  • After that, take 2 auxiliary cords and tie them together so that the lazy cord remains in the middle of each knot. Tie the required number of knots by sliding them as closely as possible to each other.

How to make a Shambala bracelet of three cords?

  • Now put a bead on a lazy cord, clasping it around the edges and tying the knots again. The number of beads, knots and the distance between the beads should be determined independently.
  • When you weave the last bead into a Shambala bracelet, again start making a row of loops, the number of which equals the number of rows at the beginning of the bracelet. After that, turn the bracelet over and make a strong knot out of the working cords. Treat the nodule with glue. When it dries, carefully trim the edges of the cords.
  • At the beginning of the bracelet untie the laces, make a bundle and secure with glue. To make a Shambala bracelet, made with your own hands, held on your hand, you need to make a wicker clasp.
  • Take the ends of a lazy cord, pass them one by one beads, make knots and secure them with glue. After that, take the cord and connect the ends bracelet, applying one to the other. Tie them with an extra cord. Then loop the loops, make a bundle, glue it and cut off the excess ends.
  • Weaving a lock for a bracelet consists of weaving two bracelet ends that are folded together. At the end there should be a tight row of loops, inside which the ends of the bracelet can move freely, which will make it more comfortable to wear it.

How to weave a bracelet shambala of two cords?

  • Prepare a waxed cord of 240 cm by 1 mm, or 180 cm of a blue cord and 60 cm of black, inlaid beads 2 by 8 mm and 7 by 10 mm.
  • Cut one cord 120 cm long and two 60 cm each. Tie one end of the small cord into a tight knot. Take a long cord and place it 20 cm above the finished assembly. Tie it around the black cord, the ends of the cords should be of equal length. Tie knots so that the black cord is in the center.

How to weave a bracelet shambala of two cords?

  • When you make enough knots, add a bead. Then you can continue to knit knots, inserting beads at will.
  • Add beads until you think they are enough. When you reach the required number of knots and beads, add a little glue to the last knot. When the glue dries, cut off the excess.
  • Now make a clasp. Put together the 2 ends of the cord, which is in the center and tie them with the remaining cord. To make a clasp, 14 knots is enough. When finished, brush the ends of the cords with glue. When they are dry, cut off the excess. There should not be too much glue, otherwise the central cord will not be able to easily pass through the clasp.
  • Finally, put a bead on each end of the central cord and tie a neat knot. Lubricate the tips with glue and again cut off all the excess.

Handmade shamballa bracelets give the owner vitality and wisdom, protect and teach him to withstand difficulties. But besides the mystical properties, such a bracelet is and beautiful accessory, emphasizing the individuality of its owner. Shambala bracelets can now be purchased in many stores and on the Internet, but they can be made with your own hands, giving a unique design and making a wish that is surely fulfilled.

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