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Under the mysterious word "senopoly" hides a flower, known to everyone without exception, which can be found on almost every window-sill, because it is valued for its simplicity and unpretentiousness - violet. Nevertheless, even this not capricious plant needs to provide decent conditions of the maintenance. How to do it?

Modest beauty Senopoly: photo with the names and characteristics of varieties


In spite of the fact that identical-looking violets with pink or purple petals most often appear in city apartments, in fact, this flower has many varieties, differing not only in shades, but also in the form of leaves and petals, as well as fragrance.

  • "LE-Tristan" is an incredibly beautiful variety, the breeding of which belongs to E. Lebetskaya. Its main highlight lies in the corrugated edges of petals of non-uniform shade, which visually creates a fluffy volume border framing thin and virgin white petals. The flowers are very large, on the bush they can be up to 5-6 pieces. The only negative is the high cost.
  • "Shanghai Rose" really looks like a queen of flowers in splendor and size of a bud, and also in color: maroon, with uneven white border. Only 2-3 specimens bloom on the bush at a time, but they become worthy of its decoration.
  • "Bullfight" has common features with the previous variety, as it also has rather large and lush colors, but the color of the petals is uniform, and they are longer, which visually makes them similar to irises. The edges of the petals are wavy.
  • "Frosty Cherry" is a charming variety with small bulk flowers of pale pink color and white border, as if they were really caught by the first frost. On the bush can be up to 8-9 buds, blooming one after another and blooming at the same time.
  • "Wedding Bouquet" - a delightful snow-white senopoly, in the shape of a bud, similar to "Bullfight", but its petals are less elongated. Color uniform, the bush blooms profusely and long.

The rules for home care for the Senopoly are the same for everyone, so familiarization with varieties is done only with the aim of choosing the right "resident" of the window sill.

Growing Cenopolia and Carefor the flower at home

Growing senopolis and caring for the flower at home

Absolutely all the varieties and types of this plant are related to the fact of prolonged flowering, which can happen at any time of the year, as well as simplicity to the place of residence. Planting it is also much easier than other flowers.

  • Cultivation of senopoly is usually carried out by cutting through a leaf. Experts advise to make this procedure in the warm season, but due to the fact that this plant does not have clear periods of rest and activity, you can carry out planting at any time. The main thing is to choose the stalk: it should belong to an adult, which was not sick and was not attacked by pests. It is recommended to remove a sheet from 2 rows, counting them from the root, the strongest and cleanest.
  • After removing the sheet, place the cut to be placed in boiled water, the temperature of which is not lower than 22 degrees. Manganese is dissolved in it (to a barely noticeable discoloration), and the cutting is left for 1.5-2 hours. If it has managed to wrinkle, the time is extended to 3 hours. Then you need to dry the soaking place and make a diagonal (45 degrees) cut on it knife, leaving only 3 cm cutting to the leaf.

Then rooting is carried out: this can be done both in water and in a wet substrate. In the latter case, expanded clay and earth mixture are used, with which the plastic container is filled. In the center, you need to create a shallow hole, pour perlite or sphagnum into it, also connected to the ground, and plant the cutting, deepening by 0.5-1.5 cm. From the top of the container they stretch a plastic bag, however, the plant is ventilated daily. Keep the stalk to be warm (25 degrees) and so that it receives a sufficient amount of light for half a day. Such a method allows you to successfully root the senopoly of any kind. How to grow it further?

  • Unlike other flowers, Saintpaulia saint violet does not need constant temperature changes: maintain the climate in the apartment at 22-24 degrees throughout the entire calendar year, and this will stimulate the bush for long-term flowering. The difference between day and night temperatures should not exceed 3 degrees.
  • Light is necessary constant and rather active, therefore it is recommended to place the pot on the windowsill, especially if the windows are east or west. When the south direction to keep the flower here can only be in winter, and in the summer to transfer to the north window. At the same time, the darker the leaves of the senopoly, the more light it will consume.
  • Water the bushes need warm settled water when it begins to dry the top layer of the earth. Violet does not require a lot of water, and most florists advise to give it 100-150 ml daily - that will be enough. It is important to direct the jet under the root, without affecting the leaves and petals, or pour water into the pan. The leaves themselves are cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge every month, and in the summer - weekly.

In conclusion, it should be said that the senopoly practically does not need fertilizers. Some experts advise feeding the shrub 2-3 times a year, but at the same time it is necessary to focus on the state of the flower - it immediately responds to an excess of nutrients with yellow leaves. It is more important once a week to remove the dead leaves, and in the process of flowering do not forget to shoot fading flowers: this will prolong the life of the bush.

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