Scrapbooking ideas

Inherently scrapbooking is the creation of photo albums that you make with your own hands and according to your original design. With the help of this album you can save many pleasant moments of your personal and family history. Each such product is unique and has no analogues.

You can use different materials in scrapbooking, so in such albums you can store not only photos, but also various memorable gizmos that will simultaneously serve as decorative elements.

Scrapbooking history

This art form is rooted in ancient times. Similar products were found in almost any culture. In Russia, the prototypes of scrapbooks were famous ladies' albums with poems, in which one can often find traces of the work of our great classical poets. In particular, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, who even mentioned similar albums in his poems.

However, often when analyzing old things, our personal or mom or sister songs and songbooks come across our eyes. In such notebooks, in addition to famous texts, there were necessarily newspaper or magazine clippings with photos of performers or other musical or romantic attributes.

Modern scrapbooking has many features. Now this occupation is devoted to whole shops or parts of shops. Anyway, in Russia today scrapbooking is gaining momentum, it is becoming more and more popular.

The idea of ​​scrapbooking for a gift to a child

Do you have your own children, or are they among your relatives, such a gift will definitely suit them and will be interesting. Create some casket of memories, which will be a real treasure for the child. Anything can be put there. If this is your own or very close child to you about whom you know a lot, write him a few letters in which you will tell some interesting cases from different periods of his life. Moreover, the younger the child is in these stories, the more interesting he will be to read it.

In addition to letters, you can put some of the most important and memorable photos there. They can reflect both moments of joy and mild sadness. Perhaps in the course of his life, the child will replenish this box with new and new parts of his memories.

You can make such a beautiful one in all senses from an ordinary shoe box. The box must be pasted beautiful paper. This can be special scrapbooking paper, gift paper or designer paper. Tape the box is preferable to paint it. From paint, cardboard can wrinkle and soak, causing it to deteriorate.

You can decorate such a box as you please. You can make a beautiful inscription on the cover with the name, date of birth, attach small leaves with poems written on them on the box. Decorate the box in accordance with the interests and hobbies of the child. On the cover you can also put some interesting pictures of the child, various beautiful clippings, applications and illustrations, even some drawing of the child himself, made by him in remote childhood.

The main thing is that such a gift should be given, of course, to older children, when they can already read and understand the value of the things in the box.

The second life of the book using scrapbooking

If you have found somewhere in your old, outdated book, do not rush to throw it away. You can give her a new life using scrapbooking. From an old book that nobody wants, you can make a wonderful album for sweetheart photos..

In addition to the old book, you will need a knife for cutting paper, pastel paper, various clippings, united by one theme (or, on the contrary, different - as you come up with), other trifles for decoration, double-sided tape, satin ribbons, glue (preferably "Moment" , but you can and PVA). You will determine the rest of your work. After all scrapbooking - first of all, creativity.

Divide the book into three approximately equal parts. In each part, it is necessary to cut out niches (holes, as for a cache), which will then serve as frames for photographs. For example, make rounds in the first and second parts of the hole, and square them in the third, in order to place there many pictures, like in a box. Holes are more convenient to do with a knife for cutting paper, however, if you find it difficult to handle it, you can use scissors, but it will take more time. After cutting, the edges of the holes can be tinted with, for example, coffee. The edges of the third hole is better to glue the paper so that the photos do not cling to the edges.

Then you need to glue the pages of each part together. Then we start creating the scenery. And here, as always, you have complete freedom of choice and creativity. Alternatively, for the cover you can use paper for pastels. Wrapping the book cover with it, we get a smooth, slightly rough surface. The same should be done with the pages. Glue the paper to the base with double-sided tape. In place of the photo paste a special scrapbook.

From the end of the future modified book, do not forget to leave a hole into which, in fact, the picture will be inserted. On the binding should stick tape. So it will be safer and more beautiful, of course.

Now your book is ready for the final stage. You can decorate each of the framed parts with various scrapbooks, poems, pleasant words. A lot of imagination can be applied to the cover. Here, in addition to flat images, you can put and three-dimensional, as well as braid, buttons and beads.

One has only to want to do the original and unique thing. Dare, and everything will certainly work!

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