Schlumberger refers to the group of plants "cacti". But this cactus is unusual, not the same as we used to: with prickles. Schlumbergera is representative of forest or tropical cacti., therefore, its appearance and the basic requirements for its content are noticeably different from ordinary cacti (desert). The main charm of forest cacti is decorative flowers.

Appearance Schlumberberts

Schlumberger is a small plant. It is better to grow it in a hanging basket, pots. After all, the plant has arched, hanging shoots. They are represented by individual segments of several centimeters. The edges of the segments of the shoots may be depending on the type of dentate or scalloped. Blooms Schlumberger or in the winter (November - February), or spring (April - May). The flowers can be red, white, pink, yellow or purple.

Types of Schlumbergers

Species of Schlumbergers are currently around 10. But the most common of them are of two kinds: Schlumberger truncated and Schtumberger Gertner.

  • Schlumbergera truncated has branched arcuate shoots with serrated segments. Its flowers are painted in a variety of colors: white, lilac, pink, bright red, dark scarlet, purple. The flowering period is in November-February, depending on conditions.

  • Schlumberger Gertner blooms orange-red, dark red, pink delicate flowers. The flowering period is in April-May. The segments of her shoots are usually 4-5 cm long. The edges of the segments small-fingered.

Location in the house Schlumberberger

Best for Schlumbergers fiteastern and north windows. In the summer the plant is well tolerated in the open air. This kind of hardening will help prevent the occurrence of diseases and all sorts of pests.

In addition to window sills, where Schlyumberger needs to provide diffused sunlight, the walls near the window are also suitable for it. For this you can use shelves or pots. Because of its arched, overhanging shoots, Schlumberberger looks great at some height.

From the rooms of Schlumberger, decorate your living room, bedroom, children's room. In the current kitchen she will be hot enough, so there she may not bloom. If you keep the plant in warm rooms, then take it to cooler rooms or places before flowering.

Schlymberger Care

Care for Schlumberberger is a snap. You just need to know some of the features inherent in her as a representative of forest (or tropical) cacti. About this species of plants and a more complete classification of all indoor plants can be found in the article. What are indoor plants?.

Sometimes, having bought a blooming Schlyumberger and brought it home, we suddenly discover that it does not bloom for a long time. Remember that if you do not suit her dormant period before flowering, then nothing will make her bloom. Do not think that it is a lack of feeding. Schlumberger can not feed at all or do it rarely if it grows on fertile soil.

  • Lighting - bright diffused light.
  • The temperature in the rest period should not exceed 17 ° C. The rest of the year the optimum temperature is 20 ° C.
  • Humidity is moderately high. Schlumberger requires frequent spraying.
  • Watering carry abundant, but as the earthen coma dries. In the period of budding watering reduced. Watering Schrumberberger is better with soft water, not tap water. Perfect for irrigation rainwater.
  • Vegetatively propagated (cuttings).
  • Transplanted every year. It is better to do this after the end of flowering.

If your plant does not bloom for a long time, you can make it go to the budding period, putting it in a colder place and reducing watering. When Schwumberger will bloom, return it to its previous conditions: increase watering and increase the temperature. For schtumbergers truncated the period before flowering (when it is important to comply with these conditions) falls on September-November, for Schtumberger Gertner - for February-March.

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