Schemes of dense patterns

Crochet dense patterns are considered the best solution for knitting warm winter products and household items. Jackets, blankets, sweaters and ponchos are not only dense enough, but also attractive. Such handmade things will perfectly keep the shape and practically do not stretch.

Dense crochet patterns: diagrams and description

A distinctive feature of dense patterns from other ways of crocheting is that the main elements in the work are the posts, and the air loops only open and close the row. Dense patterns have many options. The special texture and density of the mating can be given using such techniques:

  • knit loops for the front or back wall;
  • vary the height of the columns;
  • use crossed posts;
  • knit fluffy bollards without fastening;
  • use different variations of relief crochets;
  • pull loops up or down.

In addition, the originality and beauty of a knitted product can be given if several threads of different colors are used simultaneously in the work. A dense pattern can be made double-sided, which is perfect for products where there is no seamy side. For example, such a pattern can be associated with a scarf, hat, poncho, cape, blanket.

Crochet woven pattern

Crochet woven pattern

The peculiarity of mating such a pattern is that each row is alternated by knitting the posts behind the front or back wall. The result is a pretty cute pattern of symmetrical convex sticks. This pattern will be an excellent decor for a winter sweater or sleeveless jacket. In addition, you can always diversify it by making columns with a slight inclination to the right or to the left, extending the lines or interlacing them.

Pattern "Shells"


The multi-color pattern in the form of shells is perfect for creating a beautiful neckline on a women's blouse, and a sweater will make it light and airy. Despite the fact that the pattern is knitted with rather dense crochets, the finished product is obtained with an airy openwork pattern. In this work, try using 2 or 3 colors at the same time, as well as interlacing threads of different shades. So the finished product will look much more attractive.

Pattern "Pineapples"


The Pineapples dense pattern looks very cute and neat. Due to the monotony and regular repetition of patterns, knitting such a pattern is a pleasure. You can easily decorate a children's scarf or a hat with a fruit theme, as well as knit a soft and comfortable blanket that will warm you up during long winter evenings. In addition, if you use pineapples as a pattern for a sweater, you can decorate them symmetrically with beads or sequins - it will turn out very beautiful and unusual.

Braided pattern "Convex mesh"

Braided pattern

At the heart of the dense pattern of "Convex mesh" are the usual columns without nakida, which are subsequently decorated with deep crochets, crossed with each other. Such a pattern is most often used when knitting men's sweaters, sleeveless jackets and vests. Very nice pattern will look on knitted women's bags, socks and mittens.

Pattern "Elegant waves"


As a decoration of various products, you can use a dense crochet pattern "Graceful Waves". It will decorate the bottom of a knitted dress or skirt, will be a wonderful pattern for the decoration of the sleeve or neck of a sweater. True, to create it will have to work a little, wrapping around the various crochets according to the diagram.

Tight "Padding" pattern

Dense pattern

If you have knitting skills of jacquard patterns with knitting needles, then it is easy to make such a crocheted pattern. At the heart of knitting are ordinary crochets, which in the 3rd and 4th rows harmoniously intersect with crochets.

The peculiarity of this pattern is that a convex pattern of two crossed threads is formed on the surface of the product. Such a dense pattern will perfectly complement any knitting. But constriction is not recommended when knitting children's things, since the fingers of the baby can get stuck in the openings of the threads.

Beautiful pattern "crossed posts"

Beautiful pattern

Another jacquard motif blows from the dense pattern of "crossed columns". It received its name due to an unusual appearance. It seems that the columns between themselves are twisted and the threads intertwine, forming a grid. This pattern is often used to knit complex women's swimwear and bikinis, children's pants, scarves and hats. To master the beautiful pattern "Crossed posts" will be quite easy even for a beginning master.

Schemes of dense patterns, crocheted, quite diverse. And some experienced needlewomen even invent their own unique designs. With the help of tight knitting and a hook, you can create various floral and fruit motifs, try simultaneous knitting of several colors and much more. The main thing in this business - to show imagination and sharpness. And our selection of tight crochet patterns will help you with this exciting experience.

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