Schemes for beadwork flowers

Embroidery has always been considered the highest aerobatics of needlework. In addition to the threads, for the implementation of this technique, you can use beads. Schemes for embroidery with beads allow you to create incredible pictures. And to master this type of needlework is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

The last time gaining popularity embroidery with the help of small beads. In contrast to the same actions with threads, the rich variety of the bead's palette allows for a good detailed drawing. Therefore, a variety of subjects are offered for embroidery with beads, including even icons, that is, paintings in which shadows and nuances of shade play an important role. In addition, beads can embroider individual elements, so-called stencils, which are then used to create:

  • accessories (trinkets);
  • decorative elements (flat topiary, Christmas-tree decorations);
  • decorations (bows, flowers, collars).

Bead embroidery patterns for beginners

Stitches for beadwork schemes

Bead embroidery patterns for beginners

To master the technique of embroidery with beads, you should choose a convenient type of seam. However, in some cases (for example, if you are working on a circular pattern), a certain kind of it is required. But this exception is usually the choice of embroiderers. And one more important nuance: choosing one style of stitches, you need to stick to it until the end of work. Otherwise, the picture will begin to twist and distort.

There are 5 types of stitches:

  • monastic (needle with thread is held through the bead on the diagonal);
  • lower case (needle gets up from under the fabric through the hole of the bead, located farther from the thread);
  • stalked (the principle is similar to the previous one, only the needle starts from above);
  • arches for loose patterns (the thread is passed through 2 beads and crosses under every second);
  • circular (when the needle goes in a spiral, which ensures a semi-bent arrangement of rows of beads).

We embroider flowers

For beadwork of flowers, the main task is to determine the tint range and pick up beads of the same size. As a rule, it is recommended to take Czech beads No. 16. In order to portray a daisy, you will need 2 shades of yellow, white and green beads.


daisy scheme

The scheme for embroidery roses beads


  • canvas for embroidery;
  • flower scheme;
  • beads;
  • floss white color (or monofilament);
  • scissors;
  • needle without thickening.


  1. We distribute the beads in 3 boxes by color.
  2. We introduce the thread into the canvas, leaving a small tail, which we hide under the subsequent stitches.
  3. We embroider according to the scheme, using the most convenient seam (the monastic one is quite suitable).
  4. The work goes along the lines of the thread of the canvas, and not by the colors.
  5. After completing the last stitch, stretch the thread under the previous stitches.

If you have coped well with the implementation of large flowers, then you can proceed to more complex tasks - for example, embroidery of forget-me-nots.


The scheme for beadwork forget-me-nots


  • canvas for embroidery;
  • scheme;
  • hoops;
  • beads of several shades of blue;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • monofilament.


  1. Determine the center of the composition.
  2. We stretch the canvas on the hoop.
  3. Enter the thread under the base (you can make a knot to secure the thread - monofilament thin and imperceptible under the canvas).
  4. We carry out embroidery on individual flowers, using the arched seam, so that the flowers are not too tight.
  5. The last stitch of each flower is fixed and we start the thread for the completed rows.

How to embroider a beautiful picture?

For those who are ready to take up the whole picture embroidered with beads, several types of schemes have been developed:

  • partial sewing (individual elements of the pattern are embroidered, and empty space remains intact);
  • full sewing (all space of a picture is sewn up with beads);
  • mixed technique (when combining embroidery with threads and beads).

As an example of a partial embroidery technique, take a swan drawing on a pond.

swan beads

Swan on the pond scheme

Swan on the pond scheme


  • canvas;
  • scheme;
  • needle;
  • beads of suitable colors;
  • scissors;
  • monofilament;
  • bright thread;
  • hoop or frame.


  1. We divide the canvas into 4x4 cm squares - it will be more convenient to embroider the pattern.
  2. The borders of each square are separated by a bright thread.
  3. We embroider according to the scheme, marking on it the completed rows, starting from the lower right corner.
  4. Work goes within the boundaries of a single square along horizontal or vertical lines; use a lowercase stitch.
  5. We hide the tails of the thread under the stitches.

Performing embroidery of pictures, it is convenient to use hoops at the initial stage of work. Then their use will only create inconvenience. True, this does not apply to the frame - a special device of rectangular shape, with which the canvas is stretched. But if you plan to use the frame, then you can not do without an embroidery machine.

Learning to make a full sewing

Separately, it should be said about the paintings with full lining. The peculiarity of such drawings is that it is more convenient to do embroidery by colors. And you should start with the execution of plot motifs, and then begin to fill the background. For beginners, pictures with animals or flowers, that is, with not very small elements, are suitable. For example, "Country motives".

full bead stitching


  • beads necessary palette;
  • canvas;
  • scheme;
  • needle;
  • monofilament;
  • bright thread;
  • scissors.


  1. A bright-colored thread divides the picture into squares (you can calculate their parameters to match the size of the main details of the picture).
  2. We carry out the work of the monastic suture, closely monitor that the beads lie in one direction.
  3. We hide the tails of the thread under the stitches.
  4. Having completed the embroidery, we wash the picture in soapy water and dry it in a towel.
  5. Iron the finished product from the wrong side and insert it into the frame without glass.

Maki beads

Flowers beads

Flamingo beading

The scheme for embroidery horses beads

If you like working with small beads, then schemes for embroidery with beads can be easily found on the Internet or specialized stores. You can also buy the material and the necessary colors. You will only need to carefully do neat stitches. Thus, by showing patience, you can create a real work of art that will attract the attention of those close to your incredible skills.

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