Satin bedding

Sateen - the fabric made from natural fiber and differing in beauty and durability. This material looks quite noble and expensive. Not for nothing that before it was called "cotton silk".

Characteristic of sateen: main types of fabric

Satin bedding: reviews

In the production of sateen, 2 types of high-quality cotton yarn are used: dense, forming the basis of the fabric and thinner twisted - the front side. Thanks to the twisted yarn, the fabric glitters, and only from the outside, and the inside remains matte.

The specificity of satin weaving lies in weaving the front twisted yarn into every 4th purl. Due to such a complex procedure provides a gorgeous view of the material. For example, such a fabric as a coarse calico has a simple weave and, accordingly, another appearance, which is many times less than satin.

To answer unequivocally what kind of fabric is satin, perhaps not immediately. He, too, may be different. There are satin fabrics that have a more pronounced brilliance - eteroserzirovanny satin. Mercerization is a sodium hydroxide treatment procedure that makes the fabric more shiny, durable and resistant to fading.

You can add glitter to sateen with the help of calendering, a procedure that involves rolling a cloth between heated calendering shafts. This contributes to its smoothing and improving appearance. However, the fabric will not always be shiny, with each wash the gloss will be less and less noticeable. This should be considered when buying satin textiles.

Most often, bed linen is produced from it, which is now very popular among consumers. For the price, of course, it is not very cheap, but its strength and durability fully justify the cost.

Satin bedding: reviews

The advantages and disadvantages of satin linen: reviews

Satin bedding, when compared with some other materials, is practically not wrinkled. Even after a week of sleep on it, just shake the sheets and blanket; the bed will be fresh and tidy, as if it had just been made. This is especially true for those who do not use the veil.

High-quality satin has such an important quality as durability. According to consumer reviews, even with a large number of washes, it will not lose its beauty. The outer side of sateen has a glossy shine and smoothness, and the inner side has a dullness and light roughness. And this is an indisputable advantage of this type of bed linen. Satin will not slide off the mattress or sofa, and firmly "grapples" with the surface.

Satin perfectly keeps warm, therefore in cold seasons it is very comfortable to sleep on bed-clothes from this material. However, in summer, not everyone likes it. According to some consumers, it is hot to sleep on it and it is better to prefer silk in warm weather. This is a minus of satin linen, although it is quite conditional, because not all people suffer from the heat due to the lack of air conditioning. The rest of the satin is almost an ideal material for the manufacture of pastel linen.

Choosing linen from satin: what to look for?

Satin bedding: reviews

When choosing a satin bed linen, first of all, carefully read the data that is indicated on the package. Of course, it should be 100% cotton. Not less important indicator when buying linen from sateen is the density of the fabric, which ranges from 120 threads per 1 square. cm or 120 g per 1 square meter. Than this coefficient is higher, the laundry will be stronger and more resistant to wear.

You can visually determine the density of satin from which the bed linen is made. To do this, inspect the fabric for clearance. If the outlines of any objects appear through it, then satin does not have a high density. The maximum that can be seen through high-quality satin is daylight or artificial light.

In addition, you should study and other information on the package. The availability of mercerization data is a good sign. Such bedding for a long time will not lose its noble shine. Touch the laundry if possible. The front side should be smooth. If it is a little rough, it is possible that such underwear will roll up very quickly and lose its glossy look.

The difference between satin bed linen and other cotton fabrics

Satin bedding: reviews

Satin and calico. These fabrics differ in price: satin bed linen is relatively expensive, and linen from calico is considered one of the cheapest. Calico is a fabric that has, as a rule, a low density, and, accordingly, it has a shorter operating life. Because of the simple weaving of threads, the coarse calico looks less luxurious than satin.

Satin and percale. Percale is a very dense fabric. Sometimes even its density is higher than that of sateen. The touch is a very pleasant percale - smooth and a little cool. However, this material does not differ in the external gloss, for which satin is so valued. If you are at a loss what to choose - bed linen from sateen or bed linen from perkalya, buy 2 sets. Only by experiencing yourself will you understand what suits you best.

Satin and ranfors. Ranfors - material that appeared on the bed linen market relatively recently. It is also called “improved coarse”. Differs in a ranfors in high density, wear resistance, and also gloss. Bed linen made of this material can warm in winter and cool in summer. The choice between satin and ranfors should be based on personal preference.

Sateen bed linen manufacturers: which ones are better?

Satin bedding: reviews

One of the best countries for the production of satin - is, of course, Turkey. It is worth noting that Turkish satin bedding is quite affordable prices. Underwear among such well-known brands from Turkey, such as TAC, Asteria, Issimo, Le Vele, etc., is in great demand among buyers.

As for domestic manufacturers, many of them use Turkish satin when sewing bed linen. Therefore, such brands as Primavelle, TET-A-TETI, etc. are known in our market. And due to the centuries-old traditions of textile production in China, the bedding brand Kingsilk deserved special attention. The huge variety of colors and designer fantasies made sateen sets from these manufacturers among the most sought after. And all because the bed, covered with satin linen of unique colors, looks elegant and rich.

Latest fashion trends in satin design

Satin bedding: reviews

The technology of 3D photo printing is a trend that stands out among the latest trends in bed linen design. Photo illustrations, characterized by brightness, beauty and a certain vivacity, make clothes fantastically beautiful. No less popular are the satin beddings, for the decoration of which the Oriental style is used, as well as ethnic patterns and symbols, images of flowers, animals and landscapes that are close to reality.

Satin is the material chosen by true connoisseurs of beauty and comfort. Luxurious satin bedding can effectively transform your bedroom for a long time, and your sleep will be comfortable, calm and pleasant.

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