Sasha with his own hands. how to sew yourself

The word "sachet" came to us from the French language, which means it is translated into Russian - "bag". Most often, this item is a fabric pocket, filled with fragrant herbs or stuffed with matter, soaked with essential oils. Used sachet for flavoring rooms, linen, clothing.

What is sachet?

Each house has its own specific and special smell and, unfortunately, it is not always fragrant and fresh. The reasons for this may be the age of the home, the end of the protracted repair, as well as the smells that a person brings from the street. To eliminate these very problems, sachets are used.

Sasha with his own hands

Such bags were invented in ancient times. The first of them were sewn from fabric, leather, grass could even be worn in furs and medallions. A little later, the fragrances began to be sewn into clothing in order to protect themselves from evil spirits, bad people and the evil eye. Moreover, the components were a mixture of herbs and flowers to condemn the house, lure love, finances, improve their health. But often they were simply composed of the most pleasant smells, and after the bags were hung or laid out throughout the living room.

Sachets were especially popular in order to give a unique and pleasant aroma to lace and bed linen and towels. The hostesses made bags of various materials, decorated them with embroidery, patterns, lace, beads and even pearls! A small loop was sewn to such a small pillow and then hung in the kitchen, near the front door, in the bedroom. The finished sachet served as an indicator of the craftsmanship of the needlewoman, and also gave an idea of ​​her as the hostess and the woman as a whole.

How to sew a sachet bag by yourself?

Nowadays sachets in the form of small sacks filled with herbs emanating aroma are very popular. Thanks to such devices, you can give a pleasant smell not only to clothes, but also to paper, toys, underwear. Sachets are also an excellent remedy for moths.

Herbs for the bag can be purchased ready-made or independently collect those whose flavor is most preferable to you. Herbs should be collected early in the morning. They should be dried in a well-ventilated place, in the shade, without direct sunlight. Drying often takes 5 days, after which you can start creating a composition for the future sachet.

If you want to make a bag with refreshing properties, then it should be filled with lavender, rose petals, sage, and add a drop of lavender oil or rose oil. So the smell will persist for a long time.

Sasha with his own hands

For a child's room a mixture of rose petals, sage, chamomile and lavender. We must not forget that the smell should be barely audible, not pronounced. Hanging a bag next to the baby’s crib is not recommended. It is better to put it in a closet with clothes.

For the kitchen room suitable combination of herbs, spices with citrus peel. By the way, in the kitchen sachets are used not only in order to impart flavor, but also for the preparation of the food itself. For example, a bag filled with Tuscan herbs can be dipped into a saucepan during cooking broth, stewing fish or meat.

For the pads themselves, it is best to take a fabric made from natural material. Fabric for embroidery is perfect. Unlike synthetic, similar fabric will longer exude aroma indoors, which in turn will not be drowned out by synthetics notes. Since the bag itself must be beautiful and original, it can be decorated with embroidery.

If you do not have the necessary herbs at home, then you should not despair; you can fill the sachet with ordinary sawdust that has been soaked with essential oils in advance. Sawdust cost cheap, and you can buy them at almost any pet store. A huge selection of essential oils can be found in pharmacies.

To prepare sawdust, you need to pour part of them into a glass jar with a tightly screwed lid, add a few drops of essential oil there, then close the jar and shake everything well. Then repeat the same manipulations: pour the sawdust into the jar, drop the essential oil, shake. Then the banis contents should be placed in a dark place for at least 7 days.

The bags for the future sachet can also be stitched together very simply: for this, you should cut out rectangles or triangles, diamonds, circles, circles — whoever you like more, decorate with lace, embroidery, beads, and then sew the edges. After the bag should be tightly filled with pre-prepared mixture of herbs or sawdust with essential oils and just tie with a tape or braid.

Sasha with his own hands

So, to sew a bag is not at all difficult, but still what to fill it with? There can be a lot of options, here are the most popular ones:

  • Many people know that the smell of coffee improves mood, kills unpleasant odors, and also contributes to an increase in appetite. A sachet filled with coffee beans can be hung in the kitchen, it will bring a lot of use there !;
  • The smell of needles has an antibacterial and refreshing effect. The natural aroma of pine and spruce needles can be enhanced with essential oils. By the way, cedar, fir and pine oils are not only beneficial for the human body, but also uplifting;
  • Such herbs as fennel, basil, mint, thyme, rosemary have unique beneficial properties and aromas, and mint also soothes, relieves stress and puts the emotional state of a person in order;
  • To improve sleep, sachets can be put inside pillowcases or stuffing their usual pillows. Moreover, in addition to herbs, you can use berries or wild rose. To create such a sachet, you will need 1 part of lavender buds for ½ part of jasmine flowers, chamomile, hop petals and roses. Herbs need to mix, fall asleep in the bag, and, in turn, hide it in a pillowcase or pillow itself;
  • To strengthen the immunity should be mixed sage, rosemary, lemon balm, thyme and essential oils of the same plants;
  • A sachet filled with sage, rose petals, dill seeds, lavender and chamomile flowers with the addition of essential oils of lemon balm, chamomile and sage can be placed in the child’s room.

By the way, it is the lavender scent that leads among others, when choosing sachet filler components. It is resistant, prevents the appearance of moths, brings health benefits - soothes and relieves stress.

Sasha with his own hands: a master class

For self-production at home, sachets need:

  1. A shred of linen, cotton or cambric;
  2. A small piece of lace;
  3. Bands, ribbons - you need to choose such parts based only on your taste preferences;
  4. Decoupage napkins or transfer paper;
  5. Filler for the bag: dried herbs, needles or orange peel or sawdust pre-impregnated with essential oils, as well as a small ball of synthetic winterizer, so that the sachet has a beautiful shape;
  6. Needle, thread, scissors.

Sasha with his own hands

Sasha with his own hands

Sasha with his own hands

First of all, the material should make the pattern of the desired shape. As an example, 2 blanks are presented - 1 in the form of a heart, and others in the form of a rectangle.

With the help of a hot iron you need to transfer the image from the transfer paper to the fabric. To do this, you should iron the paper several times, then peel it off, and the image will be transferred onto the fabric!

Sasha with his own hands

Then, using pre-selected ribbons and lace, you should decorate the front side of the bag. By the way, it is better to do it manually, without the help of a sewing machine.

Now it's time to sew both halves of the heart and rectangle by hand. It is carried out from the seamy side of the product with a rough seam. To the corner of the rectangle and in the middle of the heart should be sewn on a small loop of tape, for which later will hang bags.

Sasha with his own hands

Now the seam must be stitched on a sewing machine, leaving a small hole through which the seal will be poured, and the product should be turned to the front side.

It remains to fill the pads with filler. To begin with, they should be filled with crushed and dried orange peel, for a thorough procedure, at the corners and edges one should put a synthetic winterizer. Then you should take a pair of cotton pads and drop on 1 of them a few drops of essential oils prepared in advance, and then cover it with the 2nd cotton disk on top and place it inside the bag.

Sasha with his own hands

Sasha with his own hands

After that, the hole must be carefully sewn up and everything is ready - the aromatic sachet for the house is ready!

It is best to store such bags in a tightly closed container, it can serve as a large jar or any other container with a lid.

There is a legend that the wife of God Olympus Zeus Hera seduced him with the help of a magical fragrant belt. Modern experts in the field of flavors believe that the composition of the filler of such a belt could well be as follows: nutmeg, jasmine, cloves, pink vanilla. You can take it on board, creating a composition of aromas for sachets with your own hands.

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