Relatively recently, sanvitalia seeds appeared in flower shops and immediately attracted the attention of gardeners. This plant is unpretentious in the care, and the blooming little flowers resemble sunny sunflowers. Sanvitaliya can be grown both on personal plots, and on a balcony in flower pots.

Sanvitalia: growing from seed

Sanvitalia: growing from seed

This plant is originally from North America, therefore it is resistant to heat and drought. Today there are several types of sanvitaliya, but terry varieties have become the most interesting and beautiful.

The beginning of flowering occurs in mid-summer (July) and lasts until the end of October, until the first frosts begin. For the landing of sanvitaliya it is worth choosing a sunny place protected from the wind, the soil is almost irrelevant - it grows well on clay and on loose soils.

The plant is grown from seeds with high germination, but it is directly affected by various factors and most importantly, the shelf life of the raw materials and storage conditions. That is why it is recommended to purchase seeds only in specialized stores - on the package will be a photo of sanitation, expiration date and basic recommendations for planting.

Sanvitalia: cultivation

  • It is possible to sow seeds in open ground, but in order to grow more seedlings, it is best to first grow the seedlings at home in containers. Growing senvities from seeds does not require much effort. First, the substrate is prepared - the ideal choice will be a light, loose, fertile soil mixture, which can be found in the flower shop, and also be made by yourself (clay soil and sand are mixed in a ratio of 3: 1).
  • A layer of drainage is laid out on the bottom of the container to prevent stagnation of water, which can provoke the onset of root decay. The soil mix is ​​filled up, and the seeds are laid out to a depth of about 1.5 cm (not more!). A small layer of earth is poured on top and the soil is slightly moistened with a spray gun.
  • Now we need to make a greenhouse effect. To do this, take a simple plastic film that covers the top of the container. You can use clear glass. Then the container is placed in a warm and well-lit sun (the room temperature should not be below +20 degrees). Approximately in 12-15 days the first shoots will start to appear. Watering seedlings is carried out infrequently and only through the pan. This is necessary in order to prevent the development of such diseases as "black leg".

Features of fit and care

Sanvitalia: landing and care

As soon as the seedlings grow older and get stronger, after the frosts end, it can be transplanted into open ground. As a rule, disembarkation is carried out immediately, as 2-3 leaves appear (mid-May). When planting seedlings need to ensure that the distance between the plants was not less than 20 cm. Flowering will begin after 2-2.5 months, after the planting of flowers in open ground.

Sanvitaliya prostrate - very beautiful, branching, undersized and unpretentious plant in the care. Enough on the site where the flowers grow, periodically loosen the ground, and be sure to remove all the weeds. Every 3 weeks you need to perform top dressing with the use of liquid mineral complex, which is simply added to the water for irrigation or to take fertilizers that have a prolonged effect. It is advisable to fertilize the plant at the time when the formation of buds.

Planting a plant stands on a sunny and bright place, it tolerates drought perfectly, but most importantly, sanitation is protected from wind and drafts. The plant can tolerate even a decrease in temperature to +3 degrees, while flowering will continue.

Immediately after planting, the plant can not be watered plentifully. Once sanvitaliya takes root, you can perform more frequent watering. If the plant is grown in flower pots or containers on the balcony, you need to ensure that the soil is well hydrated, but not wet.

Sanvitalia: landing

Common plant diseases

Like any other plant, sanvitaliya can suffer from such problems:

  • Blackleg. As a rule, it is the seedlings that suffer from this disease, which occurs if the watering is improper and excessive. It is important to remember - for seedlings need proper air circulation. Therefore, seedlings are watered only through a pallet, they are not planted too thickly. For watering, you need to take a large pan, pour warm settled water into it and put a pot or a container with seedlings in it for 10 minutes.
  • Twisted leaves. This symptom is the main symptom that the plant needs additional watering. Sanvitalia tolerates drought quite well, but if the leaflets start to curl, it means that the flowers need to be watered, and the recovery process occurs very quickly.

Sanvitalia is a very beautiful plant that looks like small sunflowers. Enjoys great popularity due to the long flowering period. Sanvitaliya can be used to create flower borders, mixed flower beds, alpine slides, for landscaping terraces and gazebos. Bright floral carpets of small yellow flowers are able to cheer up even on the most overcast days.

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