Salad kitchen. options and color combinations of salad green

The kitchen is a room in a house that is entirely owned by women. Her appearance is able to reflect the taste of the housewife and emphasize her originality. The color of the kitchen should evoke a feeling of peace and joy, refresh and inspire.Eating, staying in the kitchen with the wrong combination of colors, too aggressive or dark color, can lead to the development of a depressive state. One of the most successful options for the kitchen would be lime color.

Selection of salad cuisine

If you want to have a kitchen that corresponds to fashion trends, then you can safely opt for a kitchen of light green color.

  • For such a style are suitable geometric simple shapes.
  • The lime color in the design of the kitchen also applies to the French Provence style.
  • The only rule in the design of the kitchen is the use of lime color, either in furniture or in the walls.
  • Light green color is an excellent background for dark and for light furniture facades. Light furniture on a light green background creates a joyful and fresh look, and dark furniture is responsible for creating a dynamic and spectacular look.

  • Light green color is one of the most vivid and rich colors.. Because of this, he is able to transform the kitchen, turning it into something fabulous.
  • In practicality, it is also not inferior to other colors and even surpasses them. On light green furniture there are not so noticeable scratches, chips and various abrasions.
  • Light green color absorbs all visual defects, making them invisible to the eye.
  • Salad kitchen is the most universal, because it is suitable for the shadow side, and for the sun.
  • Kitchen set of light green color can be of any shape. It can be angular, and from DVA, and with the island.

Lime color is considered the color of lightness, spring and freshness. His shades are able to create a different mood and design. One of the most joyful combinations will be lime color with white. The most optimal arrangement is the placement of lime color on a white background.

The effect of light green cuisine on health

The kitchen of light green color helps to increase the appetite and helps the desire for an active lifestyle..

The gentle shade of light green color can create an atmosphere of peace and serenity. But the bright lime color will create an atmosphere of vigor and cheerfulness, energy and freshness. This kitchen refers to the furniture of neutral color, without causing a sharp rejection of color.

Salad Kitchen Options

  • In the kitchen you can make the main focus of light green cabinets. All other items must be of a neutral color. This may be an apron of white frosted glass or white tile, with the walls must be white. Fittings should be with brushed aluminum parts. You can complete the created image by placing a table with a glass top in the center of such a kitchen. It is desirable that he had straight legs. Vases and glasses made of transparent glass, white and metal utensils will complete the creation of the image of a light green kitchen.

  • To create a green kitchen from wood, choose to begin with pastel light green paneled cabinets. Also, for elegance, choose accessories with ceramic splashes and natural gray-beige and sandy shades of furniture and wallpaper. Pick up a wooden dining group, with carved back chairs and a wooden tabletop. Cover the table with a white or light green lace tablecloth. Put on the table retro plates with roses. As the final touch fit copper coffee pots, decorative ceramic gizmos and antique antiques.
  • The kitchen can also be made of green, if the furniture, covered with oak veneer, or just white with simple smooth doors will be made of a green apron. Try with this combination of light green in color with the main background of furniture, pick up furniture of natural honey color. You will be delighted with this color combination.

What color combinations can not be used in the salad green kitchen?

When creating a light green kitchen you should not use a combination of light green and purple flowers. Otherwise, the interior of the kitchen will become gloomy and will unconsciously cause alarm. Black is desirable not to use. The only exception will be the combination of a light green interior in the kitchen with white and a small amount of black color - this will create a dynamic and expressive kitchen interior.

Successful color combinations for salad green

The most ideal background for green kitchen furniture will be cream, creamy, milky and white. To create special effects, you can draw various drawings on the wall, such as butterflies, dragonflies, dandelions, chamomiles or ladybugs. Bright fruits and vegetables, flowers in clay pots, greens, field bouquets and red roses will look great on a light green background. If you want to create a creative design in the green kitchen, use the red elements in its design. It can be a red chandelier, curtains, chandelier, dishes, a vase, napkins or a kettle. The most important thing in the creation of a creative design salad kitchen is not to overdo it.

Lime cuisine is an excellent choice if the kitchen has a small area. This color is able to visually enlarge it. Lime kitchen furniture can emphasize the brightness and richness of color, create pleasant warm emotions for all who will be in the kitchen. If you want to keep up with modern trends in interior design, then lettuce kitchen is what you need.

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