Russian style in the interior

Each person, equipping the dwelling, prefers this or that style. Recently there are many styles. And despite modern styles, retrostats are becoming more and more popular. One of these is the Russian style in the interior.

Variants of the Russian style in the interior

  • "A la Russe" - this is what foreigners see and depict Russia. It is based on the elements of folk crafts. Includes samovars, nesting dolls, sandals, stoves, etc. However, not every fan of the Russian style will dare to arrange such antiquity at home. It is because of the courage and colorfulness of this version of the Russian style is not too popular compared to the others.

  • "Russian hut" - simplicity in execution, the absence of unnecessary, random things, only useful and necessary. In this version of the Russian style, each item is in a certain place in the house and performs a specific function. "Russian hut" is very simple and even dry, but it helps to preserve the age-old traditions of the Russian people.
  • "Terem" - historical fabulous version of the Russian style, a reminder of the princely chambers. This option is distinguished by direct beauty, sophistication, and, undoubtedly, ancient household items;
  • "Russian Empire" - popular style among modern wealthy people. This version combines the splendor of France (in furniture) and the sincerity of Russia. In some cases Russian modesty and simplicity with English restraint (in furniture) is allowed.

Despite the availability of options, the Russian style has distinctive features that distinguish it from other styles.

  • Ceiling should be distinguished by its simplicity, most often it is just whitewash.
  • WallsYou can paint the Russian folk patterns.
  • Doors in Russian style it is also good to make villages big.
  • Windowmust be made of wood. Plastic alone will spoil all your efforts. It is advisable to choose curtains for windows from flax or chintz, in color they should be pastel-beige tones. The effect of naturalness should be created.
  • Room design. Attributes of the Russian style, we all know, are lace and wood carving. Therefore, they must be present in your room. Our Russian women have always been excellent craftswomen, needlewomen. Therefore, the more things in the house are hand-made: knitted, sewn, etc., the more it reflects the Russian style.
  • There used to be a lot wooden utensils and silver things.
  • It is impossible not to mention red corner Russian home. Our ancestors had a special place for home prayer. To get closer to a Russian home, for naturalness, and even better for spirituality, install an icon or several icons and an icon lamp in your room in the corner.
  • Instead Russian stove You can put a fireplace in the room. If there is no such possibility, draw it not on the wall.
  • You can also hang on the walls. paintings by Russian artists, which depicts the life of the Russian people.

If you decide to make your home or room in Russian style, then the more simplicity and naturalness, the more old household items, wooden furniture and utensils, lace, carvings, the stronger you will fill the house with the spirit of Russian culture. Russian style is for those who want spirituality, regularity and calmness of Russian life.

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