Rules of training

Training a pet is not the easiest process, especially when it comes to training dogs to certain teams. Even if you are raising a non-fighting dog, he should know a few basic orders - among them are "Phew!" and "Fas!". How to teach your pet? What you need to know, doing training?

How to teach a dog team "Fas"?

How to teach a dog team

Best of all, if the learning process will occur under the supervision of a dog handler: the attack of both an adult dog and a puppy occurs under the influence of aggression, which has to be awakened in an animal during training. Given the fact that this command orients the dog to attack a living creature, when making mistakes (which are inevitable at the beginning of training), both it and you can suffer.

  1. Make sure that the dog does not harm anyone: for this you need to find a well-fenced area, and it is desirable to tie the animal. It should be able to move freely, but with a sharp impetuous throw do not leave the leash.
  2. Take care of your own safety: wear a special protective suit. Hands require especially careful protection.
  3. Find an item that can interest your dog: it definitely should not be a toy that is familiar to her, otherwise there will be no attack.
  4. Carefully tease an animal with a chosen object, take your time: give it a chance to seriously get interested in what is in your hands.
  5. Wait until the interest in the eyes of the dog reaches its peak, and the body is ready to jump, and say loudly: "Fas!". If the jump / dash took place, be sure to praise the animal, but not the presentation of the subject with which you are trained.

If the dog did not jump, or if he lost concentration from the sound of your voice, you will need to stimulate him. You yourself will not do this, so an assistant must be present when training, who also puts on a protective suit. He will literally push the dog to the target of the attack on command.

Expert advice

Features of team training

It is important to note that the ability to assimilate information of this kind depends on the breed of animal: shepherd dogs, as attack-oriented, quickly memorize the Fas! task, so their attack learning will not be fast.

In addition, a lot depends on the age of the pet; it is recommended to begin training when the puppy is 2 months old. And if an adult dog that has not been trained has come to you, do not postpone this business for an indefinite “tomorrow”. But, unlike the baby, he will first have to be introduced to the idea of ​​a change of owner, and only then be trained.

  • Before mastering the command "Fas!" It is necessary to teach the dog the command "Fu!", which is the cancellation of any of its actions. Otherwise, there is a high probability of a negative outcome of an improper attack, as well as a pet running out of control.
  • Professionals note that the team "Fas!" is the final one in the general chain of basic instructions for the dog: it is necessary to cultivate an understanding and fulfillment of the words “Voice!”, “Lie down!”, “Sit!”, “Paw!”.

Worst of all, the attack lends itself not only to those pets who are not fighters by nature, but also those whom they caress and indulge all their lives. Such a dog is accustomed to luxury and relaxation, learning in general becomes an incomprehensible and unnecessary process for him. For this reason, it is recommended that the youngest nails should be used to instill in the dog an understanding of the role of the owner and its own place in the family.

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