Roses of corrugated paper do it yourself

Perhaps, almost all of us have our own hobby. The popularity of needlework is growing rapidly: someone prefers to knit or embroider, and some spend their free time for handicrafts. Paper crafts, especially of corrugated ones, have become very relevant recently. People create unprecedented masterpieces. From paper, you can make beautiful roses and combine them into a bouquet. And if you use candy as a middle, then such an article will be a perfect gift for any celebration.

This article will discuss how to make a hand made of corrugated paper with your own hands.

How to make a rose from corrugated paper do it yourself: general tips

How to make a rose of corrugated paper with your own hands

Roses can be made from any paper. Corrugated is best for this, since it is very soft, thin and stretches easily. If for the first time you start modeling roses from paper with a corrugated base, then these tips will be useful to you:

  • use only crepe or crepe paper, as it is easier to model;
  • glue every detail so that the finished rose does not fall apart;
  • for stalks use wire of small thickness;
  • be sure to take paper of several colors: one for the petals, another for the stem and sepal;
  • You can put a candy in the middle: you need to attach it to a flower with glue or a tight wreath of petals;
  • Spread the petals, starting with a smaller diameter and increment;
  • wind the stem of the wire with corrugated green paper;
  • All made roses can be combined into a bouquet and fastened with a thread or wire.

Rose of Corrugated Paper

Master classes from experienced needlewomen

If you seriously decide to do this kind of needlework, then try to make simple and small flowers out of corrugated paper first. As you acquire skills, you will be able to create whole bouquets in flowerpots.

By the way, children will like this activity very much. You can make paper roses with your child. This not only contributes to the development of fine motor skills, but also the kid will be able to show his creative abilities. Let's take a look at how to make small and large roses out of corrugated paper, put them together in bouquets and make a hand-made article with a delicious surprise inside the petals.

Making an exquisite bouquet of roses: step by step instructions

Bouquet of roses made of corrugated paper with your own hands

Bouquet is a collective concept. You need to master the technique of creating each rosette separately, and to combine them together into a single whole does not amount to concerns.

Necessary materials:

  • Corrugated paper of different colors (necessarily green);
  • office glue;
  • small wire thickness;
  • scissors;
  • pencil.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take corrugated paper of red, pink, white or any other color and draw small flowers consisting of four petals on it.
  2. Then cut out these flowers, and to make the roses more lush, it is best to take at least four small flowers. Rose from corrugated paper: description
  3. Take a small piece of wire about 10 cm long and string one part of the flower onto it.Rose of corrugated paper: how to make?
  4. Twist the petals of the bottom and form the so-called center of the flower. Petals need to fix the glue.Making rose petals from corrugated paper
  5. Then alternately thread each of the prepared flowers on the wire, slightly turning the petals. Form a rose and fix it with glue.Formation of corrugated paper roses
  6. Wrap a stalk of wire with green corrugated paper and glue a small piece. To fix the paper on the stem need glue.The connection of the flower with the stem
  7. Make the required number of roses using the above scheme and tie them into a bouquet with a ribbon. The finished bouquet can be put in a small pot or basket.

The described process of creating roses is considered the easiest. If you cut the petals for roses of larger diameter, you get one large and spreading flower. In order to give the rose of corrugated bud form to paper, all the petals can be glued together tightly or tied together with wire (thread).

Large paper roses

Big roses made of corrugated paper are somewhat more difficult to do, but if you have mastered the basics of this art, then you can easily cope with the task.

Necessary materials:

  • corrugated paper;
  • tape tape (adhesive);
  • wire cuts;
  • scissors.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To begin, you will need to prepare the petals in the form of half-hearts and hearts, as well as leaves for roses.Making large corrugated roses
  2. Take each cut petal and gently pull the paper with your fingers, starting from the center.Large corrugated paper roses: description
  3. Wrap the stalks with corrugated green paper and fix with glue. Using glue or tape tapes, attach cut leaves to them. Stalks lay aside.Large corrugated paper roses: how to make?
  4. Take a pencil and bend the edges of the petals of roses: twist the half-hearts inwards and the hearts outwards.Making large corrugated roses
  5. Also, large petals twist around the edges, and small droplets - with the pointed side inward.Corrugated paper rose petals
  6. Next, take all the petals in the form of halves of hearts and begin to model the rose: fold them on top of each other, slightly receding so that the petals turn out in a circle. Fasten these petals with glue or tape.The connection of the petals with the stem
  7. Now take each petal cut in the shape of a heart and alternately glue them to the stem, forming a fluffy rosette. It is possible to fix each subsequent tier with a tape or glue.
  8. Here is such a voluminous rosette you should get from all the petals. It is best to use 15-20 petals to get a bigger flower.Big rose of corrugated paper
  9. In the form of a fence with cloves, cut the sepal and fix it over the modeled rose. Secure with duct tape or glue.Bonding sepals
  10. Insert a wire section inside each sheet and wrap the edges of the paper.
  11. Attach each sheet in such a way, and wrap the green stalks with green crepe paper and fix it with glue or tape.Gluing leaves to rose

Roses from candies and corrugated paper - "a tasty gift"

Want to make a delicious gift to a loved one, build a bouquet of gorgeous roses with candies with your own hands.

Necessary materials:

  • wrapped candy;
  • wooden or wire cords;
  • scissors;
  • glue or tape;
  • corrugated paper;
  • pencil.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To create a rose, you can use one of the above methods.
  2. In order to attach the candy to the rose, you need to take a wire cut or a skewer and for one end of the wrapper to glue the candy with tape tape.Candy and Corrugated Paper Roses
  3. Next, you model the rose petals, stem and leaves of corrugated paper of the corresponding color. Candy should remain in the center of each flower.Roses of candy and corrugated paper: production
  4. A bouquet of roses with candies can be placed in a basket or simply tied with a wide ribbon with a bow.

Make gifts in the style of hand-made, because together with the masterpiece created with your own hands you give a person a piece of your soul. Create charming bouquets of roses for interior decoration in your home. Choose a hobby of your liking and try something new in needlework.

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