Room geranium

Well, who among us does not know the beautiful geranium?

Many fans of indoor flowers on the windowsills always had geranium or even present.

If you are only thinking of decorating your home with geranium flowers or you want to learn how to properly care for the plantings you already have, then this article is for you.

The word "geranium" goes back to the ancient Greek language and is derived from the term "geranos". On the territory of our country, the plant is often called the "crane".

It is interesting that the geranium familiar to us by its name has another name “pelargonium”. This is a cultivated plant known everywhere. It is very convenient to take care of him, it is not too whimsical. The advantages of geranium include light varietal reproduction, flowering splendor and fragrant specific aroma of flowers.

The most common variety of pelargonium varieties is fragrant geranium. The very name of this variety speaks for itself.

In addition to her, in our houses and apartments she found a place of honor and royal geranium, a distinctive feature of which is especially large velvety flowers.

Room geranium: home care

Geranium Appearance

  • It is necessary to note nevertheless that geranium differs from pelargonium in its pure form. The fact is that pelargonium has fruits that are not opened in the process of ripening, and in geranium there is a fruit with five leaves that open, scattering seeds. Pelargonium in its pure form is an African representative.
  • However, on the territory of our country the names of these "geranium" and "pelargonium" are considered to be of the same type.
  • The geranium root system is powerful with a well-developed central rhizome.
  • Thin long stalks are covered with a smooth light green skin. The foliage of the plant is very interesting. The surface of the sheet plate is not smooth, but covered with small fibers. If you run your hand over the leaf, then you feel softness to the touch. The foliage is not elongated, but has an oval shape, and the edges of each leaf are divided into a number of circles. Thus, the edges of the leaves seem laced.
  • And during the flowering period, you and I can observe buds of completely different color variations, which subsequently differ in their luxuriant flowering.

Use of geraniums

Geranium perfectly decorate any park area and garden area.

Very often, plants are used for planting at home. They look very nice in mounted pots. Geranium is not heavy in appearance and therefore small pots of these colors are perfect.

Planting geraniums

  • First of all, you should correctly determine the place where the flowerpots or drawers with geraniums will comfortably fit.
  • It can be a well-sanctified window sill on the south side or in a south room. Geranium loves warmth and does not tolerate drafts, so if your window has small cracks, then it is best to use mounted flowerpots for planting or place plants on bedside tables.
  • A huge plus of the "crane" is that it is not whimsical to the soil composition. You can, of course, buy soil specifically for geraniums in flower shops, or you can prepare it yourself. If you decide on the latter, then take in equal proportions of leaf earth, humus and sand. All components should be thoroughly mixed. That's all, your land for planting geraniums is quite ready.
  • You for the "Crane" is perfect and garden soil. Only it should be a little enriched with mineral fertilizers.
  • If the land is very fertile - this is also not good. The fact is that then the leaves of the plant will go into rapid growth, and we need a proportional development.
  • Fertilizers that you decide to add to the soil should be rich in nitrogen and potassium. These elements are vital for geraniums.
  • Geranium is grown from seed. Just perfect cuttings. Cutting will generally give you more abundant and magnificent specimens of the "crane".
  • You can, of course, purchase ready-made, already grown up young plants in specialized stores. In this case, when transplanting, also take care of decent soil and be very careful with the root system.
  • When transplanting a young plant, it should not be buried. The root neck should be level with the top layer of soil.

Room geranium: home care, breeding

Geranium care

As with every home plant for geranium requires good care. It, in general, can be reduced to a number of rules, observing that you prolong the life of your plantings.

And so, what are the rules of care?

First, provide a "crane" decent temperature. What air temperature will suit him? An excellent run will be from plus eight to plus twelve, no less no more. Fortunately, at home you can set the proper climate.

Summarizing the requirements for temperature, it can be noted that geranium likes moderation in degree terms.

Do not forget to water your home planting. Watering should be abundant, but it should not be poured, either. Monitor the condition of the upper soil layer.

In the summer, take out the geranium "breathe" on the balcony or open the windows. Even a simple airing of the room will have a good effect on the state of the geranium.

Not too complacent plant will react to spraying water. Such water procedures are very important for many indoor plants, especially in the summer, when the sun is hot, but for geranium it is better not to carry them out.

In order for the plant to differ in pomp (branching, so to speak), you will need to carry out this procedure: the young winners just pinch on the tips.

If some leaves have wilted, then they should be carefully removed from the plant.

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