Room chrysanthemum

Many are familiar with quite popular chrysanthemums for sale. They come in different colors, are very affordable and give them to both women and men for various reasons.

However, surely many women in their lives faced with potted chrysanthemum. As a rule, many are upset that indoor chrysanthemums are short-lived: for someone they died in two weeks, for someone - in a month. Do not be upset! The point is not the wrong care, the point is the nature of the room chrysanthemum.

All indoor plants are divided into three groups: decorative flowering indoor plants, ornamental flowering pot plants and cacti. So, indoor chrysanthemums belong to ornamental flowering pot plants, which are known for their fragility (read about the features of this and other groups in the article Varieties of indoor plants).

Appearance of room chrysanthemum

Different types of chrysanthemum room can reach a height of from 35 to 70 cm.

This is a bush plant with beautiful flowers of white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple flowers and their shades. The size of the flowers is quite large, from 2 to 8 cm in diameter. They resemble chamomile or aster flowers, but often they lack a core. The leaves are lobated in rich green.

Types of chrysanthemum room

  • Multicolor mulberry chrysanthemum - reaches a height of 35 cm. Flowers are non-double, up to 5 cm in diameter, very diverse in color.
  • Small chrysanthemum small-flowered chrysanthemum - reaches a greater height than the previous view (up to 70 cm); inferior to the previous form in flower sizes (up to 2.5 cm in diameter).
  • Multicolored cascade chrysanthemum - very good for the top location in the house. She has very small leaves, almost invisible behind numerous double flowers (up to 4 cm in diameter), similar to daisy flowers.
  • Multicolored cascade chrysanthemum (dwarf form) - grows to a height of 20 cm. Non-double flowers.
  • Shrub Chrysanthemum - The flowers have a yellow center. The color of the flowers is either white or yellow or pink.

Location in the house chrysanthemum room

Room chrysanthemum will look great in the living room, bedroom and nursery.Do not put a chrysanthemum room in the kitchen, for it there is too dry air and high temperature.

From the windows it is best to choose Western or Eastern. On the southern window-sills, the sun is too hot, from which the room chrysanthemum should be protected.

Experienced flower growers are advised to place the chrysanthemum room on the window sill so that sunlight falls on it in the morning and evening. It is during these hours that the sun is like the chrysanthemum.

Buying room chrysanthemums

Knowing that a room chrysanthemum will not last for several years in your house, you still want to prolong the period of life for her. Therefore, it is important not only to choose the right place for her in the house, but also to competently approach the question of purchase.

Choosing a chrysanthemum room in a flower shop, carefully examine it. Make sure the seller packs the plant with you.

Recommend to buy chrysanthemum room (like many other flowering potted plants or just flowering plants) with a lot of unblown flowers. In this case, the chrysanthemum room will stay longer for you by extending the flowering period.

Room chrysanthemum care

Properly chosen room chrysanthemum in combination with proper care can stay at home for up to 2 months.

  • Lighting - bright sunlight. It is necessary to cover the flower from the midday scorching sun.
  • Temperature cool Chrysanthemums prefer temperature at any time of the year not higher than 15 ° C.
  • Air humidity moderate. Periodically spray the chrysanthemum leaves.
  • Watering abundant. Water the plant several times a week.
  • Breeds cuttings or seeds. Some species are best not to multiply at home, and buy ready-made.

Pests and room chrysanthemum diseases

Unfortunately, even for a short period of life, a room chrysanthemum can strike aphid and spider mite.With proper care, you can avoid the appearance of pests on your favorite plant.

Do not regret that indoor chrysanthemums are so short-lived. After all, beauty and feelings caused by it are also impermanent. Let the indoor chrysanthemum decorate your home at the most memorable moments of your life!

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