Rolled curtains do it yourself

Blinds are a great alternative to blinds.. You can use them as an independent element of the decor of the room, and in combination with light curtains that are constantly in the open state. Such curtains are ideal for hiding the space of your kitchen, bedroom and other rooms from prying eyes. Ideal curtains look in minimalist interiors.

Blinds can be used not only on the windows, but also to divide the space of the room. Make them your own hands will not make you much work.

Making roll curtains do it yourself

roller blinds for the kitchen do it yourself

To independently make a roller blind, you will need the appropriate materials. You should get a sufficiently dense fabric, and it is desirable that it was two-sided. For the eaves, you will need a wooden bar or plank. The length of the bar should coincide with the width of the future curtains. In addition, you need a rod made of wood or metal, the length of which will be 2-3 cm less than a curtain. Two rings are needed to attach the curtains to the rail. But to fix the curtains on the eaves, we need not only rings. You will need another tape, the width of which will coincide with the diameter of the ring. You also need a nylon cord, the length of which will be 5 lengths plus 1 width of the curtain. And the final touch is the hook that will be needed in order to secure the curtain cord when it is in the raised position.

When all materials are ready, you need to cut out a future roller blind. To do this, first measure the window opening. The width of your curtains should be the width of the window opening and another 3 cm on each side in order to make the side seams. The length of the curtain is the height of the window - 6 cm, which are necessary for the drawstring at the bottom and another 10 cm above.

So, now you have come close to working on the curtain. First you need to place the curtain on any flat horizontal surface. Mark on it the areas on which the rings and gateways will be located. This can be done with soap or chalk. Then side slices must be carefully ironed. Now you need to make a drawstring. To do this, turn the fabric 2 cm 2 times. Kulisku need to make a seam in the hem. When the work with the drawstring is finished, measure the length of the future curtains from its bottom edge. The line limiting the length must be drawn on the front side of the curtain.

Then you need to do ribbons for rings. You will need 2 pieces of 60 cm each. Put each piece of ribbon in half, place a ring in it. Then the tape must be attached to the top edge of the curtain, having previously sewn it. It is necessary to stitch up so that the rings are 6-7 cm from the top of the curtain and 20 cm from each edge.

Find the line that you recently drew, measuring the length of the curtains. Attach Velcro tape along this line. Now you need to attach this tape from the wrong side. To do this, just tuck the edge of the curtains inside out. Also Velcro tape must be glued to the future of the cornice. The canvas of your curtains is completely finished.

How to hang roller blinds?

Rolled curtains do it yourself. More details:

Rolled curtains do it yourself. More details:

The first thing you need to attach the curtain to the bar, which performs the function of the eaves. You need to attach it to Velcro tape. If you do not want to use the tape, you can use an ordinary stapler and attach the curtain with it directly to the beam.

Then hooks should be screwed into the cornice. They must be located opposite each ring. In order not to be mistaken with the position of the hooks, mark the location of the bands with rings on the seamy side of the curtains. It is necessary to mark them on the curtain already attached to the bottom.

Now you need a nylon cord. The length of this cord will be at least 5 curtain lengths and its width. Cord You can bring to the right or left side. Depending on which way you will lead the curtain, tie the cord to one of the hooks (left or right) with one end. Put the curtain so that it is facing up. Roll it into a roll in half. Then wrap the rolled up curtain with a cord and pass it through the left (or right) ring. Then wrap the curtain with the cord again and tie the free end of the cord to the second hook. Pull the cord in half into the right ring. Now you have a loop that will allow you to roll the curtain into a roll. To do this, just need to pull the loop.

In order to fix the position of the curtains, pass the loop through the fastener for the cord. Item secure near the window. Wrap a cord around this fastening. Now you can attach a curtain to the window. Look at the curtain in expanded form to adjust the cord. If your cord is too long, shorten it, untie it from one hook and cut it off a little. The own-made roller blind is ready.

To keep the curtains in a collapsed state, you can use not only a nylon cord, but also cloth garters. They will not only perform a supporting function, but also decorate your curtains. In order to obtain such garters, you must cut two ribbons. The length of these tapes should be 2 lengths of the curtains plus another 30 cm., Their width should be 8 cm. We sew the long side of the tape and one short one, after folding the strips in half lengthwise. You need to flash them from the inside. Then we twist the strip and sew up the remaining short side. After the strips are sewn, they need to be ironed carefully. To place the finished garters on the curtains, flip them over the strip-eaves. This can be done at any distance from the edge. Fasten the tape on the eaves using a furniture stapler.

Rolled curtains do it yourself: video

So, simply enough you can make your own hands a fashionable accessory for your beloved home. Let the hand-made roller blinds bring comfort and good mood.

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