Ribbon baubles

Baubles weave not only from floss or beads, they also weave from ribbons. It is much easier to weave baubles from ribbons: if you practice a few times, then such a bauble can be woven in just 15-20 minutes. The main positive quality in weaving baubles from ribbons is the speed of work. Usually baubles weave from 2 or 4 ribbons. There are several schemes weaving baubles from ribbons.

Weaving baubles from two ribbons: scheme

Baubles from two ribbons

Take 2 ribbons. They should be different colors, but such that they are beautifully combined. In our case, let it be red and yellow. The length of each ribbon is about one meter. We first tie the knot, when tying the knot we take into account the length of the strings. Then again we make two normal knots. We form loops on each tape individually, then stretch the red loop through the yellow loop. Tighten the yellow loop. And again we make a yellow loop. Then pass the yellow loop into the red loop and tighten the red loop. And again we make a red loop and pass it into the yellow loop. Tighten back the yellow loop. Again we make the yellow loop and pass it into the red loop, tighten. Now we repeat such simple tricks until the ribbons run out. Get a great bauble from ribbons.

Weaving baubles from 4 ribbons: scheme

Four ribbon baubles

We choose ribbons of such colors so that they are in harmony with each other, about a meter long. For the convenience of weaving baubles from ribbons, pin each ribbon with pin to any panel. Such a bauble is woven like an ordinary pigtail. We weave a bauble, alternating ribbons up and down. In order that the weaving does not spread, each connection is cleaved with a pin. To finish the bauble, we braid the braid, and from above we make a loop. Fenichka is ready!

Weaving round baubles: scheme

Round ribbon bauble: weaving pattern

For weaving such a bauble you need two ribbons 2 meters long. Each tape is fixed so that it is convenient to weave a bauble. Tapes take such colors so that they harmonize with each other. Suppose, as in the first scheme of weaving baubles, a yellow ribbon and a red one. Fold one part of the red ribbon to the side, and fold the "leg" of the yellow ribbon. We pass the untouched part of the red ribbon through the yellow loop, tighten the knot, we get a square. Bend each tail of the yellow ribbon in the loop, pass through them two tails of the red ribbon and tighten. This method weave bauble to the desired length.

Usually, when weaving baubles from ribbons, satin ribbons are used, but other material can be used. When weaving baubles you need to carefully and evenly make loops so that the future decoration will be beautiful and even. It's great that such decoration takes a little time to make! Not only are these baubles very interesting, they can also be decorated with beads, sequins, sparkles or rhinestones.

Any girl will be able to weave such a decoration for themselves and friends.These decorations are best worn in the summer, as they are very bright and catch the eye.

Baubles from ribbons - an original decoration for any fashionista. They can become an integral part of your image.. For information on how to weave baubles from other materials, read the articles Weaving Baubles from Mulineas Baubles from beads for beginners.

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