Restoration of furniture with their own hands. basic

After repair, you want to see updated not only the room, but all the items in it, especially the furniture. Nowadays, fashion is changing too quickly, offering many options for wooden and upholstered furniture. No need to immediately throw away old cabinets or sofas. There are many ways to restore furniture with their own hands, with which she will get a new life.

We give old furniture a new life

Independently, you can restore almost any type of furniture, everything will turn out very nicely, and the process itself will not take much time, effort and money.

DIY furniture restoration

Restoration of the old chair. Surely every house or country has an old chair with a padded seat. No need to throw it away, because the subject can be given a fresh and beautiful look. To do this, in the first place it is necessary to remove the seat from it, and then to clean the wooden parts of the paint, you can do it with sandpaper.

After you need to take a piece of foam with the size of the seat and wrapped it with durable material, securing it from the wrong side. It is easy to nail the seat to the frame with special furniture studs. Now you just need to paint the chair in the most appropriate color for you and cover with varnish for furniture.

By the way, the restoration of the Viennese chairs is more complicated and painstaking, because they have many complex details. It is necessary not to miss a single curl of the legs or back and paint over all the furniture, but the result will be great!

Restoration chest. To upgrade such furniture you will need: emery paper, wood filler, black ink, acrylic primer, red acrylic paint and metallic, paper to create a pattern template, white pencil, thin brush, furniture lacquer and varnish mordan, special crumb or a leaf leaf gold, wooden shield, corners for fastening parts, screws on wood.

To begin, all surfaces must be machined with a grinder. Where it does not pass because of the size, you need to use sandpaper. Cracks will need to wipe putty. Then the curbstone needs to be painted with black ink. Inside and drawers can be simply painted black. In order for it to lie flat, you must first primed all surfaces.

Now you need to make a paper pattern template. To do this, fold the paper sheet in four and draw and cut out any drawing you like from it. After the pattern is unfolded and attached to the surface of the cupboard and circle with a white pencil. On this drawing carefully apply varnish mordan, which is made on a water basis. To maintain it on the surface for a certain time specified in the instructions.

Then on the drawing with varnish you need to put a sheet of gold leaf, or sprinkle with crumbs. After the material is pressed with a cotton swab. Leave to dry for approximately 12 hours. After the time has passed, remove the remnants of the decorative material from the drawing. If there are blank areas, then the procedure must be repeated.

On boxes and doors with an awl using a ruler draw a frame of parallel lines. Then, with a thin brush, carefully paint over the lines of the frame with metallic paint, alternating its gold, copper and silver shades. Then the curbstone should be covered with several layers of varnish, and after applying each, it will need to be dried.

From the wooden shield it is necessary to cut out the rear wall of the semicircular shape. To process its upper edge an emery paper. After the wall cover with black ink and do all the same decoration manipulations as with the stand. After the part has dried, it should be screwed to the pedestal using screws and corners.

Restoration of an old chair. Of course, leather furniture is better to give for the restoration of a qualified specialist, but the fabric upholstery can be completely updated yourself. To begin with, the piping should be removed from the old chair, behind which cloth fasteners were previously hidden. After you need to remove the upholstery fabric, most often it is attached with metal clips. After all this, you should be left bare frame. Now the surface should be skinned so that it is ready for the application of a new coating. All cracks and chips need to grease putty. After the surface should be proshkurit again, so that it becomes smooth. In the intervals of applying layers need to grind the surface.

Now you need to take foam rubber, the thickness of which is not less than 5 cm, and its rigidity must be increased - it is needed for redoing the seat. The foam should be rolled up twice and secured with a cloth. If the fabric with a pattern, then it will need to try to place in the center. To begin with, the fabric with foam rubber should be fixed with several clips on the sides. It will be more convenient to do this, if someone sits down on a chair - the stretch will be better.

To restore the back, you need to attach the foam clips, and that it was rounded, you should put a layer of padding polyester on top. After the fabric must be shot from the top and sides. It is important not to forget about the location of the pattern, then gradually bending the fabric inward, it should be fixed over the entire surface.

From pieces of old foam rubber cut new blanks for armrests. To begin to fix the outer and inner parts, and at the end of their symmetrical lay and secure the folds. After you need to place around the chair decorative cord. The chair is ready for operation!

Restoration of wooden furniture do-it-yourself: basic principles

DIY furniture restoration

Without much difficulty, you can restore yourself even large-scale wooden furniture at home. It is not necessary to stock up with any special means and materials! Such alteration will cost inexpensive.

Restoration of lacquered furniture. Old furniture made of plywood or solid wood is much stronger than modern, so instead of purchasing new one, you can restore the old one, for example, a chest of drawers. First, you should remove a layer of old varnish or paint. This is convenient to do with sandpaper, less often - with chisel. Along the perimeter of the lockers, you need to glue the moldings of polyurethane, and they will be narrower than those that need to be glued to the lid. The width of the latter should be at least 5.5 cm. After the surface must be primed or missed with white glue.

Next, it is painted with water-based acrylic paint. Moreover, the paint should be applied in 3 layers, each next one is applied after the previous one is drying. Lockers can be pasted over with wallpaper, glue for this purpose needs to be taken on a water basis, and after full drying it is necessary to process a surface with a varnish (also on a water basis). After that new handles should be attached to the lockers, and wooden door handles will fit in the role of the legs. Then you need to check the quality of fastening handles and, if necessary, rub the inside of the boxes with paraffin, so that their extension will improve.

Restoration of the old dresser can be performed by the famous and very popular decoupage technique nowadays. Using it, you can quickly, cheaply and without the use of special time and effort to update the furniture. But immediately before decoupage, it is necessary to check whether a deep restoration is necessary in a dresser, which consists in removing the previous coating and treating cracks and chips with putty, with further priming. If the furniture has already been restored, you can go directly to the decor.

For decoupage the dresser you will need: paper (it is best to choose a smooth fiber fabric, in modern style), scissors, pencil, ruler, PVA glue or any other white glue, brush, water. First of all, the strips of paper need to be measured, the size is determined by taking into account the length and width of the shelves of the dresser and the addition of ¼ of the value needed for the allowance turned inward. These strips should be dipped in water for a few seconds, or moistened with a wet brush. This will somewhat loosen the paper fibers and make them more supple. After the surface of the furniture, which will be applied decoupage, should be smeared with glue.

When sticking paper, you need to use a plastic card to smooth out the bubbles that have formed, and also ¼ of the paper that will turn inward, you need to smear with glue. Excess residues must be trimmed. After the glue dries, the chest should be covered with acrylic varnish or liquid polyurethane.

Original options

DIY furniture restoration

DIY furniture restoration

DIY furniture restoration

DIY furniture restoration

DIY furniture restoration

If you have the desire, you can easily restore polished, varnished and upholstered furniture with your own hands. The result will amaze you, and all the costs that are so minimal will completely pay for the original and stylish look of the furniture!

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