Reproduction violets leaf at home

Violets are one of the most popular home flowers today. They took root not only in the pots on the windowsills, but also in the hearts of the people. This perennial plant boasts a wide range of colors, numbering about 500 shades. But according to the name of the flower, you can guess that its main color is purple.

The easiest way is to buy violet at a flower shop, where they grow in beautiful pots. After some time, when your beauty grows, you can begin to experiment on her seating. Even a beginner florist can cope with this procedure - it is enough to have an idea about the basic methods of breeding, among which the reproduction of violets by leaf at home is considered the most successful. However, experts say that you can use other parts of the plant. We arrange them in order of popularity and simplicity of the process:

  • leaves;
  • cuttings;
  • peduncles;
  • stepchildren.

Reproduction violets leaf at home

The reproduction of violets by leaf - the most common home method, which earned the approval of experts. The main advantage of this method is simplicity and accessibility. If you follow all the recommendations for transplantation and do everything consistently, this process will turn into a normal, everyday activity that will bring the same pleasure as contemplation of beautiful flowers.

So, first you need to properly prepare:

  • choose the correct period for seating arrangements. The most appropriate time is considered spring or summer. The plant rests from flowering and allows one of the leaves to be cut off without harm;
  • select a suitable breeding sheet. Not each of them will fit for further work with him. The best leaves are considered to be the best from the point of view of reproduction. They are stronger than others, and they make good planting material;
  • process from pests. If you took a sheet from a friend or purchased at a flower exhibition, after coming home you need to put it in the water with several manganese crystals dissolved in it. This will get rid of diseases and pests and give the plant a future power.

Now that you have the necessary theoretical knowledge, you can proceed to the most interesting and exciting stage - directly to the reproduction of violets with a leaf at home. First you need to cut the leaf itself. Do it with a knife at an angle of about 45 degrees. You can gently break it off at a distance of no more than 4 cm from the base. The cut must be necessarily fresh - this is the main condition for further safe landing.

Then a leaf of violets to root. There are different ways of rooting - in the water and in the ground.

  1. The first type involves placing a leaf in a glass of water. It is often preferred precisely because of the simplicity of the process. For successful rooting, you need only a clean glass with water, where you need to add a tablet of activated carbon (as experts advise) and place a cut leaf. It now remains to put the glass in a warm place and monitor the growth of roots. As soon as they appear, you can plant a future plant in a pot.

    Reproduction violets leaf at home
  2. In the ground to root a leaf of violets is also not very difficult. Especially since after that he will not require further transplantation. A prerequisite is the addition of foam balls to the bottom of the pot, which will serve as drainage to eliminate excess moisture. Planting depth should be about 1 cm. Flower growers are advised to build some kind of greenhouse from a plastic bag over the pot. This will create greenhouse conditions, and the roots will sprout faster.Reproduction violets leaf at home

And in fact, and in another case, you need to constantly monitor the process. Sometimes the tip begins to rot - then you need to remove the leaf, update the cut and put it back into the water or in the pot with the ground. Each method has its pros and cons, so we advise you to try both and then conclude which one is better for you.

The reproduction of violets with a leaf at home is an interesting, fascinating process. The flower grower is a kind of magician: thanks to his care, the collection of indoor plants will grow day by day if you follow all the rules and steps. But still, the main condition is to engage in this business with love and pleasure. Then everything will work out!

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