Reproduction of grapes cuttings

Grapes are propagated in different ways: vegetatively and generatively (by seeds). About one of the methods of vegetative (seedless) breeding and will be discussed in this article - the reproduction of grapes cuttings, or grafting.

How to grow grapes from cuttings?

Grapes cutting is the easiest way to grow grapes. It does not require cash costs and is quite effective. For reproduction of grapes in this way it is better to use summer green or winter stiffened cuttings.

Reproduction of grapes cuttings

There are several ways of grafting. Every gardener uses some one that he likes more. But first you need to prepare cuttings. Winter cuttings are harvested during the autumn pruning of bushes - the end of September - the beginning of October.

Cuttings must be taken from the best bushes of grapes. Take them from those whose yield you are sure of, if you are satisfied with the taste of the grapes and know that it is not affected by any viruses and diseases.

How to store grape cuttings?

  • Grape cuttings must be prepared for storage. To do this, they should be soaked for 24 hours in water.
  • After this, the cuttings are disinfected in a solution of ferrous sulfate. Next, the cuttings are dried.
  • Store such cuttings must be in cold rooms. (cellars or cellars) or in refrigerators. Temperature, optimum for storage, makes 0 ° С - 2 ° С. It is advisable to keep the cuttings, wrapping or covering them with plastic wrap. So they lie until January.

How to store grape cuttings?

  • In early February, the cuttings need to get out of storage, free from film. Put them in warm water. Mandatory requirement for water is that it must be snow. That is, put the cuttings immediately after removal from storage in melting warm water So keep them for two days, but change the water (also at the thawed and room temperature).
  • After that, hold the cuttings for one day or a day. in rooting stimulator. Now the cuttings are ready for planting.

Grape cutting methods

Propagation by cuttings is considered to be the fastest way to grow grapes. There are several ways of propagation of grapes by cutting.

Reproduction of grapes with single-eye cuttings

  • Finished cuttings after winter for planting are cut into single-eye cuttings. Their length should be about 5 cm. The eyes of all cuttings should be located on the same level.
  • Sliced ​​single-eye cuttings are planted in spring in greenhouses or film beds.
  • They need to be watered. Soil moisture is maintained high before rooting cuttings. After that, water is not so plentiful.
  • The soil is periodically loosened, very carefully, trying not to damage the roots formed.

Reproduction of grapes with single-eye cuttings

  • Seedlings are fed in time. The resulting young shoots are tied to a temporary support. It can be made of durable wire.
  • Young plant must be pinned. Do it on stepchildren over 2-3 sheet.
  • All summer grapes growing in the greenhouse. In autumn, before the onset of autumn frost, shoots are dug up and planted in a permanent place.

Reproduction of grapes dvuhlazkovymi cuttings

This method of grafting is carried out in greenhouses or film greenhouses.

  • It is important to prepare a fertile substrate. In equal proportion it is necessary to take the turf soil, humus and sand.
  • Then the substrate is covered with a four-centimeter layer of sand.
  • Green shoots of grapes cut early in the morning. It is important to choose the right moment - 10-15 days before flowering. It is possible and later, but not before.
  • Cut the shoots put in a bucket of water and cut them dvuhglazkovye cuttings.

Reproduction of grapes dvuhlazkovymi cuttings

  • Bevel do cuts below.
  • The bottom sheet of the cutting is removed, and the plate is half shortened on the top sheet.
  • Plant cuttings in such a way that their bases are in the sand. Soil substrate, they should not touch. That is, plant cuttings shallowly. The distance between the cuttings should be 10 cm along and across.

Care for cuttings for rooting next:

  1. maintaining air temperature from 25 ° C to 30 ° C;
  2. airing the greenhouse on sunny days (but do not overheat!);
  3. plentiful watering.

Then take care, as described in the previous method of grape grafting. Carry out watering, timely feeding, weeding (if necessary) and loosening the soil.

Reproduction grafted green cuttings

Green cuttings of especially valuable varieties are grafted immediately onto the shoots of the maternal winter-hardy grapes. To do this, you need to choose a place on the grapes and make a cut so that it falls into a bayonet from the cut of the cutting. The junction is tied with an elastic film, which after about a month can already be removed.

Grapes are easy to grow from cuttings. The main thing - to properly prepare and save cuttings. And then you will not have problems with growing grapes from cuttings.

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