Repeller rats and mice - which one is better

Many take years to fight mice and rats. When mousetraps, poison and domestic cats do not cope with the task, the question arises about the quality alternative. Here a modern technical achievement comes to the rescue - a rat and mouse repeller. Which is better and how to choose the right device in a particular case?

Advantages of rodent scare devices

rat and mouse repeller

The development of technology has not bypassed the sphere of human pest control. Self-made traps and a variety of poisons for many people are a thing of the past thanks to ultrasound instruments. Compact and easy to use, they have become an excellent substitute for outdated methods of getting rid of rodents. Such devices can operate on batteries or from the network.

Device safety is one of the main advantages. Unlike chemical solutions, such a device does not pose a threat to the inhabitants of the home and pets.

In addition, the method is considered one of the most effective. Manufacturers of such devices claim that this technology expels up to 99% of uninvited guests, while the number of dead from toxic chemicals is about 67%.

Another important advantage is the humanity of the tool, because the device does not kill animals, but only drives them away by ultrasound. Today, people are increasingly thinking about the safety of other species, so this criterion is of particular importance.

How to choose a scarer rats and mice?

After reading reviews about which device is better or worse, you will orient yourself in the rich assortment that is on the market today. When choosing, of course, it is important to focus on your own specific situation. But for a start, it does not interfere with understanding the principal features of ultrasonic devices scaring:

How to choose a rat and mouse repeller

  • most of the repellers are based on ultrasound, but some additionally propagate electromagnetic radiation;
  • ultrasound is not able to penetrate doors, walls and ceilings;
  • as for electromagnetic waves, they can overcome windows and walls, however metal structures will become an obstacle for them;
  • Ultrasound tends to be much better reflected from hard surfaces than from soft ones.

Knowing that such devices represent, you will be ready for their correct use and will not begin to feed unnecessary illusions.

So, you are familiar with all the pros and cons and are determined to purchase a rat repeller and mice. Which is better - you can learn from friends, on thematic forums or independently compare the characteristics.

Before purchasing, carefully read the instructions. It is important to compare the area of ​​your premises with the one specified in the instructions. This should take into account the degree of "littering" of the room, because the abundance of objects can prevent the spread of ultrasound. Familiarize yourself with all the technical characteristics, the nuances of exposure to pets and other subtleties.

Not bad also adhere to an integrated approach in the fight against rodents. So, a room filled with food that is attractive to animals will not be released soon. But the empty space will be of little interest to mice in a couple of weeks after installing the device.

In most cases, the operation of ultrasonic devices is not visible to humans, but some may emit a characteristic crackling sound, for example, the Spectrum device. This is worth considering if the room is residential.

Parallel use of several devices at once, for example, the Tornado 400 and Chiston 2, showed the greatest efficiency. However, this option is only suitable for those owners who do not save money in the first place.

Reviews consumers

Ultrasonic mouse and rat scarers

Ultrasonic repellers of mice and rats today are presented in the form of dozens of titles, both domestic and foreign production. Let's look at how users respond to the most famous of them.

The device "Elektrokot" gained fame as an effective means to scare away unwanted guests. However, reviews also warn that you should not expect too quick results. In addition, the device works much better paired with other similar devices. Also, some buyers are disappointed with the unpleasant sounds emitted by the product.

The repeller "Grad-1000 Pro" is loved by consumers for its long service life in comparison with other devices. According to them, it is an effective and silent tool that drives out mice and rats in a matter of weeks. However, the device is ineffective in areas with strong noise insulation. It is best to use the device in cellars and garages, in warehouses. Also one of the significant disadvantages for buyers is its high cost.

Reviews about the repeller of mice and rats "Tornado 400" is also very controversial. Most often, mice leave home within a week from the moment the instrument starts operating. Consumer experience indicates that the device works without excessive sound, well suited for residential buildings and industrial premises. However, in certain situations, the device, judging by the responses, has no effect, which may be due to the interruption of its use.

Rats and mice, although small in size, are extremely dangerous for humans. These rodents are carriers of serious infectious diseases. Also, pests can ruin the food supplies, raw materials and household items - you have to get rid of them. Organizing it today is not difficult, especially since all devices for scaring mice and rats are positioned as harmless to humans and pets.

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