Reed cat at home

They say if you want to have a child, then first start a dog, and then decide: can you cope or not? Is it true, hard to say. But the fact that the dog is almost a child is true! What about the cat? We'll see.

Domesticated cats are accustomed to people and to the fact that they are kept at home. But the wild animals of the cat family are not the same. Reed cats - beautiful wild animals listed in the Red Book of Russia. And those who can not wait to get such a predator to his apartment, it is better to think well. These animals must live among their fellows and remain in their environment.

Any, even the smallest reed cat is larger than usual home and angrier several times. Given that, in principle, ordinary cats do not care about anyone, reed can still seriously cripple you or your children. The nature of the animal is unpredictable, which should be the predatory animal. Now we are talking about real wild reed cats that live in the Front and Asia Minor, Indochina and China. They are used to hunting, and their instincts are developed perfectly. Snakes, scorpions, fish, small birds and animals - all this in a few minutes becomes prey and food reed cat.

There are domesticated reed cats - breed Chausi. They are the same large and graceful. Even the Egyptians, who are very revered cats, were delighted with the docility of the character of Chausi and bred them in the palaces of the Pharaohs. Today, this breed is produced by crossing Abyssinian cats and wild reed cats. They have a yellow-gray color, interspersed with brown and red. The weight of Chausi can reach up to 13 kilograms.

Peculiarities of domestic reed cat behavior

Unlike their wild brethren, Chausi is kind and docile as cats can be complacent at all. The only minus of all cat breeds: they climb high and watch everything from there. If such a cat decides to play and jumps on you, a very unpleasant story can come out. Or, if suddenly, your parrot decides to fly, then maybe it will be his last departure from the cage.

The more attention you pay to this cat, the faster it will become more tame. Lack of attention makes her wild and left to herself. Another disadvantage is that this cat rarely asks for it, and not for long. But Chawsi gets on well with other cats and pets. Chausi are very curious, they will be passionate about everything and will monitor any process taking place in the house. Cats rarely get sick, have good immunity, unpretentious to food. They love everything that ordinary cats do. Boiled fish, meat, vitamins and a minimum of dry food.

Reed cat - the only feline who loves water, so feel free to fill the bathroom and run there live fish. Your hunter will be happy to chase the prey and swim. But this is not for your pleasure, it will just smash everything into your bathroom, so it’s better to immediately evacuate everything you need.

What is necessary to provide Chausi? Of course, space! The animal must find its place and feel great in your apartment. It is best to keep reed cats in country mansions, where they will feel at ease and not constraint. Do not forget about the defeat and complete surrender. This animal can turn your home upside down and scare children.

Reed cat, like any other day loves to sleep, and play at night. So do not wake him up during the day, it will not help your relationship, better in the evening. In the evening, Chausi starts playing games, and he can easily cripple because of his hyperactivity. You better follow the pet and remove all dangerous items from the house.

In general, these animals are very friendly, but until the end you will not be able to tame them. Reed cat, first of all, a predator, he will allow you to feed and iron himself, but he will never believe you completely, like a dog. To start a house or not to start a house is the question! Only you can answer it. But before you take responsibility for the animal, think: Do you have enough time and energy? If the desire to have a pet is fleeting - it is better to give it up, otherwise the animal will suffer!

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