In the summer there are so many natural vitamins that are always at hand. After all, each of us has a summer cottage or a house in the village. How nice to eat berries from your garden!

Raspberries - very tasty and healthy berry. It contains many vitamins (A, Bone, C, B2), organic acids (wine, lemon, apple, salicylic, etc.), glucose, fructose, fiber, tannins and essential oils. In addition, raspberries are rich minerals and trace elements. It contains a lot of iron, and also contains copper, magnesium, potassium, calcium, cobalt and zinc. Not deprived of the berry and such a useful substance as folic acid.

Due to all this, raspberry nourishes our body with beneficial vitamins and trace elements, it useful for blood cells and cellular metabolism, has a positive effect on blood clotting, strengthens small vessels.

Raspberry varieties

Raspberry berries are so healthy and pleasant to the taste that breeders can not work on its improvement. They bring frost-resistant raspberry varieties that are resistant to drought and various diseases, as well as more sweet to the taste and healthy. Therefore, at present there are many varieties of garden raspberries.

  • Early sweet - high grade, reaches 2.5 m, not very bushy. Shoots with a waxy coating, with short, thin few spikes. The leaves are large. The berries are small, pleasant to taste, with a strong aroma. They are not amenable to storage, quickly deteriorate. It is a winter hardy variety, however, it is unstable to many viral diseases.

  • Coral - reaches a height of 2 m. Shoots are gray-brown or purple with short thin spikes. The leaves are medium, the upper side glistens, from below - pubescent, spines located along the central vein. The fruits are large, sweet, fragrant. Very productive variety, winter-hardy and resistant to fungal diseases.
  • Malakhovka - undersized variety, in height reaches from one and a half to 1.8 m. The spikes on the shoots are hard, straight and short. The leaves are medium, flat, hanging. The fruits are quite large, fragrant, sweet-sour to the taste. The variety is very productive and resistant to many diseases. Winter hardiness is average.
  • Kirzhach - high grade, reaches 2.5 m, powerful, slightly sprawling. A lot of shoots can form. Thorns weak hard, small and straight. The leaves are large, twisted, consist of three leaves. Fruits are medium, sour-sweet, aroma is weak. It is a highly productive variety, but it has average winter hardiness and disease resistance.
  • Barnaul - srednerosly grade, reaches 2 m in height, semi-sprawling. The shoots are thin with the same short spikes. The leaves are medium, flat, wrinkled, may consist of three or five leaves. The berries are medium, ovate, pleasant to taste. Ripen early, but not subject to storage and transportation. This variety is winter-hardy, but unstable to many viral and other diseases.

Planting raspberries

Raspberries are usually planted for several years, so the site for planting it must be chosen correctly - a lot depends on it.

The soil must be fertile, well fertilized, rich in minerals and organic matter. The place should be well protected, warm and quite wet. The earth should be loose and maintained in this state. Choose loamy or sandy areas for planting raspberries.

Plot it is necessary to choose even, it is not necessary to plant raspberries in elevated or low places. Good places will be with a small south, west or south-west slope. Protect the planting raspberry from the north winds.

Raspberries or early spring (even before bud break) or fall. When planting in autumn, the plants root well during the winter. After planting raspberries abundantly watered.

Proper care of raspberries

Proper care of raspberries is watering, feeding and weeding the area from weeds.

Weeds get rid of as they appear. Together with weeding the land is usually loosened. This is very important for raspberries.In the spring, before loosening the land, mineral fertilizers are applied.

Watering raspberries should be plentiful, especially during dry periods. But let's plantings dry out, do not pour the raspberries very much.

When the fruit is heavy, raspberry shoots can break. Therefore, they must be tied up. This is done before the flowering of raspberries, when a large harvest is predicted.

Raspberry - quite unpretentious plant for any garden. With proper care for her and sufficient mineral and organic nutrition, raspberries will be fruitful and fruitful every year. And about the benefits of raspberries for the body, you can learn from the article Useful properties of berries, leaves and flowers of raspberry.

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