Raglan top spokes

All women try to follow the latest fashion. For several years in a row on the catwalks, you can see models in knitted things. In order to tie a beautiful one-piece dress or sweater, you need to knit a seamless sleeve. Many women are convinced that it is very difficult to knit raglan on top with knitting needles. A detailed description and knitting patterns of this item will allow you to quickly and effortlessly create fashionable and comfortable clothing..

Raglan knitting from above: the main aspects

Raglan top spokes: a detailed description with diagrams

Products associated with raglan sleeves are suitable for any type of shape. However, it is not recommended to wear sweaters or dresses of such cut to women with sloping or too narrow shoulders. To properly link raglan, you must first make calculations and take measurements.

I would also like to draw attention to the fact that the fair sex, with a magnificent bust, when making raglan need to do darts. The tuck should be placed at a distance of approximately 3.5 cm. The width of the tuck should not exceed 6 cm and its length - 14 cm.

Raglan can be tied at the top and bottom. Each needlewoman chooses a suitable option for themselves. And if in words it seems unbearable to you to independently associate raglan, then in practice everything will definitely work out. Let's first consider the features of taking measurements and performing calculations:

  • Be sure to tie the sample - this is necessary in order to calculate the required number of loops per 10 cm of the canvas;
  • measure neck circumference: since raglan tying starts from the top, you need to correctly calculate the number of loops;
  • type the number of loops, a multiple of four;
  • for proper raglan binding, draw a pattern and calculate a certain number of loops on each side;Raglan top spokes
  • Raglan knitting is carried out on circular needles;
  • to always see the beginning of a row, mark the first eyelet with a thread of a contrasting color, then you can remove it;
  • in standard products, the height of the armhole is 18-20 cm;
  • for separation of a zone of sleeves it is necessary to stitch loops on a knitting pin;
  • raglan can be trimmed with a beautiful pattern, for example, with braids or harnesses;
  • if you knit a product with a zipper, then knit raglan with two knitting needles;
  • all four zones (back, sleeves and front part) are knitted in parallel and evenly.

After you have learned the basics of raglan binding, let's look at a few simple ways to create such a masterpiece. By the way, raglan sleeves are very comfortable, they fit beautifully, and you will not need to do extra seams.

A simple way to knit raglan: master class

Beginner needlewomen can be very difficult to find the right model with raglan knitting patterns on top. We want to bring to your attention a few samples with step by step description. The basis of knitting, oddly enough, is to properly take measurements, calculate loops and draw a pattern.

Necessary materials:

  • circular needles;
  • primary color yarn;
  • safety pins;
  • knitting pins;
  • threads of different color for marking zones.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. In this master class you will be shown how to knit raglan. The number of loops taken conditionally. Gather the number of loops that match your measurements and calculations.
  2. Type 90 loop on the circular needles.Knitting for women raglan top
  3. The first knitting row is considered auxiliary, therefore it is necessary to knit it only with facial loops.Knitting for women raglan top
  4. Connecting all the loops in one circle, knit another row only with facial loops.
  5. Now do the markup.
  6. In accordance with your calculations, divide the resulting circle with threads of a different color into zones, accurately calculating the number of loops.Knitting for women raglan top
  7. Next, begin to knock the so-called germ. The first row is completely front. Making a raglan start from the left line of the back.
  8. Tie a raglan line, then put on a cap, tie two loops, and remove the next loop with a twist.Knitting for women raglan top
  9. Turn the product over to the opposite side and continue knitting: remove the first loop, twist the two loops, then wrap, loop two loops, lift the next increase out of the broach.Knitting for women raglan top
  10. Then continue to knit a row according to the following scheme: remove one loop, twist two face ties, twist the loop, twist two raglan loops, twist one loop, tie the backrest zone, trim the loop, twist the two face loops, twist it, lift it and tie it together with the loop .
  11. Now knit two loops and remove one with a twist.

    Knitting for women raglan top
  12. Pay attention to the photo: the raglan line is depicted in purple, and the nakida blue. So, you should have three additional loops.Knitting for women raglan top
  13. Knit the next three rows by analogy of the previous row, do not forget to knit even three loops from the sleeves evenly.
  14. The seventh row is knitted completely with facial loops.Knitting for women raglan top
  15. The eighth row should start from the wrong side. Tie three loops to the raglan line. You should have a straight line.Knitting for women raglan top
  16. In the ninth row knit loops from the front.Knitting for women raglan top
  17. In the next knitting row, lift the loops out of the broach.Knitting for women raglan top
  18. Perform nakida and obkruta, which are shown in the figure, respectively, blue and purple.Knitting for women raglan top
  19. At the conclusion of this circular row, tie three loops from the front area of ​​the product.Knitting for women raglan top
  20. By analogy, continue knitting up to 28 rows.Knitting for women raglan top
  21. Tie a half-length row around the circle so that the raglan is even.
  22. In the 20th row, be sure to knit all the nakida around the circle.Knitting for women raglan top
  23. Knitting raglan continues up to 44 rows, then you need to tie the sleeves and shelves of the product in accordance with your pattern and pattern.Knitting for women raglan top

Beautiful openwork raglan: models with schemes

If you want to knit a beautiful raglan with knitting needles from above, then for this purpose, models with vyvyazyvaniya openwork patterns are suitable. Such a raglan will serve as decoration for any pullover, children's sweater or dress. Remember that not all yarn is suitable for knitting lace patterns: if you want the pattern to be clearly visible, then give preference to natural and not too dense threads.

Necessary materials:

  • circular needles;
  • yarn.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Openwork raglan is knitted by face and back loops on circular needles.
  2. Pay attention to the legend, here it is indicated which loops should be facial and purl, as well as when it is necessary to carry out nakid or simultaneous knitting of several loops.Raglan openwork knitting needles on top
  3. The scheme is considered conditional, since you independently calculate the required number of loops. In accordance with your measurements, multiply the number of facial and purl loops.
  4. Weaving openwork raglan is carried out in a circular pattern of up to 71 rows.
  5. In order to even out the sleeve, do not forget to reduce the loops on both sides, as shown in the diagram.
  6. Upon completion of the raglan knitting, you can continue to knit the sleeve of the desired length.
  7. The pattern of the product itself (blouse, pullover or sweater) you choose yourself.
  8. Do not forget about making loop calculations. It will be much easier to tie the lace raglan if you draw a diagram and conditionally divide it into 4 zones, as described above.

If you are just learning knitting skills, try to hone your skills on a small sample. Be sure to knit a sample to calculate the exact number of loops per 10 cm of knitted fabric. The number of loops may vary depending on the density of knitting and the type of yarn you choose.

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