Raccoon poloskun at home

Did you decide to bring home the raccoon raccoon? This is a very cute and friendly animal, beautiful and kind. "Raccoon" literally translated as "scraping hands", which completely coincides with his habits! The animal is very reminiscent of a little bear. What you need to know about the raccoon raccoon? How to keep poloskuna raccoon at home? What to feed the poluscoon raccoon? All these questions are incredibly excited by the person who decided to start a raccoon at home. Consider the answers to all these questions.

General information about the raccoon raccoon

  • Raccoon poloskun- night animal. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the little animals can interfere with your sleep!
  • Raccoon has very beautiful and sensitive legs.
  • Raccoon poloskun eatsabsolutely everything, so you should be careful. After all, chicks, small birds, eggs, grains and fruits are the best delicacy for him.
  • The raccoon Rasnac is the only raccoon that falls into hibernation during the cold season. Hibernation can last four months or more. But, if the winter is warm, the raccoon can, from time to time, wake up.
  • The name "poluskun" this raccoon receivedfor the fact that, before eating any product, he first rubs it between the legs.
  • Raccoons Raccoons are incredibly active, overly curious, cunning, bold, but pugnacious!
  • If you take the raccoon quite small, it will become tame very quickly. But an adult animal is not worth taking, they almost never become tame.
  • Raccoon poloskun does not recognize the prohibitions. He will always do everything the way he wants.
  • During puberty raccoon raccoon can become incredibly aggressive!
  • If the raccoon senses danger, he immediately pretends to be dead.
  • In no case, physical punishment should never be applied to a racoon raccoon. Like it or not, a raccoon is a wild animal, therefore, its response to punishment may be appropriate.

What you need to know before you start a raccoon?

There are some points that are better known before you bring the little animal into the house.

  • Raccoon poloskun - very sociable animal, he constantly needs attention. Can you spend a lot of time on your pet?
  • If your family has a preschool child, in no case can not start a raccoon house. The consequences of a child’s interaction with an animal may be unpredictable.
  • Before you buy a raccoon, make sure that your home is not allergic to wool.

  • You should not start a raccoon raccoon if there are already birds or rodents living in your house. Raccoon will do everything to enjoy them. In addition, if you have a lot of indoor plants, they, too, will certainly suffer.
  • After games with raccoon raccoon you may have deep scratches and even scars!
  • Raccoons mark territory. To accustom this animal to the tray is incredibly difficult, almost impossible.
  • Raccoons Raccoons are awake at night. So, they can disturb your sleep.
  • Best if you are decided to start a raccoon house, select a room for him in which there will be no furniture, flowers and wires.

Place of residence of the polyskun raccoon

What should be raccoon housing in your house?

  • Should not be allowed to raccoon poloskun could move throughout the apartment in the public domain. This is fraught with not just trouble, and sometimes misfortune.
  • Best of all, with keeping a raccoon at home, give him a small room or build a large spacious aviary.
  • Aviary filler- sawdust.
  • If you decide to release the raccoon poloskuna walk around the apartment, expensive items, houseplants and wires should be removed beforehand. Moreover, do not think that if you just put all these things higher, the raccoon will not get them. Be sure to get it!

Power raspberry poloskuna at home

What can be fed raccoon? What is useful to give him, and what - is strictly prohibited? What are the features of its power?

  • In the hot season, the raccoon eats practically nothing and is rapidly losing weight.
  • Approximately to the middle - the end of August, the raccoon begins to sweep away any food offered to him.
  • Winter raccoon poloskuncompletely inactive and quickly fattens.

  • Around March, the raccoon raccoon begins to eat little again. All this is its seasonal features, so do not be afraid.
  • What is recommended to feed the Poluskun raccoon?

- Milk and dairy products

- Fruit and Vegetables

- Seafood

- Buckwheat

- Müssels

- Oatmeal Porridge

- Nuts

- Fish (any, except red)

- Poultry meat

- Low-fat meat

  • Than not recommended to feed the Poluskuna raccoon? What is strictly forbidden to him?

- Flour products

- Sweets (honey - you can)

- Sharp

- Salty

- Smoked meat

- Peppered

  • The best thing to feed the poluscoon raccoon natural products. No need to constantly feed a raccoon cat or dog dry food. Although, sometimes, it is necessary if you need to restore the vitamin and mineral balance.
  • Do not be afraid experiment with the allowed product list. It often happens that yesterday raccoon polskun refused this or that product, and today I ate it with pleasure.
  • Food that is, for a raccoon, a treat: Cookies, dried fruits, pellets of cat and dog food, nuts.
  • The best food for the poluskuna raccoon- minced meat You can add vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese and eggs. Cottage cheese can be added only three times a week, eggs - twice a week.

How to cook minced meat for a raccoon?

Take one kg of minced chicken (boneless), fill it with water and bring to a boil. Then add one kg of buckwheat into the mincemeat and add to the boil again and cook for another ten minutes. Then turn off the gas and languish under the hood for half an hour.

Feed the Poluscoon Raccoonshould be two - three times a day.

Before as get a raccoon at home, weigh all the pros and cons again, are you ready to take on such responsibility, to forgive his tricks and calmly watch his indulgence? If you answered yes - feel free to start a poloskuna raccoon.

Health and long life to your pet!

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