Pruning pears in autumn

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In the autumn for the real summer residents the work season continues. It is necessary to prepare a lot for the winter, for example, fruit trees. Garden trees, first of all, require pruning for the winter. For sure, many summer residents have pears on the sites.Pear pruning is a troublesome business, but for those who have already caught it, it’s not very difficult.So, how do you prune pears in the fall?

Dates for trimming pears

Autumn pruning of pears is carried out from late summer to mid-September.

Produce such pruning only for early and medium varieties of pears. As a rule, these varieties belong to long-livers.If it is right and in time to prune pears, then next year you will get a surprisingly abundant harvest.

There is and late pruning pears. It relates more to winter pruning. If suddenly for any reason you did not have time to cut the pear in the previously specified time, then prune in February. But note that late pruning is suitable only for frost-resistant varieties of pears. In late pruning, it is important to necessarily treat the places of cuts on trees with a garden pitch.

How to properly prune pears in the fall?

For pears should be made only pyramidal pruning.For early pruning, in early September, dry, damaged and diseased branches should be removed from the pears. It is better to burn them.

Then proceed to shortening the annual shoots. Make sure the pruning is not too strong, but leave very short twigs. Pruning of annual shoots is necessary for spring to spring. The pruning of the first year is completed.

In order to achieve a pyramidal pruning, the next year should also prune young shoots. Repeat a year later at the same time. That is pyramidal pruning as the most favorable for fruiting pear pruning is done on young shoots every fall for several years.In the case of pyramidal pruning, it is important to ensure that the crown does not expand. After all, then in spring, with an abundance of fruits, pear branches can break off.

Thus, the autumn pruning of pears is aimed at improving fruiting. It must be carried out at the correct time (end of August - beginning of September) and cut the tree pyramidally.

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