Pruning apple trees in autumn

Autumn is a time of serious gardening work for summer residents. In order to get a good harvest for the next year, plants need to be prepared. If you are an apple lover, then there are many apple trees in your garden. And you will have to try to keep a bountiful harvest. For this autumn is pruning apple trees.

Dates for autumn pruning of apple trees

It is difficult to give a definite answer to the question - what time to prune apple trees. After all, trees of different varieties are pruned at different times. For early varieties of apple trees and for later ones, pruning cannot be done at the same time. Therefore pruning of apple trees is carried out in the fall when the fruiting period has finally ended, when every last apple is removed from the trees.

How to properly prune apples?

  • With the pruning of apple trees, the situation is such that trees of different ages prune in different ways.
  • The objectives of pruning are also different. You can prune the branches to form a beautiful, regular crown shape for the next year. You can also prune the apple trees in order to increase the yield or even just save it for the next year.
  • Autumn pruning of apple trees also differs by the degree of branch removal.. Pruning is strong, weak and medium.

  • For young apple trees, only weak pruning is acceptable. Strong pruning can lead to the death of a young tree. The branches of young apple trees are shortened by one quarter. Moreover, this length increase for the current year.
  • For older apple trees (5-7 years), an average pruning is carried out. It can also be carried out for younger trees, if they have abundant growth.
  • With medium pruning, the branches of apple trees are cut to one third. And for strong trees, not only on young shoots, but sometimes on already grown ones.
  • Strong pruning is intended for thinning the branches of apple trees, which will bear fruit by next year. In this case, the shortening of the length occurs in half.

  • For old trees, in addition to the chosen degree of pruning, it is necessary to remove dry, old branches that are not capable of reproductive function.

Thus, pruning of apple trees is done in autumn for various purposes (mainly to increase and preserve the abundance of the crop). Pruning of apple trees can vary in degree depending on the length of shortening tree branches. Pruning for each type of apple is done at different times, it is important to wait until the fruiting period is complete.

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