Primorye armeria

Primorye Armeria is one of the most interesting plants that North America presented to us. She can grow in any garden, if you follow all the recommendations for her care. With its flowering, the seaside army will be pleasing to the eye for many years, each time flourishing more and more beautiful. Armeria is a fairly large shrub with beautiful buds and leaves. Especially advantageous, it looks separate from other colors.

Armeria: uses and species

Armeria: uses and species

Armeria is a very beautiful perennial belonging to the Gilvatkov family. Flowers are small, towering above the needle-like green leaves. The color of flowers may be the most diverse: from white to crimson. In total, there are about 60 species of Armeria in nature. The most famous are the Alpine, prickly, turfy, beautiful and seaside varieties.

Blooms Armeria for several months, it is often used to decorate landscapes. The plant is filled with various rockeries, rock gardens and rock gardens. In floristics Armeria is used to create amazing bouquets (including dry ones). With a rich planting plant forms a real carpet, which is pleasant to admire. In the wild, the Armeria inhabits the shores of reservoirs, for which it was nicknamed "living by the sea."

Features of fit and care

Armeria is a seaside unpretentious flower, so there will be no trouble with it. True, this plant is not very fond of excessive watering and abundance of fertilizers. From this, the army can begin to fade and less bloom. For the best growth, choose a flower sunny enough and dry places. Watering the coastal army is necessary regularly, but moderately. Ensure that the soil of the flower is moist and loose.

Despite the preference for sunny places, the plant tolerates cold and drought well. In the heat, it is recommended to moisten the leaves and provide abundant watering, otherwise a long stay in such conditions will destroy the army. As a substrate, choose loamy and drained land without lime. Be sure to make a combined fertilizer. The disease and pests armeria is quite stable.

At one place the plant is not recommended to grow more than 7 years. Therefore, when the time comes, choose a suitable lighted place and transplant an army.

How to grow Armeria from seed?

Armeria: growing from seed

  • Most gardeners prefer to grow their own armies from seed. This process is quite time-consuming and complex, but following the rules, you will cope with this. Cultivation of armeria should be done either in late winter or in early spring. Before sowing, it is recommended to put the seeds in the fridge for a week. It is not necessary to do this, but it is better for them to come up. After such a “freeze”, soak the seeds in warm water for no more than 8 hours. Seeds are planted in special containers (mostly made of wood or plastic). Place seed containers in a dry and warm place. You can also bypass the planting and plant the seeds immediately in the greenhouse (temperature should be at least 13 degrees).
  • When the seedlings grow, create a similarity to the greenhouse effect with gauze or film. Prepared sprouts can be planted in suitable soil in the country. The first bloom of seaside armies will begin on the 2nd year after disembarkation. Armeria will begin to bloom in May, and flowering can last up to 3 weeks. If the seed is transported under winter, they do not need to be processed. Sprinkle them with 5 mm of soil, then be sure to moisturize the ground.
  • In addition to seeds, propagation of maritime Primoryan can be done by dividing the bush or cuttings. If you decide to divide the bushes, carefully consider them. Be sure to remove the rotten parts, transplant only healthy parts. The division can be carried out in spring and autumn. Bushes are placed in the water, and after the emergence of sprouts, they are planted as soon as possible in the ground. For planting it is better to divide the bushes into several parts - so they are easier and faster to root.
  • Cutting is carried out in the summer. Healthy and the best plants are selected for it, from which small rosettes are cut for subsequent rooting. When grafting, the seaside army is planted in groups at a distance of about 35–40 cm from each other. The flower cannot be buried, otherwise it will not germinate. On the prepared site the fossa is simply pulled out, cuttings are planted, powdered and compacted with earth, poured.

Primorsky Armeria: photos

Primorye Armeria

Primorye Armeria

Primorye Armeria is an amazing plant that is famous for its long flowering. It is unpretentious and frost-resistant, but still requires certain agrotechnical rules. Anyone can settle the seaside army at his summer cottage, thereby diversifying the familiar landscape.

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