Power forsythia average

The forsythia medium is represented by a shrub plant.

Forsythia medium is a very powerful decorative culture that can reach a height of up to three meters. As a rule, the plant grows only up to two meters. The branches on the shrubs are straight, but slightly hang down on the tips.

Foliage dark green saturated color. The sheet plate is large, oval-shaped. Most often, it is not whole, but has a transitional state from whole to division into three parts.

During the flowering period, small flowers can be observed, gathered in lush inflorescences of bright yellow color.

The flowering period is in April - May, and if climatic conditions allow, that is, in those southern areas where spring comes early, flowering begins as early as February.

The wide distribution of forsythia is typical for such territories as: Russia, North America, Western Europe, Moldova, Ukraine, and the Baltic countries.

Application of Forsythia Medium

The plant serves as a wonderful decoration of park areas, as well as summer cottages.

It is used for planting group compositions, as well as for single design solutions.

Not bad will look living hedges of forsythia medium. With a close landing, they will give the effect of a dense thick green wall.

Planting forsythia medium

Propagation can be carried out with the help of seeds, branches or grafting.

The fastest way is to plant small young plants, purchased in advance in specialized stores.

If you decide by seeds, you can collect them yourself, but you can, of course, buy them, if such plants are planted in your area for the first time.

Seeds from winged forsythia. They are planted in early spring in March - early April. Initially, small boxes of unpaved earth are used for planting. Already in the first year you will receive seedlings up to eight centimeters in height, and in the second they will grow to thirty centimeters. This is where you can replant them in open ground.

Only in the winter period it is necessary to protect them from frost with a dense layer of foliage.

If you decide to apply vegetative propagation by means of cuttings, then prepare them out in the winter period and save until spring in a dry and cold room.

Root prepared cuttings in river sand, keeping a distance of five to seven centimeters. For these purposes it is possible to use greenhouses, and after the development of the root system, plant young branches in open ground.

And so planting in open ground! What should we know here? Yes, that forsythias love light and warmth. So choose the appropriate place - bright and warm. And also, very importantly, dry. Drought plant will transfer with a bang, but the excess moisture will not overpower.

When planting in the open ground with your own grown or bought young plants keep between them a distance of one and a half - two meters.

Landing pits should go down to a depth of seventy centimeters, and be fifty to sixty centimeters wide.

These dug pits are first filled with a specially prepared soil mixture. To obtain it, mixed together humus, leaf soil and sand. They are taken in a simple proportion: 1: 1: 2.

Now you can plant your plants. Just do not bury their root neck.

After landing, followed by moderate watering.

Forsythia secondary care

Care is reduced to monitoring the condition of the upper soil layer. It should not dry out, but moisture should not stagnate in it either.

Eliminate all weed plants that have arrogantly settled in the territory of your forsythia medium habitats.

The annual fertilizing with mineral fertilizers, carried out in the spring and summer periods, will contribute to the active growth and development of plants.

We should not forget about pruning. It should be carried out very carefully. First, one-fourth of all old shoots, which have lived for more than five years, are eliminated. They are cut off at the root. Then, diseased and broken shoots are removed, as well as part of the branches in those places where they grow particularly densely. The branches are cut at the very base of the trunk. Those shoots that have already faded, also cut off.

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