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Pouf do it yourself

Ottoman - a pleasant piece of interior of any dwelling. This is a thing that tells households and their guests about comfort. The ottoman has to become attribute of any house where the woman creates the world and good, supporting the family center!

Try to sew an ottoman yourself. This thing will not only decorate the room, but also become its highlight! Having shown your imagination, you can make a soft ottoman, a ottoman of plastic bottles and other suitable materials at hand.

Handmade ottomans decorate the living room, bedroom, nursery and even the kitchen. For children, you can make an ottoman in the form of a large ladybug, bun, smesharika or another fairy-tale character, an animal.

How to make an ottoman with your own hands?

Getting to work on the creation of an ottoman. For the traditional round soft ottoman in the living room or bedroom, prepare a number of materials.

How to make an ottoman with your own hands

You will need:

  1. pattern;
  2. old light sheet;
  3. linen mat (length - 2 m, width - 1.37 m);
  4. scissors;
  5. needles;
  6. upholstery threads;
  7. Scotch;
  8. pins;
  9. synthetic winterizer;
  10. patches of fabric for stuffing the pouf;
  11. roll of sticky web;
  12. sewing machine.


  • Make patterns of parts.These should be rectangular sketches with triangles at the end. Fold the parts so that you have a ball out of paper. Keep in mind that in the pattern of every detail you need to leave a couple of centimeters for connecting joints.
  • Sketch the cap- an octagon for the bottom and top of the padded stool. When you understand how to work to make the padded stool according to the sketch you have prepared, lay out a mat on top of the sheet and apply a detail template on two layers. Cut 8 pieces from each material: 8 from a sheet, 8 from a mat. On the padded stool cover template, cut out 2 blanks of blanks.
  • Now start sewing the parts.. To do this, first take 2 side parts (a pair of sets of sheets and mat!) And sew. We do the same with the rest of the details. It is easiest to sew parts on a typewriter so that the seams are smooth.
  • Smooth all seams properly. Sew down the bottom of the ottoman to the workpiece. It is not necessary to sew the top, through it we will fill the product.
  • Now proceed to stuffing the padded stool. For this fit sintepon. But so that the pouf turned out to be not too airy, and you could sit on it, in addition to the padding polyester, use old rags, towels, clothes, etc. to stuff the padding on the sides of the padded seat, use sticks or other thin tools.
  • When you are done stuffing a padded stool, sew a hole and Sew a beautiful closed seam to the top of the padded stool - the cap. Your pouf is ready! For its decoration you can process the seams with an overlock or make a decorative seam by hand.
  • Variations to this pouf there are a great many. You can make the ottoman not round, but square. You can make it monophonic or color. Sew ottoman for a given instruction in the living room or bedroom, or decorate to the extent that it becomes a bright detail of the interior of the children's room. All in your hands!

Pouf do it yourself from the bottle

Have you heard that ottomans can be stuffed not with padding polyester or other soft material, but plastic bottles? Of course, not in the literal sense, the ottoman is stuffed with them. Just plastic bottles are taken as the basis for the creation of the padded stool.

A pouf made by hand with their plastic bottles will be very light and steady.. We will make it square.

Padded stool from plastic bottles do it yourself

You will need:

  1. plastic bottles;
  2. fabric for plating;
  3. cardboard;
  4. Scotch;
  5. foam rubber or synthetic winterizer;
  6. scissors;
  7. threads;
  8. hook or knitting needles.


  • The required number of plastic bottles combine with scotch tape so that they create a square.
  • Cut 2 squares out of cardboard, which will cover the bottles. This will be the top and bottom of the workpiece of our ottoman. We attach the cardboard with adhesive tape to the bottles below and above.
  • We cut out 6 details from the fabric: 4 of them should be equal in height and width of the side wall of the pouf (properly close the bottles), and 2 others should be equal in width and height to the cardboard covers at the top and bottom.
  • We spread foam rubber or synthetic winterizer between the bottles and cover the bottle with it outside. Sew the details of the fabric of the ottoman and apply for inspection to the bottles along with a soft gasket. If everything came together well, finish the seams.
  • Tie ottoman crochet or knitting. We make a beautiful soft case. Ottoman plastic bottles ready!
  • According to this scheme, a round ottoman fits well. To do this, the top and bottom must be made round, and the side walls (where the bottles are) are larger, you need to lay foam to give roundness.

Of the two options in this article for creating a pouf with your own hands, choose the one you like the most. Both options are easy to translate. Having shown your imagination, you can replace the seating for the table with original ottomans, sewn with your own hands. The guests will be surprised! Children will be able to please the soft inside and to the touch ottoman, sewn with their own hands in the form of a fairy-tale hero or a funny animal.

Embody your ideas! Moreover, it is very profitable to sew ottomans, you do not need to spend money on them. After all, the house for sure there will be all the necessary materials for the work!

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