Plasticine ponies

Young children have new favorite heroes - colorful magic ponies from the cartoon My Little Pony. Kind and funny, these animals fascinate everyone, so we suggest that you try to make such a cute toy together with your child from plasticine. Or maybe make several heroes at once?

How to make a plasticine cartoon pony?

How to make a plasticine cartoon pony

For a trial activity with children, we suggest making a small figure that fits in the palm. It will require quite a bit of plasticine, the color of which you choose yourself is a cartoon creature, so experiment with paints. For the mane, it is recommended to choose a darker shade so that it does not merge with the body. You will also need quite a bit of white clay, which will go on the eyes, black - on the pupils. For small parts need a knife (stack), and for the process itself - board. Or you can simply cover the table with an oilcloth so that later you do not have to wash it for a long time and painfully.

  • Pinch a large piece from the plasticine bar, warm it up and knead it in your hands so that it becomes pliable. Roll out into a sausage, whose length is about 3-4 cm, and the thickness is 1.5-2 times smaller. If a very small child is included in the process, you can make the toy larger because it will be inconvenient to work with small details.
  • Any of the ends of this "sausage" pull slightly up to form a neck for the little animals. Be sure to keep the restriction to its end, otherwise it will be difficult to gently combine with the head. Smooth your back with a finger, making the transition neat, do not put the neck itself vertically - it will go a little forward.
  • Take another piece of clay, a volume smaller than the torso, 2.5-3 times. Roll into a ball, having previously kneaded, slightly flatten one of the sides. Put 4 fingers on it and make them pull together by pulling them together. Do not deform it too much, otherwise it will look more like a duck's beak. Be sure to flatten the "nose" with a vertical line.
  • Ears can be pulled from the same piece of clay that has become a head, and can be made from a separate material. They are triangular, small, rather thin, stand clearly up. Keep in mind that to the base, the ear should thicken and smoothly flow into the head, and not stand perpendicular to it.
  • Take a new piece of clay of the same color, mash it in your hands, divide it into 4 equal parts. Each of them should be rolled into a cone with a not too narrow top, but a thick and even base. These will be the legs of our pony. With the help of a stack or knife, the tip of each of them must be cut at a slight angle.
  • On the opposite side below, put half a toothpick or make a groove: it will be easier to connect the head and neck. In croup ponies also enter half a toothpick - thin sausages that make up the tail are attached to it. The mane can be fixed without any additional devices.
  • Connect the torso, legs and head, paying particular attention to the smooth transition of the plasticine mass in these areas. The figure should look whole, smooth. At the same stage, you can do a full decoration of the face: polishing all lines, adding a "smile" with a brush or knife tip, slanting eyes from white clay and pupils from black.
  • Now there are only mane and tail. To do this, you need to take the bars of a brighter or darker color, roll up 3-5 thin straws of different shades, combine them into a canvas. Well, if among these shades will be the main color of the body. Use a stack to cut the desired length of the sheet, attach its end to the head and neck or to the croup of the figure, press it with your fingers. Plasticine pony is ready!

How to make a plasticine cartoon pony

If you do not have enough shades, you can always make them yourself: mix in a little blue and white to red - soft pink will appear, and after adding black with blue - saturated purple. Professionals assure that for home creativity it is enough to buy a set of basic colors and be sure to have black and white bars - the child will not only develop fine motor skills, but also get artistic taste, knowledge of color, ability to create colors.

According to the described technology, it is possible to make a figure of almost any material that can be sculpted; however, one cannot but pay attention to one of its modifications. It is already better for her to work with older children (secondary school), since sharp small parts are used to connect. This is very convenient if you want to put heavy pieces together without any extra effort.

  • The toy’s tail and mane can be made not only from plasticine, but also from a more suitable soft material: for example, floss threads, which are pre-fluffed so that they lie more magnificently, and then injected with a needle into the clay to fix. For the tail, it is recommended to tie them into a whisk.

As you can see, making a pony out of clay or other plastic material is very simple. Be sure to offer this activity to your baby and make him a company in this exciting process - a fun productive evening is guaranteed.

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