Pirate costume do it yourself

Every boy dreams of becoming a real pirate, go on an exciting quest for real treasures or surf the endless expanses of the sea on a ship. But this dream can become a reality, at least for a while, it’s enough just to arrange a pirate party. And in order for the image of the pirate to be complete, you must carefully consider the costume.

How to make a pirate costume for a boy with your own hands?

At first glance, this task may seem difficult, but in fact it is very easy to make a pirate costume yourself. You will need a vest or shirt, a bandana, pants, shoes and related accessories. It is enough to adhere to the following simple tips.

How to make a pirate costume for a boy with your own hands?pirate costume for boy do it yourself

  • First you need to take care of your pants. The ideal option would be rather wide trousers made of a material resembling heavy silk. Pants should be refilled in boots. If desired, and the availability of free time, these pants can be sewn in just one evening. But you can choose a simpler option - the old faded jeans can become a perfect bottom for a pirate's costume. In this case, you just need to cut the bottom and do not process the edges. With the help of basting seam patches can be sewn, which will be a wonderful decoration.
  • Now you can do and the upper part of the suit. If the choice was made on wide black silk pants, then you should combine them with a snow-white shirt. However, the pirate shirt should have wide sleeves, so that the created image will be complete and fully correspond to the chosen time. Old jeans can be combined with a simple vest. Both the vest and the white shirt should be complemented with a sash, for which a fabric of a contrasting shade is needed. On top of the shirt is to wear a dark vest.
  • Well, how can a pirate's costume do without a bandana? Of course not! Here you just need to pick up a small piece of fabric, the color of which should be combined with any element of clothing. If desired, the bandana can be stitched application in the form of bones or skulls.
  • One more main attribute of the real suit of the pirate is leggings. On the feet should wear black shoes or Czech. But the best option would be high boots.
  • Do not forget about the accessories, thanks to which the created image of a pirate will look completely complete. To do this, you can purchase a saber or a musket in the toy store. Eye patch can be worn. Make it easy on your own.
  • Make-up is the main stage in creating the image of a pirate. You can glue the beard and mustache or draw with black pencil. Eyes are summed up with a black pencil.

The image of a pirate is completely ready and now you can go on holiday.

Variety of options

Pirate costume do it yourself

pirate bandana

pirate boots with your own hands

Pirate costume do it yourselfPirate costume with

Pirate costume DIY for babyDIY costume for boy

Pirate costume do it yourself for a girl

cocked hat

cocked hat pirate do it yourself pattern

Pirate cockedheart: master class

You can make a pirate trunks on your own or purchase one already prepared. If the first option was chosen, then the following materials will be needed - scissors, black cloth, pins, flizelin.

Pirate tricorn: how to make their own hands?Pirate Treacle

  • First you need to take a fairly strong and tough black fabric that will keep the desired shape well. If necessary, the seamy side of the material can be glued interlining, so that it will become more rigid.
  • Now we need to do the creation of patterns. For this, the circumference of the head of the "pirate" is measured. Parts for a cocked hat are cut out of the fabric — a crown, two field details, and two parts for the bottom of a hat. 2 halves of a hat are folded between each other, turning a friend to face one another. Next you need to stitch the details strictly along the edge of the cut. The fields of the hat turn out and not very large cuts are made on the inside allowances. Details need to properly iron. Now a decorative stitch is made from the outside along the edge of the hat.
  • The bottom of the hat should be egg-shaped. They fold together to each other on the seamy side, and at the edges are fastened with pins, while leaving a small seam allowance.
  • Scissors are not very deep notches on the sides of the parts. Thanks to this technique, the finished hat will look more neat. Now you need to stab with pins, then sew between the parts of the crown. Then the bottom of the hat and the crown are connected - first grind, and then stitch on a typewriter and brush over the cut with a zigzag so that the hat does not break up during the wearing.
  • From the seamy side you need to iron all seams. Then the detail of the fields and the bottom edge of the crown are combined. If desired, from the inside out you can sheathe the seam with an interesting oblique inlay. The seam allowances are folded over to the inside of the crown and sewn by hand.
  • Then the edges of the fields are sewn on the sides and front to the crown. The finished hat is most similar to a real pirate cocked hat. If desired, you can decorate the hat with additional decorative elements - for example, lace, feathers, etc.

Create a pirate costume for a children's holiday - it's that easy! You can sew items such as a shirt and pants, or take old jeans and a vest. Realistic image is achieved through accessories, so think over them to the smallest detail!

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