Pipe cap

Cap pipe is quite a popular accessory of the fall-winter season. In order to understand this, it is enough just to take to the streets of the city. Fashionable women drape it in the form of scarves-snood, worn as a hat. The accessory is really multi-functional. Another advantage of it is that the pipe cap is easy to fit. From thick yarn it can be made one evening.

Many modern women of fashion do not know that the cap pipe appeared at the beginning of the last century. Since then, she has periodically become the hit of the season among winter or autumn-spring accessories. Our mothers also wore a hat. So many years have passed, and this warm accessory is again at the peak of popularity.

Scarf, cap pipe: manufacturing

Cap pipe: knitting scheme

Scarf, cap tube made very simple. First you need to decide on what and how to do. The accessory can be knitted, crocheted or even sewn. All three options are relatively simple. To sew a cap a pipe it is possible from warm jersey. To do this, you need to measure the head and decide on the height of the cap. Further, everything is simple: we cut a rectangle in width equal to the volume of the head and the desired height. We lay one seam, we sweep and bend the cuts. Cap pipe is ready!

By the way, it is equally important to wear this accessory correctly. It all depends on the oval face and the presence of bangs. Girls without it you can wear a cap pipe, opening a small part of the hair. Beautiful ladies with bangs should not lower the upper edge below its middle.

Scarf hat tube can help adjust facial features. When large, for example, it should fit snugly to the face.

It should be remembered that the cap of the tube should match the style of your clothes. If you wear it as a scarf, then there can be many variations. Scarf-snud drapes, fits around the neck. It can be wrapped several times if it is of sufficient length. In the form of a cap, it is more suitable for elegant clothes.

How to tie a cap pipe: tips

The number of loops should be equal to or slightly larger than the length of the line of circular needles. In this case, it will be more convenient for you to knit. If the fishing line or cable is too long, you will have to constantly drag knitting. The line will bulge in the form of a loop. This significantly slows down the work.

How to tie a cap pipe: tips

Calculate the number of loops when knitting is not according to the scheme is better, linking several samples on the needles of different thickness. Finished samples should always be stretched and dried. So you will see how the yarn behaves when worn, whether it is stretched. In addition, wet processing will help calculate the exact number of loops per 1 cm.

The cap should not be very tight and not very loose. Otherwise, it will put pressure on your head or not protect you from the cold wind. In some cases, decorative scarfs are knitted that are wide enough. Remember that this headgear can be frozen. It is not suitable for hard frost and piercing wind.

In order for the cap to fit snugly to the neck, you can make a small curtain. It is specially knit on the needles of the same thread or use a decorative cord. Cord pull along the top edge. When the weather is cold, they tie him up and tie him to a bow.

When knitting on two needles of a rectangle, it is necessary to make edge loops. To remove the first loop, to knit the second a purl. Otherwise, the canvas will curl around the edges and will be difficult to sew.

If you have knitted a scarf with a cap on two needles and sewed the edges with a knitted stitch, then the finished accessory must be worn in a certain way. The suture should be placed under the chin. So it will be less noticeable.

In order to get a canvas thick. You can tie it in 2 threads.

Circular needles can be replaced by long stockings. In this case, the seam will not be.

Cap pipe goes to almost everyone. It fit very simply. In the sock of such an accessory is more like a hood. At the same time, it can both hang down and fit snugly to the head. A hat with knitting needles will decorate the wardrobe of any fashionista. It is combined with different styles of clothing.

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