Piñata (Spanish Piñata) is a rather large hollow toy, which is usually filled with sweets. It is from Mexico. Papier mache or light wrapping paper is used to make it. And you can decorate the pinata with bright details and ornaments.

What is pinata?

The shape of the pinata can be anything. The simplest option is a regular ball. If you make a little effort, you can make it in the form of an animal figure, for example, a cat, pig, hedgehog. For filling piñata, various sweets or surprises are perfect: cookies, chocolate, dried fruits, soft toys, etc. In a word, you can put everything that comes into your head inside.

The main areas of application of piñata are birthdays, celebrations, parties and festivals. It can also be used as a toy, a kind of decoration, or as an attachment to various kinds of festive events. Making a piñata is a fairly simple process to which everyone can be involved.

How to make a piñata with your own hands?

How to make a piñata with your own hands?

To make such a toy, you need to stock up with an inflated balloon in size not less than 18 cm in diameter, PVA glue or homemade glue from flour, newsprint, a thin metal hanger that will serve as a hanging hook, cardboard, paper tape on a sticky basis and colorful paper - any that you like.

Now proceed to the most important process. Cut the newspapers into wide rectangular strips with which to glue the balloon inflated to the required size into 4-5 layers. Each layer must dry thoroughly - it will take about 1-2 hours to do this. If you are making a piñata for a children's event, you can stop at 3 layers. That will be quite enough. If you are preparing a piñata for adults and have planned to fill it with something weighty, on the contrary, add another 2-3 layers.

In the place of the pinata where the hanging hook will be located, make 2-3 layers more. If your ball is too tight, do not worry. When the pinata is dry, with a sharp object, such as a knife, make several holes in it - this will weaken the product and it will be easier to break it.

Now think and decide for what place you will hang the piñata. This moment is very important to avoid its fall in the future. To supply the product with a hook, make a hole in it - to the side of the intended place for hanging. So, make 3 cuts so that the resulting hole opens like a rosette. You can just make a hole of any shape, and don’t throw out the “cut” part. Make the hole such a size that you don’t have difficulty in placing a hook in it.

The hook can easily be constructed from a conventional thin wire hanger. From how heavy you plan to make a piñata, determine the size of the "hangers". Take a sharp object, such as a screwdriver, and make a thin hole in the place of the piñata suspension - it is necessary to insert the wire end of the hanger.

Now it's time to put candy or other nice little things inside the piñata. Having done this, mask the hole by using a paper tape on a sticky basis. You can glue the hole from the wrong side, so that the sticky side of the tape remains on top and impose a previously cut piece of piñata on this place or simply “fold” the rosette to its original state. Take adhesive tape and glue in places of cuts in several layers. You made the pinata skeleton and now give free rein to your imagination. Through the use of colored paper, you can make a piñata of any kind: striped, motley, etc. Or, for example, cover the ball with honey-colored paper and decorate with bees or butterflies on stickies - you will have a beautiful imitation of a flower. You can also make the original pig. To do this, glue the pinata with pink paper, then make eyes, ears and a penny out of cardboard. Remember, the final manufacturing stage is the result of your imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment.

Photos of original crafts

What is pinata?

DIY Pinata

DIY Pinata

DIY Pinata

Video tutorial for beginners

Useful tips

Firstly, the process of making piñata is quite long. Therefore, if you decide to make it to the children's holiday, proceed 1-2 weeks before the celebration. After all, the harder you make a shape, the harder it will be to bring it to life.

Secondly, do not forget about enough layers of paper - from 4 to 6.

Thirdly, in order to dry the pinata-blank (not decorated) it took less time, use an electric oven, heated to 30-50 degrees. Slightly open the door and leave it for a few hours.

Pinata is an excellent idea for a holiday, capable of making the event truly unforgettable and fun, delivering guests a lot of positive emotions. Fill a hollow toy with your favorite treats or small toys. The ball of papier-mashiv process of celebration can be opened by making this action an element of any competition.

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