Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands

As your pregnancy progresses, you will notice that your tummy will gradually grow. The new size will bring with it a whole set of problems, and one of them is the inability to sleep comfortably. A real find will be a special pillow for pregnant women, made with your own hands, the patterns of which you can find in our article.

How to sew a pillow for pregnant women?

Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands

To date, in the stores there are many different pillows for pregnancy. The main purpose of this household item is to provide support for the abdomen and spine of a pregnant woman during rest and sleep. However, given the price-pleasure ratio, few mothers can afford to buy such a pillow.

Thoroughly save money and at the same time get a pillow for pregnant women for use, if you set a goal and do it yourself. Before you start work, listen to the advice of experienced needlewomen:

  • So that the pillow is really soft and does not irritate the delicate skin, for its manufacture it is better to use natural fabrics and materials - cotton, flax, batiste, calico, makhra.
  • Consider the design of the pillow in advance. They are wedge-shaped, rollers, C-shaped. But the most convenient is the V-shaped pillow.
  • Choose an anti-allergenic filler, for example, a synthetic winterizer, holofiber, polystyrene or special material with a memory.
  • The fabric should be cut with a margin on the allowances and various seams.

You need to sew a pillow, taking into account the peculiarities of the body and your own wishes. The main thing in this business is to have patience, creative inspiration and a little bit of cutting and sewing skills. And our detailed master class with a description, patterns and step-by-step photos will help you in this.

Pillow for future mothers with their own hands: a master class

Rollers for pregnant women come in different lengths, shapes and sizes. All this affects the choice of product. Today we look at how to sew a big pillow for sleeping. This product supports the shape of the whole body, so you can take a comfortable position.

Necessary materials:

  • 2 sheets of fabric size 130x80;
  • 6 strips of fabric measuring 8x101 cm;
  • 2 strips of fabric measuring 2x63 cm;
  • lightning size 60-61 cm;
  • safety pins;
  • sewing machine;
  • filler.

Making a pattern:

  1. To sew a pillow for pregnant women, we will need a pattern.Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands: patterns
  2. First of all, we cut two large pieces of fabric and fold them together so that all the corners are touching.
  3. Now we make all the necessary marks on the fabric with the help of chalk or soap.
  4. Next, using the toe or on the eye rounds the edges of both parts.Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands: cut
  5. As a result, we got 2 rectangles, which will need to be folded in half.
  6. From a separate paper, we cut out the middle part, which is shaped like a pear, and we apply it to the fabric, leaving 35 cm above.
  7. Let us mark the contours of the middle with small pieces and carefully cut it out with tailor scissors. To secure the fabric, you can use scotch tape or safety pins.Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands: cut
  8. In addition, we cut out 6 long strips and 2 slightly smaller ones from fabric of a contrasting color.
  9. As a result, we should have a similar layout.Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands: cut

Stitching strips:

  1. Now let's do the grinding of parts and sewing the pillow. To do this, first we sew two long strips on the front side from the narrow edge.Pillow for pregnant women with their hands: sewing
  2. We perform the same action with the other strips. In the end we should have 3 separate long strips with open seams.
  3. Then we need to sew a zipper. To do this, apply it to the front side of one of the short strips of fabric and sew, stepping back from the top by 1 cm.

    Pillow for pregnant women with their hands: sewing
  4. Similarly, sew and second strip to the zipper.Pillow for pregnant women with their hands: sewing
  5. Now turn the zipper on the front side and properly smooth all seams so that in the end it does not stick out.Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands: vtachka zipper
  6. As a result, we should have 3 very long stripes and sewn zipper.Pillow for pregnant women with their hands: sewing
  7. Then we need to sew one long stripe to each edge of the zipper. To do this, place the fabric with the wrong side up, backing off about 1 cm from the edge of the zipper, and secure with pins. The same action is done on the reverse side.Pillow for pregnant women with their hands: sewing
  8. Then sew the fabric to the zipper on both sides, turn over and smooth the seams. It will look something like this.Pillow for pregnant women with their hands: sewing
  9. Now we cut off the excess fabric with a zipper so that it matches the width of the long strips.Pillow for pregnant women with their hands: sewing

Pillow assembly:

  1. Now place the main fabric face-up on a flat surface and fasten the strips along the contour with safety pins so that the zipper is at the top of the pillow.Pillow assembly
  2. Then in the same way we attach the strips in the center and sew everything together, retreating from the edge by 2-3 mm.Pillow assembly
  3. After we sewed strips on the inside and outside of the pillow, a decently extra fabric remained at the joint. Carefully align both pieces and cut strips at an angle of 90 degrees so that they are at the same level with the shaped part. Sew, as shown in the photo below. And doing the same thing on the other side of the pillow.Pillow assembly
  4. Now attach the second piece of fabric to the stripes and connect it with safety pins along the edge.Pillow assembly
  5. Then we sew the second part to the strips and turn out the product on the front side.Pillow assembly
  6. Pillow for pregnant women is ready, it remains only to fill it with filler.

What is special about such a pillow for pregnant women? Of course, you can always use the usual pillow, but it does not provide the necessary support for the body and abdomen, and also does not allow a woman to feel comfortable during sleep and rest. In addition, when the baby is born, the pillow for pregnant women can be used as a stand for the arm when feeding or seating the baby inside, while you do household chores.

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