Pictures in the japanese style. how to draw a picture in the

Japanese painting is one of the oldest art trends.. Painting in Japan appeared in the most ancient period of the country's history. On pottery and other household items you can find the simplest images of geometric figures and various patterns. However, with the arrival of Chinese culture in the country, the works of Japanese artists increasingly began to contain elements of painting of the country of Confucius.

One of the most impressive and colorful areas of Japanese painting is the landscape.. Japanese artists did not attach much importance to the realistic composition. The main thing for them was the transfer of impressions from their contemplated the greatness of nature.

How to draw a picture in Japanese style?

The Japanese landscape can be painted with ordinary watercolors. For painting it is necessary to use more water, and to paint individual parts add more paint.

In order to get to work, you will need a cardboard or watercolor paper, a simple pencil, an eraser, pastel chalks and, of course, watercolor.

  • Start with a pencil sketch. To do this, draw the outlines of the future picture on the sheet with a simple pencil. Make sure the lines are very soft and barely noticeable. Click on the pencil to be very lightly. After all, according to Japanese tradition, the drawing should be very light and almost weightless. Do not draw the details with a pencil - this is the care of a fine brush.
  • Draw in the background distant mountains, pagodas, ponds, build several traditional Japanese bridges.
  • When delineating the silhouettes of people do not forget to take into account the peculiarities of their clothes and posture.
  • For the paintings in the Japanese spirit, the presence on them of the main symbol of this country - the cherry blossoms - has become customary. You can also depict this amazingly beautiful cherry with petals flying in the wind on your work.

  • After drawing a pencil sketch, colorize the picture. remember, that colors should be weightless, airy. To do this, you need to choose the right balance of water and paint. It is necessary to take into account the ability of cardboard to absorb water, and watercolors to the appearance of stains.
  • To color the background (for example, sky and water) use thick brushes. Start this process with the large details that are at the top of the picture, gradually go down until you color all the water, greens and sky details in the picture. Then leave the pattern until completely dry.

  • Now you can go to the details. Take a thin brush and begin to draw the crowns and trunks of trees, the roofs of houses, the snowy peaks of the mountains. Do not try to draw every detail down to the leaves and petals. Your task is to set the direction of buds and branches with the help of several brush strokes. To get the necessary shades, mix watercolor on the palette. It is necessary to avoid too obvious, bright shades.
  • In one corner of the picture, place Japanese characters. On the Internet you can find a lot of Japanese poems (haiku) suitable for you and your mood. These characters are not as easy to draw as it seems at first glance, therefore it is better to practice in their image. To give letters a light touch of age and some dust, use black paint mixed with blue or brown.

  • Using pastel chalks, create shadows. They should be located on the slopes of the mountains and the surface of the water. The main thing is not to overdo it. They should not be too much.

Simple Japanese Style Picture

If you don’t have much time, and you don’t want to paint vast landscapes, but you would like to decorate the interior with Japanese “tricks”, then you can use the following technique. Draw a thick black paint tree branch. Then in a disposable plate, pour a little pale pink paint. Dip the bottom of the plastic bottle in the paint and make prints on the paper. Wait until the drawing is dry. Thus, you get a wonderful branch of Sakura, without making your own efforts.

Today, the Japanese theme in the interior is very relevant. These are paintings, wall decorations, Japanese-style furniture, and Japanese-style lamps.

Japanese themes bring harmony and tranquility to our frantic pace of life. Following the laws of the genre of art of the country of the Rising Sun, you can feel the influence of this subject on your life and soul.

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