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Pictures from salt dough

Remembering the kindergarten and its "mandatory program", crafts from the dough come to the fore, as well as modeling from clay. We all once participated in this and loved to give our creations to our parents. And now, when many of us have become parents, we will have to remember the “test skills”, because your children will definitely like this activity, especially since today and at school such classes are encouraged. Your child will be happy to make something beautiful, and most importantly - his own.

You will need:

  1. salty dough
  2. knives
  3. brushes
  4. paints
  5. the cloth
  6. cardboard
  7. PVA glue, colorless varnish

First, think of what you want to sculpt. If you do this in a duet with a child (which is most likely), then ask the child to choose a topic and trust his imagination. As a rule, children choose their plasticine heroes from what surrounds them: animals, people, interior. You can sculpt from dough anything. But, before you start you need to learn a couple of rules:

1) Prepare more dough, stock up on various interesting accessories that can decorate your creation.

2) Attach the different parts of the dough to each other, moistening them with water.

3) After your composition is fully prepared, spray it with lacquer to fix it.

How to cook salty dough?

So, prepare the dough:

1) sprinkle finely ground salt in hot water and wait until it dissolves

2) when the water has cooled, add flour and knead well

3) roll the dough into a ball, cover with foil and leave for the night in a cold place. Such manipulations are needed to make the dough softer, more elastic and not break during the molding.

After preparing the dough, there is time to decide who you want to see "in the dough."

What do you decide to do first? A kitten, a puppy, and maybe a picture book, as in the screensaver of the program "Good night, kids"? Whatever it is, the main thing is to think through each stroke, because the dough can no longer be peeled off, like plasticine and edit your product. The dough dries, and it can not be torn off, which means that everything will have to be done anew.

If you can draw, then you are incredibly lucky. Artistic talent extends to your occupation. Therefore, all the toys and figurines will be more believable for you. If you decide to give a sculpture lesson to a child, it will be easier for him to focus on you. But here you must not forget about the imagination of your child, give him time to improvise and fiction also necessary.

How to start making a picture of the dough?

At the very beginning, you need to take care of the surface on which your picture will be located. To do this, take the cardboard and glue the fabric on top, you can fix it with an iron, only gently. And only after that you should stick the small details of one puzzle. After the picture is ready, carefully go through each "character" and check whether there is enough of everything.

You can paint your picture and dough after sticking, but it is better to paint each figure in advance so that it is neater.

Any composition requires imagination. It is not so easy to create a large canvas on which all elements will live harmoniously. To do this, remember your favorite fairy tale, or ask your child to tell about your favorite superhero, comic book, event in his or your life. Or maybe your picture will be designed as a gift to someone, then you should remember what this person likes. In general, all your ideas should be well thought out. You can make adjustments to existing plots. For example, a new reading of the book by Lewis Carroll about Alice. There are many funny characters there that the child will resurrect again and make him live on his cardboard.

There are also little tricks to help you make your figures more attractive. Here they are:

  • Impressively on the test look fabric prints - guipure, knitting. Before printing on fabric dough, moisten it with vegetable oil.
  • Use the knife, he will be your assistant. To do the small details that are so necessary, you can just with a knife: the separation of body parts, for example.
  • Also good are the pencils that can be used to make the eyes, and the spoon - the smile. It turns out very carefully.

Use a variety of accessories: old beads, earrings, buttons, shreds of beautiful fabric, beads, etc. Let your picture shine and attract attention. Of course, not to overdo it. Both the details and the general outline are important. If you are going to make not just flowers in a vase, but deploy a large-scale epic, then think carefully about the composition and the characters. And no matter where you lead your imagination or your child's fantasy. By the way, children can offer unusual images that may be unfamiliar to you. Suppose Spider-Man knows every mother, but there is no fictional character. Then just help your baby to realize his idea. The fact that he will be delighted is not even discussed. And the last. If the child does this not for an exhibition to school, but for himself, then be sure to find the frame for this picture and hang it in the house in the most prominent place!

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