Phlox drummond

Phlox Drummond is an annual plant that attracts the attention of a rich and vibrant flowering. In addition, phlox blooms for quite a long time, which is also its advantage.

From other flowers, the Phlox Drummond leukantemum, whose photo can be seen on numerous flower sites, differs in that it has an incredible aroma and different colors. With it, you can create whole compositions in country beds.

Phlox Drummond: Varieties

Phlox Drummond: Varieties

First of all, it is worth noting that this plant is annual and perennial. As practice shows, the annual plant is more popular among gardeners, as it is less of a hassle.

Phlox Drummond has the following forms:

  • dwarf - grows in small bushes;
  • star-shaped flowers;
  • large flowers.

In the flower shop, phlox seeds Drummond can be bought separately for the varieties, and in the form of mixtures that allow you to combine the plant with other shades of flowers. Optionally, at the summer cottage, you can create a whole floral palette of pastel colors, "sea", lilac and delicate cream.

Phlox varieties "Drummond"

  1. The most popular are the varieties with white flowers, which are called "Beauty" and "Snowball". They create a sense of romance in the garden.Snowball
  2. No less popular are the rich red varieties Splendens and Fireball. They are bright, and often other plants are lost on their background.Phlox fireball
  3. Blue-lilac varieties "Sailor" and "Blue Frost" are also common.Phlox Sailor
  4. Cream-colored phloxes are represented in the Crème Brulee variety.Phlox Creme Brulee
  5. Of the mixtures, phloxes with star-shaped flowers, which are called “Milky Way”, as well as terry “Chanel”, “Strawberry with cream” are in unusual demand among gardeners.Milky Way

Another advantage of this plant is that among the abundance of varieties you can find flowers of low-growing forms (10-15 cm), medium-growing (from 20 to 30 cm) and tall. In addition, Drummond phlox, as compared to perennial phlox, is resistant to fading and adverse weather conditions. Therefore, it can be safely planted on open lawns.

Low shrubs can complement low-growing varieties, and medium and tall varieties will be a good complement to those flower beds that have many tiers.

In order to avoid staring and terry flowers among numerous plantings, they are recommended to be planted in prominent places in small groups.

Annual Phlox: growing from seeds at home

Annual Phlox: growing from seeds at home

Since the flower grows on any soil, growing it at home is not difficult. Even in spite of the fact that he loves heat, the negative temperature does not affect him, he blossoms until the first frost.

The main thing is to water the annual plant just in time, then even the most expensive flowers will begin to fade before its beautiful flowering.

The subtleties of growing a flower from seed:

The subtleties of growing a flower from seed

  • In early March, you can make the process of planting seeds on seedlings. In order for the seeds to germinate faster, they must be kept under the foil for 10 days in order to keep the moisture, all this time to maintain a temperature of about 18 degrees.
  • When will be 3 weeks after germination, seedlings need to pick out. This means that each of them should be placed in a separate pot. When the week passes, you need to purchase special nitrogen and complex fertilizers to feed the seedlings before planting.
  • At the end of April and at the beginning of May, you can begin hardening the seedlings so that it gets used to the open sun. But it is important to carefully monitor that the seedlings do not overheat, because the sun during this period is very dangerous.
  • It is worth noting that tall varieties begin to bloom 2 weeks later than short-growing ones, because the sowing time must be adjusted so that the flowers bloom in the same way.
  • When the seedlings harden, you can safely plant it in a flower bed. Further, the care of Drummond phlox is minimal: it should be watered as needed, carefully loosen the soil and remove dried flowers. Those who want the plant to bloom as long as possible and brighter should fertilize in 3 weeks.

As practice shows, the first flowers on plants appear about 60 days after planting seeds.

If the growing of seedlings is a laborious process for the hostess, then the seeds of Drummond's phlox can be planted directly in open ground in April or early May. It is worth remembering that in each "nest" you need to put 3-4 seeds. As for their care, it is not much different from the above: after planting, cover the seeds with a film to preserve moisture.

When it will be 2 weeks, you can feed them fertilizer. In this case, the plant will bloom in more than 2 months, but it will continue flowering until late autumn.

In conclusion, it should be added that phloxes, and their various varieties, can be grown even novices from seeds, there is nothing difficult in this. It is easy to care for a plant, it can transfer any soil. But the flower will delight with its colorful blooming and fascinating aroma for almost half a year!

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