Pergola do it yourself

Pergola - a great decoration for the garden, which can be made independently. Even in ancient times, people built special lattice structures in the form of arches, which over time grew over with vines and turned into original landscape decorations. Pergola can be built anywhere. Make it not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Pergola: what is it?

Pergola do-it-yourself: how to do?

Pergola is a canopy covered with climbing plants. It is an elegant construction, somewhat reminiscent of a gazebo for relaxing. The pergola support consists of a number of duplicate sections of arches, which are interconnected by transverse crossbars. This structure can be either a separate building or an element of the general architecture of the house, covering open terraces.

Pergola originated in the south as a house extension. Its homeland is the Mediterranean. It was not only used to maintain the vines, but was also a convenient corner for a midday rest. The architecture of the pergola can vary from the simplest wooden structures, to products made of marble and stone.

In modern gardens and suburban areas pergola has become a favorite decorative element of garden construction. Such a structure can be assembled by yourself, having spent a minimum of tools, money and effort.

For the manufacture of lattice arches, you can use various materials. If you are building a pergola in a simple rustic style or as a basis for looking at country music, you can use wood for work. Takayapergola ideal for decorating country houses and suburban areas. But the construction of this structure is not limited to the use of wooden materials. In more complex designs, designers use natural stone, metal, marble, and others. Expensive materials. The choice is limited only by your capabilities, imagination and style of your site.

Wooden pergola: how to make yourself?

Pergola do-it-yourself: how to do?

You will need:

  1. Wooden bars with a section of 5x10 cm;
  2. Rubble stone;
  3. Screws and nails;
  4. Mortar or concrete to fill the foundation;
  5. Planer or chisel;
  6. Jigsaw;
  7. Shovel;
  8. Master OK;
  9. Capacity for solution;
  10. Construction mixer.


  • Before making a pergola from wood, you need to prepare the territory. First, carefully level the ground, then mark the area and dig a trench 30 cm deep along the perimeter.
  • Now prepare the mortar or concrete, fill the foundation and build a wall that will become the base of the pergola. To do this, install wooden supports in the foundation at the corners of the structure. Before dipping the wooden beams into the ground, wrap the ends with ruberoid (this will protect the wood from rotting).
  • Next, install the support beams (15 to 5 cm), the length of which must correspond to the dimensions of the pergola. Optionally, you can cut out interesting patterns on the support beams or arrange the edges.
  • Then the support beams are fixed to the vertical supports using self-tapping screws, 10 cm long. When fixing the 1st beam, proceed to the 2nd one. Beams are installed on 2 sides of a wooden support.
  • Cross beams of a pergola are carried out the same sizes, as basic. The only difference is that they need to make special grooves, which will include support beams. Grooves need to be cut to size using a jigsaw. The first pair of transverse beams is screwed to the posts, and then to the support beams. If you want, you can decorate the pillars with decorative elements (overlays). They will help give the pergola an aesthetic and complete look. If in the future you plan to decorate the structure with plants, you can leave the original appearance of the tree.
  • On each pillar, install diagonal struts that are cut to a specific pattern. On top of the transverse beams, install the crossbar, in which you also need to cut grooves. They are fastened with screws.
  • Your pergola is ready, now you can proceed to the scenery. The most common way to decorate is planting climbers that will grow and braid the structure. But before planting flowers, process the entire pergola with special solutions and cover with a protective varnish. This will help avoid tree rot and protect against insects. If you wish, you can paint the design with a paint of your favorite color.

Pergola do-it-yourself: how to do?

Pick up climbing plants is quite simple. You can plant grapes, actinidia, honeysuckle, Chinese lemongrass, wisteria, clematis, climbing roses, ivy, morning glory, kobeya, sweet peas, decorative beans, etc. Remember that the appearance of the arch will depend entirely on the selected varieties. However, pergolas without plants are quite often used in the laconic design of the landscape. The grid structure, beautiful carving and the original filling of the structure will make it individual and perfectly combine with the rest of the exterior.

Pergola is a beautiful semi-open arbor, which is planted with climbing plants, used to place grapes. You can build such an arbor on your own by spending not so much time and money. As a rule, the pergola is built of wood, the more expensive option is stone or marble.

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