In the textile industry a large variety of fabrics in color, texture, quality. Each type fulfills its functional purpose, so they use coarse calico, satin, silk or percals for sewing bed linen. Each option, of course, has its pros and cons.

The fabric is a percale - they are made of undisturbed and combed cotton, each thread is individually lubricated with a special mixture that glues the fabric together. Besides the fact that percale is a fabric, there is also weaving, which is also called “Percale”. This material is used not only for sewing bed linen, but also for the manufacture of parachutes and sails, tents, light women's clothing.

Percale: What is this fabric?

This fabric is similar to batiste, thin, but durable, wear-resistant, keeps heat well and does not let it out. Soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic, has a velvety surface of the canvas, so sleeping on a bed of such matter is cozy and warm. It looks percale fragile and easy. But on such bedding is not formed pellets. Pillowcases made of this fabric do not release a single feather.

It is easy to apply drawing and painting it in any other color on bed linen from percale fabric. It is not washed out and stored for a long time. Also percale well absorbs moisture, as it consists of natural fibers.

Wash this laundry is very simple - with any soap without impurities at a temperature of 60 degrees, but first you need to rinse it in cool water. Percale withstands about 1000 washes. The material is easy to restore shape and well ironed. It is necessary to iron immediately after the fabric has dried completely.

Percale looks best in delicate bed shades or patterns, but not very bright, also suitable for sewing bed linen of simple cut. Often it is treated with embroidery, lace, so it looks even more interesting.

Percale: What is this fabric?

Percale often goes to bedding, according to professional reviews - this is one of the best options. In Russia, it is put on a par with satin and silk. This fabric, albeit expensive, will last about 10-15 years. In European countries, premium bed linen is sewn from this material.

What is better percale or satin: reviews

Beautiful bedding always creates a mood in the bedroom and affects the quality of sleep. Often the buyer does not know how to choose bed linen. Many use bedding from sateen, etc. from perkalya. So let's see which fabric bedding is the best.

Satin - the most common fabric when sewing bed linen. It is dense and shiny, looks great, only over time it may fade slightly. She maintains 200-300 washings.

Satin is cheaper than silk, but more expensive than many other cotton fabrics. Bed linen from this fabric has a glossy shine, it is soft and pleasant to the touch, resistant to washing. There is such kind of sateen - it is makosatin. In its production using pure cotton. This is an elite cotton fabric with a constant attractiveness, silkiness and shine. This type of sateen is called "Cotton silk".

Percale: What is this fabric?

There is also "Cheap Satin". If to use bed linen from such fabric, then the appearance of linen will be lost already after the first wash. Jacquard sateen is very dense and wear-resistant, and also has a distinctive woven pattern.

Having considered all the qualities of percale and sateen, we can conclude that if you need a wonderful shine, then the choice will fall in the direction of sateen, if durability and strength - buy percale.

Percale bedding is not a cheap choice. This fabric is estimated almost on a par with satin, a little cheaper than silk. But such a cost pays off over time. Percale wear-resistant, well-kept color, easy to wash and iron. Lingerie of this matter will serve you for 10-15 years!

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