If in your house there is not enough place for indoor plants, then stop your choice on peperomiya. This plant is perfect for small rooms. It is compact enough and also slowly growing.

Appearance of peperomia

The appearance of peperomia is very changeable, they have only one thing in common. Peperomia form fancy, resembling rat tails inflorescences. They consist of tiny flowers of light green color.

The most popular types of flower growers usually recognize without difficulty - Peperomiya wrinkled, Peperomiya magnolistnaya andPepperom ileus (grayish-green).For the rest of the indoor plants to determine that they are referring to the peperium is quite difficult.

Types of peperomia

Peperomia come in three varieties: ampelous, bush and erect. In each of them there are many diverse subspecies. Let us dwell on each species in more detail.

Ampelnye types of peperomy

  • Peperomiya golovataya - large oval leaves with short drooping stems and blunt tip of the leaf. In length, the leaves reach 1.5 cm.
  • Climbing peperomia - large pointed leaves, stems reach a height of 1 m. There is a motley variety of this species. That it can often be found on the shelves of flower shops.
  • Other types of ampelous peperomy, including Peperomiyu creeping and Round-leaved peperomia, On sale you will meet not often.

Peperium bush species

  • The most common type and this group - Peperomiya wrinkled. It is a compact bush with heart-shaped wrinkled leaves up to 2.5 cm in length. The height of bush peperomies reaches 10-15 cm.

  • Unusual varieties of peperomies of this group - Peperomia Frazer (fragrant white inflorescences) and Barren peperomia (pale green oval leaves).
  • Large-leaf varieties of this group include Ivy peperomiya (gray-silver) and Peperomiya sander (silver). However, the last species with striped leaves is very rare for sale.

Erect Peperomia

  • The most popular type of upright peperium is Peperomiya krupnolistnaya (magnolia).More often you can find a variety of this species is not with green leaves, but with a golden border at the edges or golden spots on the leaves.
  • Have Perperomia perperomy zigzag stalks, and it can not be confused with any other kind of peperomia.

Location in the peperomia house

Peperomii quite unpretentious in the care. However, we must not forget that in nature they grow on tree trunks or moss bedding. This means that the lack of moisture will affect them badly.

Place peperomia at home in rooms with high humidity.. The kitchen is best suited. If there is no opportunity to put a pot with a plant in the kitchen, choose any other room, but do not forget about spraying, especially in the hot season.

Peperomia care at home

  • Illumination - partial shade or bright diffused light. Suitable and artificial lighting.
  • The temperature is moderate. In winter - not below 13 ° С.
  • Humidity in summer is high (spraying of leaves is required), in winter it is moderate (spraying is not necessary).
  • Watering cautious. Watered with warm water, allow the soil to dry between watering. In winter, watered rarely.

  • Peperomia is propagated by cuttings (stem or leaf, depending on the variety).
  • Transplanted in the spring as needed, very rarely.

To care for peperomia at home is not difficult, if you wish. One piece of advice: plant the plant not in the ground, but in a peat mixture, then many problems can be avoided.

Peperomia - unusually interesting indoor leaf plants. They are compact, fancy and original.

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