Pencil skirt with a high waist

To emphasize your femininity and sophistication, you need to choose the basic elements of the wardrobe. A high-waisted pencil skirt is considered to be universal, but at the same time elegant. The skirt of this cut is suitable for any type of figure. Want to wear designer clothes? Try to sew a skirt yourself.

Create a wardrobe base: with what to combine a pencil skirt?

The skirt of this style is very popular among the representatives of the weaker sex of different age categories. It received its name due to the narrowed cut. Such a skirt will not only emphasize all the charms of your figure, but will also help you skillfully hide any flaws.

pencil skirt

To become an icon of style and attract admiring glances to others, you need to be able to combine a pencil skirt with other basic elements of the wardrobe. The right outfit is the key to your success. In this skirt, you can go to work, parties, social events or just for a walk with a friend.

A few simple tips will help you make your image more attractive and sophisticated:

  • A top and high-waisted pencil skirt is the perfect combination for an evening look. Prefer light fabrics, better silk. To achieve harmony in the image of the top should be in the same color scheme with a skirt.
  • Pencil skirt focuses on the waist line, so it is not necessary to close it. Any sweater or jumper must fill in a skirt.
  • The top can be any cut. A good solution would be a combination of a pencil skirt with sweaters of various texture in the style of "bat", "carmen" or "golf".
  • Business style accepts a combination of such a skirt with blouses or shirts of various styles. The emphasis is on the waist and shoulders, the latter can be voluminous, with shuttlecocks, etc.
  • Experiment with accessories. Harmoniously complement your image and accentuate the waist line with a thin buckle strap. It is better to refuse massive belts.
  • Pencil skirt perfectly harmonizes with high heels. It can be boots in the style of stockings, ankle boots or pumps. Summer version provides a combination of this style of skirt with open sandals on a flat sole or wedge.
  • Sports shoes and a pencil skirt - this moveton.
  • You can complement your image with a bolero, shortened jackets, sweaters or cardigans. The last need to be worn unbuttoned.
  • Pencil skirt with a high waist for the full ladies will be an indispensable item of clothing. In this case, you should not wear massive jewelry, loose blouses. Conciseness - this is what you need.

Women of the era of Rubens should choose the style of the skirt in accordance with the features of their figure. Do not forget to pay attention to the chest, shoulders and neck. Properly selected items of clothing will help you hide all the flaws and highlight the charm of the figure of Russian beauty.

Taking measurements: create a fashionable wardrobe item according to the rules

taking measurements

If you have the necessary sewing skills, then for sure you know how to sew a high-waisted pencil skirt. Many girls prefer to create basic elements of their wardrobe on their own. This is primarily due to the exclusivity of the new thing. Before we consider a detailed master class, I would like to pay special attention to the main aspects of taking measurements, because the appearance of the finished product depends on it.

As you know, the construction of the pattern always begins with the removal of measurements. When performing such a procedure, consider the following features:

  • we measure the waist girth by putting the measuring tape against the body;
  • the girth of the hips is measured by protruding points;
  • the length of the product in front, behind and on the side is measured from the waistline to the floor;
  • the length of the finished product is determined according to growth (on average, this parameter is 75 cm).

Piggy bank masters: sew an elegant pencil skirt with a high waist

After removing the measurements, the pattern of a high-waisted pencil skirt is necessarily built. For this we need to draw a basic grid, which consists of horizontal and vertical lines. The first lines show the parameters of the waist, hips and bottom of the skirt, and the second - the side seams.

pencil skirt

Next, we transfer the remaining parameters to the paper, not forgetting to leave the seam allowances, tuck. To sew a pencil skirt, you must make a narrowing at the bottom and add about 4-5 cm for a single cut belt.

pencil skirt

So, our pattern is ready, we can proceed to tailoring a skirt.

Necessary materials:

  • fabric cut for sewing;
  • thin needles;
  • scissors;
  • soap or chalk;
  • viscose lining;
  • threads.

Step by step description of sewing:

  1. From the prepared pattern, observing clearly the lines, we cut out the drawn elements of the skirt.pencil skirt
  2. Next, cut off the side elements of the front and back on the constructed pattern, and then fix them together.pencil skirt
  3. We transfer the parts to the fabric cut, trace the contour with soap or weaving chalk, and then carefully cut out the separate parts from the fabric.pencil skirt
  4. Using soap, we transfer tuck onto the fabric, fixing them with thin needles or pins.

    pencil skirt
  5. According to the shape of the cut parts, we cut out the lining fabric. Please note that the bottom of the lining should be 1.5-2 cm shorter than the main product.pencil skirt
  6. Using a measuring tape, we carefully measure out allowances.pencil skirt
  7. Then we transfer them to the slot.pencil skirt
  8. Approximately 1.5 cm iron allowance for the slot.pencil skirt
  9. Fold the back of the cloth and make an allowance of about 17 cm. It depends on the size of the zipper.
  10. First we perform a basting and then a machine seam.
  11. We stretch the seam before the start of the allowance and form the tack.pencil skirt
  12. Next, smooth the seams well.pencil skirt
  13. Carefully stitch darts, form nodules. We hide the tips of the threads inside the tuck.pencil skirt
  14. Be sure to process the edges of all the seams done. You can use a zigzag seam or overlock. pencil skirt
  15. Now proceed to the lining. First we sew its parts.pencil skirt
  16. On the middle seam we pin the lining with needles or pins to the inside of the pencil skirt.pencil skirt
  17. We make a small allowance so that the base fabric does not tighten the finished product.
  18. The excess parts are cut off and we execute the machine line.pencil skirt
  19. Next, we sew all parts of the skirt with machine stitching.pencil skirt
  20. Then we fasten the belt with lining. The width of the belt depends on your preferences, but on average it is 4-5 cm.
  21. Stitch together all the details of the skirt.
  22. We bottom the lower part, and then we process it with a machine line.
  23. The edges of the suture elements must be treated with an overlock or a zigzag stitch.
  24. After we have cut the belt, proceed to insert a hidden zipper.pencil skirt
  25. Sew on the belt, do not forget to carefully, without tightening, fix the lining fabric.pencil skirt
  26. Carefully iron the finished product, carefully processing the seams. You can use the steamer.
  27. This is such an elegant and exclusive pencil skirt.pencil skirt

If you are just learning sewing skills, try sewing a simple, one-piece pencil skirt without slots and backing fabric. As you can see, creating beautiful and elegant things with your own hands is easy and quite exciting. Pencil skirt with a high waistline should take pride of place in the wardrobe of the modern fashionable woman. Remember that the classics always remains popular and fashionable. Be beautiful!

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