Paw of a kangaroo or angozantus

Anigozantus began to appear on our windowsills recently. In Australia, where he came from, he is called the "paw of a kangaroo" for the bizarre kind of inflorescence. Still unblown buds of anigozantus are slightly curved and, indeed, resemble an animal's paw, while they are covered with a delicate fuzz, it looks very exotic. Plant Care


The most suitable temperature for angozantus is 20 ° C, plus - minus two degrees downward or upward. The plant easily tolerates even the real heat itself, but for this it needs intensive watering. After a period of flowering (spring and summer) at angozantusa comes a period of rest. At this time, the plant needs a temperature regime of about 10-15 ° C.

Anigozantus is very photophilous, best of all he will feel himself not on the windowsill. The soil should be well hydrated, but without excess. This is not a swamp plant!


Best for growing "paws of a kangaroo" is suitable deciduous soil with the addition of sand and peat. The plant can be fed complex fertilizer, but experts recommend that the solution is not too saturated. You can start fertilizing anigozantus in the spring and before the end of the flowering period. In winter, they do not.

As for transplants, they should be as small as possible. If it is done, it is only in spring, but, in general, anigozantus tolerates them badly.

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