Patterns of summer dresses and sundresses with their own

To sew a beautiful dress for the summer, it is not necessary to have a specialized education or dressmaker skills. Also, old school marks obtained during drawing lessons or mathematics do not matter, because there are patterns of summer dresses and sundresses for beginners and with their help you can create beautiful clothes with your own hands. To do this, simply make some calculations and transfer the pattern to the fabric.

How to choose the most suitable style?

Before you create a pattern of a summer dress or a sundress, choose the most suitable style, taking into account:

  • features of the figure;
  • desired silhouette outfit;
  • used material.

For example, slim girls can afford to wear almost any dress: tight-fitting and free-form, regardless of the degree of rigidity of the fabric. In this case, making patterns, add a few centimeters to the girth of the thighs and chest, especially if you use a hard material. Thanks to these tricks, the dress will be fairly loose, and the skirt will emphasize fragility and slimness.

It is better for owners of magnificent forms to sew products from rigid fabric that does not drape well, and to choose outfits of the adjacent style. If you add too much stiff fabric to the hips, the dress will look baggy and add even more volume. Such increases can only be done with a thin fabric that drapes well. Looks great long dresses, a little flared at the bottom.

For girls with pronounced forms - big breasts and bulging buttocks, you can safely sew fitted knit dresses. Such a product can properly sit down, emphasizing the beauty of forms.

Summer dresses and sundresses do-it-yourself: patterns

Necessary materials:

  • pencil with a ruler;
  • tracing paper;
  • centimeter;
  • a thin piece of soap or chalk;
  • scissors;
  • the cloth;
  • a ribbon or a beautiful rope;
  • pins;
  • paper or old wallpaper.

Pattern dress on the drawstring:

  1. First you need to draw a regular rectangle. Its size depends on the length of the dress, as well as on how the dress is fitted. The length of the back should correspond to the front of the product.
  2. Then you need to stitch the seams located on the sides, making the upper part of the product as a drawstring.
  3. Inside the drawstring it remains to insert a ribbon, which will then be tied on the shoulder.

Pattern dress on the drawstring

Such simple patterns of summer dresses and sundresses can be used to create a fitted outfit. To do this, take the stretch fabric, because it fits tightly to the figure. If there is no such fabric, then a dress can be fitted by bending a line of side seams at the waist (in the photo this is indicated by a blue dotted line). In this case, you must sew an invisible zipper near the waist.

Pattern summer dress drapery:

  1. First you need to cut a rectangle, the length of which may be more than two meters. It is necessary to take into account its own dimensions, as well as the desired "density" of the folds. The height of the rectangle is affected by the planned length of the dress.
  2. The dress has only one seam located behind.
  3. To get a neckline, you need to make a small incision in the very center (about 10 cm).
  4. The upper part of the fabric is made out, as in the previous model, having stretched two ropes or ribbons into the drawstring. The ends of these tapes need to be sewn from behind, and in front they should go to the very center. It turns out that putting on a dress, you will tie them on the neck.
  5. You can use most of the ribbon as a belt, tying the dress just below the chest.

Pattern summer dress drapery

The main thing when creating this model is to choose the appropriate material. The fabric should form soft folds, and also be thin enough. Similar properties have knitwear, satin, several types of crepe, as well as silk. It is enough to try the fabric by touch: when it flows, forming folds, as if flowing, then you can safely buy it.

Pattern wide summer sundress:

  1. When sewing summer dresses and sundresses with your own hands, the patterns are very simple: you need to take a T-shirt of the right size, circle it on the back of the old wallpaper. Around the contour, which turned out as a result, you can begin to draw your outfit.
  2. If the left half is slightly different from the right, it does not matter. You can first draw one half, and to achieve symmetry on both sides, simply bend it in the middle.
  3. Owners of large breasts or pregnant women should make the front part of the product a little longer, because it will zader a little in front, because of what the dress will look ugly. It is better to make the front part longer and trim too much during the fitting, if the outfit fits well.
  4. Having drawn a pattern, you need to cut it and transfer it to the fabric.
  5. The shoulder and side seams are first swept away manually for fitting: if the dress fits well, then you can stitch them with a machine.
  6. It remains to process the armholes with the neckline. For this edge beautifully bent inward. You can purchase a bias tape to treat with the neck.

Pattern wide summer sundress

It is necessary to choose fabric for such a dress according to the principle as for the aforementioned model. The material used should be thin enough. If you choose too hard fabric, you will get a trapezoid sundress that will "stand with a stake."

Patterns of dresses and sundresses

Summer provides women with the opportunity to experiment with the models and colors of their outfits, to be unique, bright and noticeable. And which dress will sit best if not sewn with your own hands? This outfit looks more profitable, because you create a pattern based on your features of the figure. Properly tailored dress will not be too much pull or push, as well as hold down the movement, and you will be simply irresistible in it!

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