Patterns bags. building patterns and sewing various styles

Women's handbag - not a simple accessory. It is an integral part of the image. Every fashionista in the wardrobe should have several models of bags. Roomy and with a long handle that spreads over the shoulder, are used every day. Small clutches - at celebrations. In order not to spend a lot of money on this accessory, you can sew a few bags with your own hands.

Bags with their own hands: patterns and tailoring

Sewing bags in some cases is much easier than clothes. You will need material and special tools. The pattern can be the simplest - in the form of a rectangle. It should be built in accordance with their needs. Everyday bag should be comfortable and roomy. You can sew it in the form of a bag.

The choice of fabric depends on how the product will be. Without a doubt, a thing made of genuine leather will last much longer. To get this material is not very difficult. You can use old coats or jackets. Just spread them at the seams. Then cut the edges punched by the sewing machine. If a piece of skin is not very big, then you should not be upset. You can sew a bag in a patchwork technique. You will need to connect pieces of arbitrary shape, and then carve out the details of the bag.

Bag Patterns

You can also buy leather. It is sold both in regular fabric stores and in fur shops and studios that sew their products themselves. Often the skin is an uneven piece. More accessible material - eco-leather go leatherette. The first is more environmentally friendly. Both materials are sold in fabric stores in the form of ordinary rolls. A bag of medium size can take about 1 m.

An even more affordable option is fabric. This can be denim, thick cotton or cotton of medium thickness. Flax is suitable as a lining.

It is important to choose the right tools. Most of all extras will be needed for working with leather. Among them will be a hammer that helps repel cuts. It is more convenient to cut out parts with a round sewing cutter. In some cases, the seams do not flex. Edge just stick. Therefore it is worth to get glue for leather and textiles.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of pens and zippers. For summer options used bamboo blanks. In fact, they are ready-made handles with rings that need to be gently attached to the finished bag. They can also be sewn from leather or thick fabric. For this, a strip of material is bent in half and stitched along the edge of the flex.

Lightning should be chosen with a good strong runner. A kind of "tractor" will do. You can also purchase additional Velcro. Pharmacoires are suitable for small evening bags. This hardware is made in the form of iron closing frames. With its help, they also sew wallets and cosmetic bags. For fasteners it is better to use special magnetic devices consisting of 2 parts.

For the decor you may need thermo stickers, applications, ribbons. Making a bag is better to think in advance. The accessory can be sewn from any light fabric. Use stamps and put an interesting print on the fabric. Also, the fabric can be dyed using the amber technique, creating an interesting color gradation.

Before sewing is to make a pattern of all the details. It is best to draw a drawing on thick paper. So it will be easier for you to pin the details to the fabric for cutting. If you decide to sew a bag of natural fabric, then you should decorate it. To do this, the cut is immersed for a few minutes in warm water. Then the fabric is slightly wrung out and dried. This is necessary because materials from natural fibers when washing sit down. It is much better that they are reduced in size before cutting, than after sewing.

Patterns bags of leather: how to do?

It is better to make such bags in the form of simple forms. The material itself is so noble that it looks beautiful in the form of a regular rectangle with handles.

Bag Patterns

You will need:

  • A piece of leather 50 to 50 cm.
  • Leather cords
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Gypsy needle, strong thread
  • Hammer for beating the skin
  • Scissors

Manufacturing instruction:

  1. This leather bag with your own hands can be cut out without prior construction. Just draw a rectangle of size 39 by 80 cm or 2 parts 39 by 40. Additionally, cut out 6 squares of 3 by 3 cm from the skin. Sew the sides of the bag on a typewriter. If you do not have it, then make it an ordinary gypsy needle any tight stitch.
  2. Side slices repel the hammer, retreating to 5 mm. from the edges. Fold them on the front side. Do not handle the top of the bag. Mark the holes for the pens on the inside with a pencil. Glue the squares of leather on each side of the bag to their locations. Do the same in the middle. There will be a magnetic clasp.
  3. With the help of awls or special press make punctures for pens. Stretch leather cords in them. Tie a knot on the wrong side. This will help make the handles more stable. Glue the magnet and clasp.

Simple shoulder bag pattern

Simple shoulder bag pattern

You will need:

  • A piece of leather
  • Linen on the lining
  • Leather lace
  • Decorative clasp with magnet
  • Pattern paper, pencil, scissors

Manufacturing instruction:

  1. Prepare the paper to create the drawing details. The pattern of the bag over the shoulder will consist of 1 piece and a lining. Draw a rectangle with a width of 36 cm and a length of 28. Set aside a height of 18 cm and draw a line. It will be a fold between 2 parts. From all sides set aside 1 cm for seam allowances.
  2. Go to the top rectangle. Divide its width (28 cm) into 2 parts. Set aside 7 cm from this point to the right and left. Put two points. From the 1st mark put up 10 cm. This will be the top of the triangular part. Connect all 3 points. On each side, set aside 1 cm for allowances. Cut the resulting pattern. Put it on a piece of flax. Cut the fabric. Set aside 1 cm at the edges of the part. These will be allowances. Carve the same detail out of medium-thickness leather.
  3. We connect the lining and the upper leather part. The seamy side touches the seamy side.
  4. Arrange the details so that the lining is on top. We begin to form a bag. To do this, wrap the bottom rectangle up. You should have a fold. We stitch sidewalls on the sewing machine. It is better to use needles for skin. We sweep the stitches with overlock or zigzag. We sew a leather cord on a typewriter so that a ring is formed. Using a hammer, fold the seams of the triangular part and the rest uncovered on the front part of the bag to the inside of the bag. Under the last we enclose a leather cord. Stitch it close to the edge on the machine. We also act with the sides of the upper triangular part.
  5. Turning the bag on the front side. On the basis we have a magnet. Glue it somewhere above the middle. The fastener is attached to the inside of the triangular part at the desired distance. Bag over your shoulder with your hands ready!

Do-it-yourself beach bags: patterns

Bag Patterns

Patterns of bags for the beach can also be in the form of rectangles. Take a piece of bright fabric (in a marine or tropical style). Fold it in half. Sew the sides. Process side slices in any way - zigzag or overlock. Sew the top of the bag.

In the right places make holes for pens. To do this, cut a small circle with a diameter of 1 cm out of paper. Place a circle on the details of the bag - you should have 2 holes on each side. From the remaining pieces of fabric, cut out the trim plates with holes inside. They should be slightly larger in diameter for the handles. Glue to any fabric glue. Take a thick clothesline. Pass through the holes. Tie a large knot on the outside of the front.

Self-tailoring of bags is suitable even for those who have never sewed anything. Thanks to him, you can update your collection of accessories. Basic patterns bags are built very simply. It is enough to draw 2 rectangles. Handles can be sewn from fabric or use leather cords, clothesline. In total, it takes about 1-2 hours to sew a daily bag.

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