Pattern vests for a newborn. how to sew a vest

Sewing for small children is a pleasure. This is especially true of newborns. Details of the patterns are small, which helps to finish the work in just a matter of hours. The easiest to sew, but it is important, part of the baby’s wardrobe is a vest. Even a young mother who has never used a sewing machine can sew it.

How to sew a vest: description

The most important thing when sewing these clothes is a pattern. Do not think that for each age it is the same. For example, undershirts are built on the same size up to several months. It is better to start with a basic pattern, which is then modified for specific models.

The vest consists of 3 parts. It is a back and 2 sidewalls before. However, they are almost the same. The difference is the depth of cut under the neck. On the back it is smaller. In fact, you can build only 1 part. Then in the process of cutting out take into account the difference in the depth of the throat.

Pattern vest for a newborn

The pattern of the vest will be designed for babies up to 3 months.

  • First we build a rectangle. Its width is 27 cm. And its height is 28. We make marks for the sleeves. To do this, retreat from the upper left corner of 12 cm along the line. Put the dotted line. This is where the sleeves began. We do the same on the other side. From the upper left corner we draw to the left a line 15 cm long. This will be our sleeve. Down 9 cm down - its width. Put the dotted line. We do the same on the other side. We form sleeves. We draw from the 1st dotted line (12 cm.) A curved line that connects it with the second. The ends of the sleeves round.
  • Divide the bottom of the rectangle into 2 parts by 13.5 cm. From the middle, put upwards 23 cm. This will be a point marking the depth of the front mouth. Visually continue the line until it touches the top of the rectangle. From the intersection point, set aside in different directions by 6 cm. This will be the width of our armhole. Connect them to the depth point (23 cm.). The pattern is complete. Check the basic measurements. The width of the undershirt bottom is 27 cm., And its length together with the sleeves is 57 cm.
  • After that, you can go to cutting out. First, we select the right fabric. Most often take knitwear and flannelette material. Remember that the second fabric does not stretch. In addition, it is much denser and warmer. It is advisable to sew the vest of 2 types for different temperature regimes. You can also use calico or chintz.
  • Cut out the pattern. We put it on the wrong side of the selected fabric and pin it with tailor's pins. We outline the pattern on the contour with a piece of small or dry sculpted soap. We deviate 1 cm from this line. These will be seam allowances. We mark them with a single line. Armhole line do less deep, as this will be the back.
  • Fold the paper pattern in half and cut into 2 parts. We pin each to the wrong side of the fabric. We outline around the contour, fill it with 1 cm allowances. Cut out the details along the second line.
  • We fold the side parts in front with the back facing the inside. Fully stitched. We start from the shoulder section above. Then we move along the sleeve to the side. We do the same on the other side.
  • On one of the slats mark the location of the slots for buttons. We cut and sweep on a typewriter. Slice the slats are also zigzag or, if there is, on the overlock. Bend it inside and sew.
  • We process a mouth with a shaving stitch. We sew it in the fold.
  • The bottom of the product is processed on the same principle. We sew the buttons on the bar. The vest is ready!

Remember that the skin of newborns is very sensitive. Therefore, often sections of the undershirts are swept over the front side. You can even do without the help of a sewing machine. To do this, just walk through the cut overlock.

How to build a vest pattern for newborns with a smell?

Pattern vest for a newborn

The pattern of the vest with a smell for a newborn is very similar in construction to the previous model. It is sewn easier due to fewer steps for processing the strap. Many needlewomen attach it to a regular button or just 1 button. Also this time the details will be a little more. We will need a strap that secures the design.

  • Build pattern. It will consist of several parts. To begin with we carry out the 1st part before. We build a rectangle with a width of 26 cm and a height of 29 cm. We postpone 12 cm down from the top left point — put a dotted line. To the left we draw a line 15 cm long. Down we go down by 9 cm. From this point we draw a curve to the dotted line located at a height of 12 cm.
  • From the extreme point of the sleeve along the top, step back 41 cm and put a full stop. This will be the beginning of the armhole. From it we recede to the right 12 cm, divide this segment visually in half and descend 3 cm downwards. We connect the left and right points of the armhole with an arc passing through the lower point of 3 cm. At the same time, the arc should not be even. On the right, it has a projection upwards. Due to it the smell will be formed.
  • Build backrest detail. It is suitable for the 2 part of the front. We build a rectangle with a width of 14 cm and a height of 26. From the upper left point, lay 12 cm down and 15 cm to the left. We form a sleeve with the help of an arc according to the already known principle.
  • Form the armhole. To do this, from the upper right corner we lay 6 cm to the left. Down - 3 cm. We connect 2 points by an arc.
  • We will need 2 more details. The strap is redrawn from the top protruding part of the front. The second detail is the rounded part of the sleeve. It can be simply cut off from the front or back at the end of cutting out.
  • The pattern of the vest with a smell for a newborn is cut out, after this the details are punctured onto the fabric. The back should be whole. For this material fold in half. After that, we apply the pattern to the bend. It will be the middle of the back. The strap is cut out in the amount of 1 pc., Parts for the sleeves - 2 pcs.
  • We outline all the cut out parts along the contour, adding 0.5 cm as allowances.
  • All parts on the edges are processed on the overlock. We impose details for sleeves on the right place in front. Stitching. Fold the front and back faces out. Stitch from the top of the armhole down along the sleeve. Go to the side and finish at the base of the vest.
  • Take the treated strap and impose it in the left point of the beginning of the armhole on the back. Sew on. In finished form, it should, as it were, be thrown onto the front.
  • Fold the back with the 2nd front of the front side out. Stitch the same way as in the case of the other half.
  • The vest is almost ready. It remains to attach the clasp. The most commonly used button. One of its parts is fixed on the strap. Dr. inserted into the protruding part of the right side of the front.

It is very easy to sew a regular vest or a model with a smell for a newborn. Any person, even far from needlework, will cope with it. In the manufacture of these clothes, it is important not only to build the pattern correctly, but also to select a high-quality soft fabric. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the seams of the product should be well processed so as not to rub the delicate skin of the baby.

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