Pattern skirt half sun

In the wardrobe of every woman there is a place for a skirt, and among all the models of this product are considered the most universal "pencil" and "sun". However, where more often the girls opt for a half-sun or a quarter-sun, since these models are more convenient for everyday wear. Is it possible to build their own pattern?

Is there a difference in tailoring a half-skirt for a girl with elastic and with a zipper?

Features create a half skirt pattern

In fact, such a product is one of the easiest to work with, because you don’t need almost any measurements or complex calculations, and even searching for a pattern makes no sense, since it is built in a matter of minutes directly for you. How to tailor the skirt to the half sun?
  • Decide on the length of the product (CI) and take 1 measure - the girth of the place where the skirt should sit. Most often it is placed at the waist, because it allows you to visually bring the figure to the ideal silhouette - the hourglass. However, girls with narrow hips and initially a good waist can wear such a skirt on the hips, making a low fit. In addition, the cleavage itself can be started from the hip, and a high yoke can be put up to the waist.
  • Now imagine a visual detail: a half-sun skirt pattern - with one seam, which is usually located either at the side or behind. However, you can make 2 parts, each of which will be equal to 1/4 of the sun, but this technique does not carry much value. The length of the upper arc is the girth of the place where the skirt will sit. Accordingly, a straight line down - the length of the product.
Using this data, you can easily draw your own half skirt pattern. And for beginners, a step-by-step instruction of this process: calculate the radius of the inner semicircle, using the length of its arc, which is equal to the girth of the landing point. We take for it the average value of the waist girth of 65 cm, we substitute it into the standard school formula, where the circumference is 2 * R * 3.14. Keep in mind that this is relevant for a full circle, and you have half: it means you need to increase the circumference length by 2 times. So it will be 130 = 2 * R * 3.14. By simple mathematical operations we get R = 21.
  • Some sources indicate a ready-made formula for calculating the radius - for this purpose, it is proposed to divide the landing point girth by 3, then take 1.5-2 cm. The technique does not always work, especially if we are talking about dense, non-stretchable tissues.
  • To draw a part, draw a vertical line on graph paper, the length of which is 2 (R + CI). Now, using a large compass (for seamstresses), or a centimeter tape, draw an arc between the extreme points, creating a semicircle. Do the same for a smaller semicircle, according to the calculated radius.
Pattern skirt semi-sun with one seam The resulting detail is directly skirt pattern. If you need a model with two seams, the pattern is divided in half. However, it is worth recalling that the length of the small (inner) circle may be less than the girth of the landing point, if stretch fabrics are used, or more, if you need to make a skirt with a pleated skirt.

Sewing nuances for beginners

As for the transfer of the pattern directly to the fabric, before you do this, you need to decide how the product will be fixed on the body: i.e. Will zipper appear in it, or do you want a half-skirt on an elastic band? It is worth noting that there are other options - buttons, hooks, buttons, and all of them should be thought out at the preparation stage.
  • If lightning is expected, the seam should be left only 1.5-2 cm on each side. For loose fabric, it may take 3-3.5 cm, since it has to be processed with an overlock that cuts off some of the material.
  • If the model is sewn on an elastic band, the width of the drawstring is laid in the upper (small) circle. Moreover, here you can either increase the length of the product to twice the height of the drawstring, or you can make an allowance of 2 cm and cut a strip in a separate section of the material, the length of which is equal to the girth of the landing point, and the width is twice the height of the drawstring. Remember that seam allowances are also added to it.
  • If the skirt is fastened with buttons / hooks / buttons, one side of the seam where these elements are located needs to be made wider - about 4-5 cm.
Half skirt pattern: step-by-step instructions for beginners Tailoring begins with the treatment of each edge, if the fabric has the tendency to crumble (which is typical of most materials), continues with a bang, at the stage of which the zipper can be fixed, if present. Then the seams are stitched on a typewriter, the rough thread is removed. If the lightning is not set, there comes the moment of creation of the drawstring into which the gum is inserted. Skirt-half sun do it yourself

In conclusion, it is worth noting that any skirt, the pattern of which is built on a circle, should hang down within a day, after which its hem sometimes has to be trimmed. This is especially true for thin and flowing fabrics: chiffon, silk, satin, etc. Only after that the edge is bent and stitched.

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